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January 03, 2022

Docufree's 2021 AWARD FINALIST CASE STUDY: Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver Business Transformation

Read this article about Docufree, Finalist in the Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver Business Transformation, selected by the independent judging panel, for the 2021 Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence Industry Awards program.

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Reimagining HR Service Delivery for the Digital Workplace

Human Resources (HR) professionals collect, store, and maintain mountains of documents and data from employee records containing highly sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) to organizational policies. Typically, these documents do not all arrive in the same format, and in many cases fill filing cabinets, and sprawl across different applications and network folders. All of this requires HR to both manually and digitally store and protect personal information according to increasingly complex regulatory requirements while maintaining ease of access. To say it’s a risky and time-consuming balancing act is an understatement.

Like many HR departments, the expansive team at a leading Fortune 500 logistics and transportation company operated in the digital age while relying on antiquated record-keeping processes. Employee files were distributed across more than 1,500 different locations in the United States and Canada. Teams across the country were using paper records and filing cabinets. Multiple disparate systems contained records for each employee. With information so widespread, getting to it quickly and maintaining proper compliance for up to date, properly retained, and secured documents was manual and cumbersome.

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The company turned to Docufree’s enterprise information management infrastructure and SaaS and BPaaS platform with bi-directional integration to capture, store, manage, access and secure personnel files. The result did more than just reduce clutter and modernize outdated processes. It improved the company’s operational capacity, allowing it to embrace novel departmental models, achieve new efficiencies, and optimize critical business functions. It also improved customer service, productivity, operational capacity, and regulatory compliance.

The Challenge

  • Living in a hybrid paper and digital environment
  • 1 million+ HR documents distributed across 1,500 locations in US and Canada
  • Employee records spread across file cabinets, multiple disparate systems, and network folders
  • Information out of reach to HR, managers, and employees
  • No control over who can see which documents in an employee file
  • Difficult to meet regulatory retention requirements
  • Changing ERP systems and needed access to employee files for 3,000+ managers
  • Files shipped to corporate after termination for purging and prepping for offsite storage

Docufree Solution

  • Digitized, converted, categorized, and indexed over one million HR records across all locations
  • Implemented Docufree ECM to create a single secure, encrypted and geographically redundant central repository for all employee files
  • Integrated with Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to automatically ingest new hire documents
  • Integrated with ERP for direct searching and indexing of employee records
  • Automated document access and use provisioning
  • Created single sign on from their existing application to manage 3,000+ users and permissions
  • Permissions created down to the document type to restrict access to certain groups

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The Results

  • Immediate, remote, and secure access to complete employee records from any application
  • Eliminated the risk of files being maintained on paper across the country
  • Increased compliance and security by creating an audit trail to track access and any action performed on a document
  • Eliminated the need to manage usernames and passwords by integration with SSO
  • Eliminated the manual downloading and printing of files from Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Increased employee self-service and HR and manager productivity across the enterprise
  • Increased compliance and security by limiting access to highly confidential files or specific document types


Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence Industry Awards 2021


About the Awards

The Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards have been established to showcase globally the most outstanding achievements through the application of Business Transformation, Digital Transformation, Operational Excellence & Innovation Excellence programs. Click here to view the Press Release.

The winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony at The Digital Transformation & Operational Excellence World Awards (DTOES) on Wednesday, December 15th, 2021, from 6:30 PM at Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld®.

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards are open to all organizations, both private and public sector, across the globe, which have implemented Business Transformation, Digital Transformation, Operational Excellence & Innovation Excellence programs to deliver outstanding business results.

The Awards will be held in conjunction with the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit, BTOES 2021 on December 15, 2021, at the Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld®. Click to access the agenda, view the current speakers, and watch the highlights video from last year.



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The issues in this article are just one of topic areas that are going to be discussed at the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry

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With over 150 speakers, over 100 sessions, 12 Keynotes, 9 Track Themes, 5 parallel tracks, 60+ track sessions, 50 roundtable discussions, 20 Interactive Workshops, 6 Thought Leader Panels, 5 Leaders Boardrooms, 5 co-located events, the Industry Awards Program, Site Visits, 20+ hours of social networking including 2 gala cocktail parties, dinners, numerous group activities, this is the ultimate event to benchmark, network and drive Operational Excellence to the next level. 

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BTOES Awards 

There is a strong focus on Cultural Transformation, Customer Delight, Sustaining an Operational Excellence program, Need for end-to-end Business Transformation, Keeping up with new technologies/impact of digitalization and Leadership Buy-in & Understanding. We dedicated two tracks to advanced technologies, such as AI, Machine Learning, RPA, Predictive Analytics, Blockchain, Cloud infrastructure etc.

The agenda is designed to encourage active meaningful conversations through all day enhanced networking and interaction opportunities, including

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The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Industry Awards

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