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Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Summit in Financial Services Live

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Table of Contents


Moving from Operational Excellence to Operational Agility


Financial Services firms are in a period of extraordinary flux and their Operations are at the crossroads of all the change.  If managing the delicate balance of cost, risk, regulations, client satisfaction and revenue enablement weren’t challenging enough, Operations now has to ensure safe passage for the firm’s very many transformation efforts:  Digitization, Client Experience Innovation and Fintech integration to name a few. 

Most recently, Operations has played a key role in the pandemic response by quickly pivoting to fully virtualized work and shifting work rapidly between locations to ensure that businesses are able to continue operating despite incredible market volatility.  And, there’s no end in sight - the pace of change from an exponential world only promises increase. 

As such, Operation Excellence in Financial Services is becoming synonymous with Operational Agility.  It’s clear that firms that react, respond, adapt quickly and are able to nimbly manage continuous transformation will be winners in this new environment.  So the key question for Operations Excellence becomes:  how to create Operation Agility?

Key learning:

  • Learn how leading financial services firms are equipping themselves for Operational Agility
  • Learn how a new ecosystem of capabilities are being leveraged to dramatically improve Operational Agility
  • Learn how new organizational and operating models are evolving to adopt these new capabilities to maximize Operational Agility into the future

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Orchestrating Change: Key insights on driving successful global, multi-cultural transformation initiatives


Have you ever noticed how a strong and successful principle conductor can orchestrate the right instrumentalists to create fantastic music? Similarly, the key to success for an organization in the midst of change is to have a strong organizational framework that can orchestrate a cohesive change far more successful than if initiatives were driven individually.

Given today’s complex, global environment, many large organizations with well-intended strategies have been unsuccessful in their implementation. With individual entities working in silo’s driving their own charter, it is critical to have an overarching framework for ensuring that all the pieces fit together seamlessly. 

Using real-life examples, the session “orchestrating change”, will focus on the framework to drive the strategic vision and maneuver an organization thru ambiguous periods of change to emerge successful.

The session will focus on

  • The creation of the strategic vision framework
  • Three pillars for managing the framework
  • The top pitfalls

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AI-Powered Digital Transformation


AI is fundamentally changing how businesses operate, redefining the way people work and transforming industries globally. In pursuing digital transformation initiatives, organizations need to capitalize on the opportunity with intelligent algorithms and models, improved processes, a data-centric culture, and an optimized software and hardware infrastructure to realize its full potential.

Gain an understanding of best practices for digital transformation initiatives and how AI and data analytics can be leveraged to deliver business value. Review the latest trends and directions in the AI industry, key challenges, and best practices for adopting AI-based solutions.

Topics include:

  • Digital Transformation Update
  • AI Trends and Directions
  • AI Accelerators Update
  • Data Best Practices

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SAP’s vision of Finance Transformation


In this session we’ll look at the changing role of finance and explain that while accounting skills still matter, finance folks will be expected to be IT savvy and understand enough about system design to drive discussions about what is needed and feasible. We’ll show how Finance is becoming a strategic partner, helping improve how you run the business, delivering insights and support strategy. We’ll look at the core processes in Finance: record-to-report and financial planning and analysis to explain what’s changing, what can be automated, and how to deliver real-time insights from a common data model.

We’ll also look at what stopped many organizations in the past, whether this was fragmented accounting systems feeding into huge data warehouses, fragmented accounting structures that grew with each acquisition, or 500 spreadsheets held together by an ERP system. Now we have one giant pivot table, the universal journal, a quest for common accounting structures that support business steering across the organization but offer the freedom to meet local legal requirements, and the move to capture information where it happens from different perspectives.

Key takeaways

  • Learn how other companies have approached a transformation
  • Understand what realistic goals can be in the light of the technology currently available
  • There is no one transformation approach: Greenfield, brownfield and hybrid approaches

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Automating Resilience in Banking and Financial Services


Today Banks are facing pressure from 3 sides – interest rates regimes put in by central banks, slow recovery in economy across the globe and a post pandemic operating model that is testing their business resilience.

Industry has responded to this triple threat by looking at automation as a key lever for not only survival but actually to thrive in this new normal. Bain in their recent survey found more than 90% of the banks and capital markets firms have accelerated their efforts towards automation. In this session, we will discuss:

  • How FS firms handled initial wave of the crisis using Automation?
  • Has the pace of automation quickened, if yes - in what areas?
  • Is Automation now a CXO agenda?
  • What are the key capabilities in Automation Platform to watch out for?
  • How would a Fully Automated Enterprise look like?


Re-Engineering As A Methodology To Streamline Claims Process & Identify Opportunities For RPA


Re-Engineering as a fundamental design is leveraged to sharpen business processes to achieve dramatic improvements in critical aspects that impacts not only the profitability/bottom-line of the organizations but to greatly enhance the end-client experiences as well. At this age of the digital transformation, robotic process automation and business process re-engineering are highly required for companies to nurture the progressive working environment and to stay ahead of the competition.

Key Take-Away:

  • Directing workforce to critical functions of business that require more decision making and human intelligence.
  • Mimicking human behavior to complete mundane tasks and becoming more fluid.
  • Ensuring freedom for employees and better employee engagement by automating high-volume repetitive work and generating efficiency; which now could be focused on things that matter more for the business and clients.
  • Overall a better ‘Return on Investment’ and profitability by means of cost optimization, cost savings and reducing chances of errors.

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Advancing Market Segmentation during and post Covid-19 pandemic world


The Covid-19 pandemic impact has been one of the most interesting social, economic, and consumption experiments in real time with billions of people overnight changing pretty much everything about their habits. It has already impacted customer behaviors significantly through at least the near-term future.

In normal times, customer experience in banking is about making customers happy—with the result that they are more loyal, use products more, and cost less to serve. In the context of COVID-19, superior customer experience means clarity and transparency, support for digital tools with which many customers are still unfamiliar, and new products and services for customers in distress. This session will enable delegates to purposefully attract, meaningfully retain and thoughtfully serve customers by advancing market segmentation through following 3 impactful capabilities:

  • Identify a strategic decision that would benefit from information about different customer segments.
  • Determine which customers drive profits.
  • Analyze actual and potential purchasing behavior periodically. 

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Transforming the Business of the Future


In short 2020 was not all bad, it catapulted industries into the largest transformation of their business in a matter of days/weeks that would have taken some companies years if at all.  This will go down in history as the evolution of digitalization, not that it wasn’t around before 2020 but was not being utilized due to COVID19 we saw technology accelerate at rapid pace. Businesses will discover better ways to use technology and continually push to evolve further.

Working from home is now the new norm and people don’t want to go back to 9-5 and long commutes.  We must adapt to the HYBRID WORKPLACE.

People First, invest in upskilling and re-skilling your workforce, encourage a growth mindset. Failure is only a learning experience without failure we cannot grow.

Embrace CHANGE its not to be feared it is a good thing without change we stay stagnant, stale, boring…  ‘CHANGE IS HARD AT FIRST, MESSY IN THE MIDDLE AND GORGEOUS AT THE END’

It’s time to put Data at the center of your business and use this to drive Business Strategy and Performance.  Data analytics provides various advantages such as identifying new opportunities, understanding customer behavior, becoming more agile and outperform the competition.

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Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence in Financial Services

GTW -21 FS Speakers OnDemand (7)

1. What is Digital transformation and How to deliver digital transformation profitably
2. What is Operational excellence and how to deliver it enhancing customer experience
3. How to deliver hyper personalization.
4. What are the biggest risks in delivering digital transformation and operational excellence, how to mitigate them.
5. Critical success factors in making Transformation and operational excellence work for you, the company and the client.

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Customer Demand Digital Experience


Today’s customer has become more informed and enriched and they no longer compare one banking institute or organization with another or for that matter a product they offer with another. In fact, they compare experiences. Experiences that are easy, instant, and seamless.

This change has made a paradigm shift to current day business operations, how business will get done, how to stay relevant and play an active part in the customer’s life. Traditional approaches with siloed channels with numerous repetitive workflows are doing little benefit to organizations, staff, and customers they serve.

Let’s navigate this journey putting the experience layer over the technology layer. This approach will allow organizations to orchestrate customer interactions across multiple touchpoints, generating massive savings in cost and time and delivering a CX that makes sense.

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Terminating a relationship with the customer - why and how?


Over the past two years, the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) has implemented technology enhancements focused on creating value for our customers while improving transparency, accountability, and responsiveness. While there was no way of knowing the pandemic was coming, the agency’s digital transformation had the added benefit of allowing us to seamlessly transition from providing our services in-person to offering them virtually.

Upon taking the helm of DCRA in late 2018, Director Ernest Chrappah set out on a listening tour aimed at learning how best to improve the agency from a range of stakeholders. Using what he learned, Director Chrappah developed a roadmap to the agency’s digital transformation, which we call Vision 2020. Below are highlights from DCRA’s Vision 2020 plan that have resulted in easier and faster experiences for our customers:

  • Launching the Resident Inspector Program
  • Revamping the Customer Experience
  • Developing Accelerated Building Plan Reviews
  • Creating an Online Performance Dashboard

These are just some of the accomplishments DCRA has been able to achieve through our Vision 2020 Digital Transformation.

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The Interplay of Culture and Financials in Assessing Deal Success


Have you tried to change the tires of a moving car? Yes, that is what continuous transformation feels like within the organization surrounded by a dynamic, constantly changing market environment.

Sounds like chaos, yet, agile transformation is critical for organizations to manage changing priorities and accelerate their ability to build high-quality products and reach them to their customers with speed.

NielsenIQ has been successfully engaged in agile transformation over the last 3 years and here is the story of how we do it.

Key takeaways from the session:

  • Using agile transformation to increase speed to market to meet customer demand & increase team productivity
  • Challenges of agile operating model in an established company with a legacy of over 90 years & how do we make it work:
  • Blueprint of an agile operating model
  • Capability accelerator
  • Focusing on culture and change team