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Table of Contents


How to use Noble Automation to improve your business and stop the great resignation

Christopher Hodges-2

Noble Automation Now is both a call to action and a holistic approach to achieving more success by combining Intelligent Automation with inspired leadership. Employing Noble Automation leads to more financial services product and service innovation, higher employee engagement and successful business transformation. Automation and AI are essential now and will be even more so in the future. Market risks are real and ubiquitous. Helping humans be heroes in this age of automation is the key to serving all stakeholders, improving the bottom line and stopping the great resignation. Fear and struggles give way to excitement and success. 

Leadership takeaways: 

  • How to improve your business with Noble Automation 
  • Where to start with Intelligent Automation projects
  • What can go wrong, ruining the project and your career
  • How Noble Automation can stop the great resignation
  • How to help humans be heroes - including you!
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Drive the effectiveness of Digital Finance Transformations

Mark Hookey

Steer sponsorship and executive management. Accelerate change and adoption of solutions. Build effective learner structures

  • More projects fail than succeed. This is especially true of Digital Finance Transformations that often take years.
  • Most fail not because of technical difficulties with the project or the software. But, because people are not on board with the change.
  • The first factor that leads to failure is sponsorship. By sponsorship I mean, executives that truly support the project. They walk the talk, provide resources, and remove roadblocks.
  • Less than 10% of projects succeed without a sponsor.
  • The second factor is having a structured approach to people change. It’s up to 6 times more likely to succeed if there is a people change management approach in your transformation.
  • It doesn’t really matter which approach you take just as long as you have on.
  • The third factor is leadership communication. Business messages are always more powerful coming from senior executives. However, if the changes impact me personally then the person I want to hear from is my line manager.
  • Taking care of these three simple factors can significantly accelerate your transformation. 

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Building Your Future Workforce in Insurance

Elaine Mannix-1

Here the latest views, insights and perspectives from Industry leaders in Finance.

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Uncover the Waste Costing You Money: How to Transform Problematic Processes into Real Business Value

Blueprint Software Systems-1

Financial services organizations run thousands of processes. 

They don’t know which processes are aligned with business objectives, which are contributing to a customer-centric approach, which are delivering value, which are losing business value, etc.

In this session, we uncover how Financial Services organizations can:

  • Consolidate and visualize all their business processes in one place
  • Analyze and assess process value with speed and ease
  • Discover and decide on the best process improvement strategy
  • Execute on that strategy – whatever the output might be – with total alignment and efficiency
  • Govern and control your business processes to maximize value

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Zero Waste Strategy Execution - Optimizing for the Scarcity of Everything

Himanshu Agarwal

Talent, natural resources, capital, supplies and transportation — everything is scarce today.  Compounding the scarcity of everything with the acceleration of business and tech cycles, and business-as-usual strategy execution puts your organization at a huge disadvantage.

Both large and fast organizations are modernizing how they align and drive strategy execution with technology to establish a digital operating rhythm.  In a digital operating rhythm, long-range strategy, iterative quarterly objectives and key results (OKRs), monthly business reviews and focused weeklies are all data-driven, efficient and transparent with strategy as the golden thread.  

In this session, learn how Vanguard, Capital One, Astra Zeneca, VMware, Zendesk and others accelerate strategy execution today:

  • OKRs and outcome mindset accelerate innovation
  • Why a digital operating rhythm is core to digital transformation
  • The ROI and competitive advantages of zero-waste strategy execution
  • Where to start or how to catch up with competitors 

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Head, Heart and Hands of Influencing Change

Rhonda Choja

Inspiring and leading change in any organization can be hard. This message strives to share practical strategies for how to influence change, engage stakeholders and drive win/win solutions. People who effectively appeal to logical, emotional, and cooperative interests of others are able to achieve their objectives more successfully. No matter where they sit in an organization!

These proven techniques, if practiced consistently over time, help build the relationships and credibility needed to gain buy-in and support for new and potentially disruptive ideas.

  • Connect with people’s intellect by building trust, applying logic, focusing on mutual goals, and demonstrating reliability 
  • Effectively manage emotions in yourself and others by being resilient, anticipating reactions, validating strengths, and practicing empathy
  • Get stakeholder input and refine solutions through networking, directly observing, collaborating, and connecting dots

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AI-Powered Digital Transformation in Financial Services

Bill Wong-2

AI is fundamentally changing how businesses operate, redefining the way people work and transforming all industries worldwide.

In pursuing digital transformation initiatives, organizations are seeking how best to leverage data as an asset, implement a data-centric culture, and capitalize on machine learning algorithms to improve their customer experience and improve their competitiveness.

This session will focus on best practices for digital transformation initiatives and how AI and data analytics can be leveraged to enhance Business outcomes. The latest trends and direction of AI technology, key challenges, and recommendations will be reviewed.

Topics include:

  • AI in Financial Services
  • AI Challenges
  • Leveraging Data as an Asset
  • AI Best Practices

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Financial Services Transformation


Making Rain - The Digital Transformation Journey of an African born and bred multinational Insurer

Oscar Stark-1

Internationally organisations are digitally transforming to maintain relevance in the market and towards customers.  The more ambitious, are reinventing themselves into platform organisations, redefining their growth prospects.  This presentation highlights the journey of one such ambitious African multinational insurance organisation, taking a behind the scenes architectural perspective into some learnings:

  • How to think about change in a complex digital transformation
  • Building organisational confidence in the change agenda
  • How to influence disbursed activity towards a common outcome
  • How to measure your digital transformation progress

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Next Generation Digital Financial Services