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Enterprise Agile Planning Live - A Virtual Conference !!!

Table of Contents


Looking beyond EAP Systems for Sustainability


  • Are EAP Systems welcomed worldwide?
  • Cultural barriers
  • Costs vs Benefits
  • Critical factors for Corporate Sustainability 
  • Outliers we cannot ignore
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The Missing Factor in the BTOE Success Equation


cE + pX = rO
Solve for X
[change event + people factor = resulting outcomes]

The people in any organization can be an asset or an obstacle to the success of your Business Transformation programs. Typically, the reason people become an obstacle is because there hasn’t been adequate, frequent or interactive communication about their role in the planned transformation and how what they do or don’t do affects success. Providing adequate attention to the human side of Business Transformation programs improves adoption and the measurable expected outcomes. 

This session will:
  • Demonstrate the people related challenges associated with Business Transformation
  • Understand the types of resistance to change and why they exist
  • Identify the underlying Organizational Change Management tactics required to develop and deliver successful transformation solutions that produce sustainable results
  • Learn how to optimize the people factor to improve the results of your BTOE initiatives

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Lead with Intention, Infusing Core Values into your Leadership


It is incumbent upon organizational leaders to create a system of shared values that signifies what their organization stands for – who they are in times of crisis and who they are in times of growth. This presentation will provide you with some key reflection points and considerations on why infusing core values into your leadership style is a key success pattern for accelerating your SAFe transformation. These values cultivate a standard way of working for improved alignment, decision-making and culture identity. We will discuss field-tested implementation strategies on how to infuse these into your leadership behaviors and actions.
  • Learning Objective #1: Gain insights into how values-infused leadership influences decision-making processes.
  • Learning Objective #2: Discover how the alignment of leader behaviors and organizational values creates positive outcomes.
  • Learning Objective #3: Explore the relationship between values and vision Learn how to intentionally focus on core values to inform your leadership behaviors.

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Enterprise Agile Planning: Accelerating Excellence, Innovation and Transformations that Create Value


The key ingredients for enduring greatness are not what you see portrayed most often in the media. Great, enduring organizations implement practical principles and disciplined mechanisms to create and scale excellence, innovation, transformation, and value creation during and after market disruptions. 

We will explore the benchmarks and practical insights from more than 1,000 award winning organizations on excellence, innovation, and cultural, business, and digital transformations for value creation. And how to blend disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing, and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations in any industry.

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