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Process Mining Live - A Virtual Conference



Table of Contents


Beyond Process Mining


During the last decade, Process Mining has been established as a powerful technology to achieve insights into complex business processes. “Switching on the light” has allowed companies to identify and remediate process inefficiencies. However, transparency is not a purpose of its own. Companies strive for Value, which is achieved e.g. through elimination of execution gaps, improved financial performance or smart sustainability levers.

In his presentation, Dr. Reinkemeyer will address the impact beyond Process Mining: technologies which leverage insights for proactive alerting, intelligent automation and simulation. Methodologies to frame and sustain value such as value trees, Masterplans and Centers of Excellence which serve as an internal accelerator to drive process transformation. In this evolution, Process Mining is the foundation which needs to be intelligently complemented to drive value for companies.

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From Process Mining to Process Intelligence: How to get more from your process data


In today’s changing business environment, continuous process improvement is a must. To remain profitable and competitive, there’s no room for inefficiencies. That’s why so many leaders are turning to process mining. It lets you make real-time process improvement decisions based on facts — not emotions. 

In this session, we’ll show you how to move from diagnostics to continuous process improvement. Hear from Carolyn Dobie, Business Operation and Automation Manager at TriNet and Richard Rabin, Process Intelligence Lead at ABBYY as they discuss:

  • An established method to get the most out of process mining
  • First-hand lessons learned as TriNet embarked on this journey
  • The challenges and opportunities that are often overlooked in process mining plans

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Intelligent Business Process Automation: How Great Enduring Organizations Scale People, Technology and Value


In a world disrupted by exponential technologies, how do you build systems and mechanisms where extraordinary performance becomes ordinary? How great enduring organizations consistently deliver exponential leaders, growth, and value creation?

We will explore how the best cross-industry organizations leverage "the right" culture, methods, technologies, and people as the ultimate engine for value creation and sustainable competitive advantage.

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Identifying business opportunities with process mining and successfully translating it into business value


Process and Task Mining: Hybridizing Solutions to Harmonize Insights


Many organizations struggle to realize the benefits of Process Mining, despite having good transactional data and powerful toolsets. What if they're not seeing the whole picture? What if key improvement opportunities are buried somewhere between the system and the human?

In this session, we’ll explore the practice of combining insights from traditional process mining and task visibility from Robotic Process Mining. We’ll discover the benefits of combining these techniques and their data sets to make more evidence-based decisions for transformation. Lastly, we’ll explore a real-world example and see how a major manufacturing organization uncovered end-to-end process weaknesses and adopted these practices to tremendously increase efficiencies.


Process Mining as a Digital Transformation Accelerator


Data Science-driven Digital Transformation: Learning from Data-driven Organizations


Leading companies that have deployed Process Mining successfully have learned how to leverage data to drive business outcomes. Companies that are not data-driven have seen their data-driven competitors seize market share and make inroads into their customer base over the course of the past decade.

For several years  now, investments in data and AI initiatives have been ranked by executives as the technology that will enable them to compete better in the marketplace. However,  despite this acknowledgement and investments, many organizations struggle to drive value from their AI and data analytics investments.

  • By 2022, 90% of corporate strategies will explicitly mention information as a critical enterprise asset and analytics as an essential competency.
  • By 2023, data literacy will become an explicit and necessary driver of business value, demonstrated by its formal inclusion in over 80% of data and analytics strategies and change management programs.

This session will review some of the major challenges and highlight the best practices and lessons learned from data-driven organizations.


All that Glitters is not Gold – Why Broadening Your Approach to Process Mining is the Key to Long Term Success


Navigating your way through Process Mining sometimes feels like wading through quicksand! So many different messages, about seemingly similar tools, but how do you put together the required toolkit? Can you get all that you need from any single vendor? And if not what other technologies out there might be worthy of consideration?

During this session Mark McGregor will remind us how Process Mining fits into our broader transformation picture, and then guide us in thinking about complementary technologies to enhance and supplement our process mining efforts. Technologies for Data Prep and Visualization, along with Business Intelligence will be considered, and during the session he will also be talking live with Sofia Passova of StereoLogic about alternative approaches and challenges with mainstream thinking.

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Journey from Process Mining to Business Drive Continual Process Optimization


We all want great experiences. Behind every great experience is a simplified and optimized process. But,  all business processes get complex and fragmented over time and it become a real challenge to get actional insights on where to improve, automate, and optimize that is in alignment with your business goal.

In this session, Manjeet Singh - Director Product Management at ServiceNow, will show you how to take an embedded process mining approach and drive proactive continual process optimization across all your business processes. You will learn:

  • How to start from process mining analysis to process optimization?
  • How define business outcomes and measure progress using automated KPIs?
  • How to find improvement opportunities for people, process and tools improvements?
  • Lesson learned and key takeaways.

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Process Mining Silver Bullet


This session will show you how seeing your processes clearly, using process intelligence, will help you understand what is actually happening within your organization vs. what is supposed to happen.

Key takeaways:

  • How to align technical process analysis techniques with the business view
  • How to gain confidence in your group’s abilities to meet their goals
  • How to develop a clear line of sight into your organization’s ability to deliver value
  • How to build consistency and stability for the business functions in your organization
  • How to create a path to grow with operational insights and continuous improvement 


Using process insights to drive transparency and productivity whilst overcoming compliance concerns


How to map the real impact of process mining on your business


The Construction Industry has its own characteristics that add more challenges for Business Process Management in general, and Process and Task Mining in particular. This session discusses the journey to introduce Business Process Management to a Construction Group of Companies, ECC Group.

It covers the special nature of the Construction Industry, the challenges, and the approaches to overcome them. In addition to the way, the infrastructure for Automation and Digital Transformation is being planned and built, starting from the Process and Task mining stage.

The session covers the following main points:

  • Main challenges faced and how they are linked to the special nature of the Construction Industry, with lessons learned.
  • How Project environment influences the architecture of Business Processes.
  • ECC Group approach for process and task mining and how it is linked to Automation and Digital Transformation.
  • The vital future role of the Business Process Management System, BPMS, from a Construction viewpoint, and the relationship with ERP and other systems.
  • The Company’s experience with automation and the identified three main potential areas of RPA development and implementation for a Construction Company.