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Digital transformation trends sometimes move slowly, and other times they race forward in new and unexpected directions. Regardless of technological advancement, however, most seem to agree, especially in light of the ongoing impact of Covid-19, that  the most important thing is that culture and customer experience (CX) will be pivotal to any company’s success in 2020 and beyond. 

The underpinnings of digital transformation remain the innovation and technology that allow companies to compete, differentiate, and outperform. When it comes to the tech side of digital transformation trends for 2020, some things on the list you’ll recognize, some may take you by surprise. Regardless, these are picks for the digital transformation trends for 2020.
1. 5G for You and Me
2. Analytics are the Competitive Advantage
3. AI and Machine Learning Powering #2
4. Privacy Renaissance
5. Blockchain beyond Crypto
6. XaaS
7. RPA
8. Conversational AI
9. ACPC Heats Up
10. Driverless Cars, Drones and Smart Cities
In this session explore where or not these or the trends for 2020 and beyond, or are they likely to change?
Learn from our expert speaker panel their thoughts and insights on what they think will drive digital transformation forward.
Top10 pick provided by Daniel Newman.

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Human Connectivity: The Missing Ingredient in Digital Transformation


Long-lasting, impactful digital transformation requires an acute knowledge of the people,processes, and systems that comprise your organization. Successful digital transformation necessitates understanding how your tangible assets -equipment, machinery, and facilities - operate to deliver value.

It requires active participation and behavior change from people at all levels of an organization. This level of stakeholder engagement provides leaders with the insight and perspective needed to see what their specific organization needs -- not just what’s been done before.However, achieving this level of integrated engagement at scale can seem difficult, if not almost impossible. Asset data comes from multiple sources.

It takes time to integrate and analyze what’shappening. But swift decision-making and evaluation requires a solution that provides real-time,integrated insight into asset performance and location. And on people engagement, surveys provide snapshot-in-time perspectives, but lack specificity and real-time input. How can leaders collect and organize input from hundreds, even thousands, of stakeholders? More than that, how can they assess sentiment, extract meaningful insights, and use this information to make decisions?

This interactive presentation will provide Digital Transformation leaders with strategies and practical tools to engage people in change initiatives, lead positive behavior change to accompany technology implementation, and ultimately, drive successful transformation across their organizations.

● Better define opportunities for digital transformation by collecting input from the peopleclosest to the processes that need to change.

● Ideate new, creative ways to solve your problems.

● Customize solutions according to your organization’s specific needs.

● Understand employee and client sentiment at scale.

● Drive lasting change -- technology adoption and behavioral change -- by engaging people in your transformation initiatives.

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Efficiency without sacrificing efficacy: The Three Economies Model


Current ways of thinking about software development tend to suggest a (false) dichotomy between Development and Operations. Many organizations are trapped in a pattern that imagines you can either be efficient or effective. However, if efficiency and effectiveness are considered mutually exclusive (that is, you cannot drive both at the same time), it is extremely difficult to drive differentiation and therefore, unique competitive advantage. So how do you accelerate differentiation, while creating resilience and driving scale? The problem isn’t choosing between these initial logics, but instead expanding the way we understand IT works with a third economy: scope.

During this session, Jabe Bloom from Red Hat’s Global Transformation Office will discuss the Three Economies model. Through the three economies - differentiation, scale, and scope - this efficiency and effectiveness paradox needn’t be paradoxical. Organizations can pursue both forms of value (differentiation and scale), by extending their economic decision making to include a third way of thinking about value (scope). You’ll walk away with an understanding of how to adopt the Three Economies model in order to transform your organization.

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Process-led Digital Transformation: From Priority to Value



Many digital transformation initiatives only deliver a fraction of the potential business value. Enabling technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Intelligent Low-code Platforms or Analytics tools set high expectations but don’t really deliver what they promised. Business and IT struggle to agree on a joint business case. A process-led approach to digital transformation helps to set the right priorities, define a realistic business case and realize the anticipated business outcomes.

This presentation discusses a focused and effective approach to digital transformation using business process management to move from strategy to operations. Attendees will learn how to:

-       Set strategy-based priorities pragmatically

-       Improve rapidly and effectively leveraging the right digital technologies

-       Adjust dynamically

-       Realize and sustain value

The digital transformation approach is explained leveraging case studies, mainly from insurance, health and technology companies

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Visualizing Change: Process Modeling to Tell the Story


Wondering how to get stakeholders on board, align with recognized priority initiatives, and tell the story of change management to your entire organization? Learn to speak a universal language through the ins and outs of business process modeling.

This session will apply a project/knowledge management perspective to sharing innovation and leading others to change through the power of process mapping. Explore the potential of machine-readable notation for your fully optimized and automated transformation.

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Using Neuroscience to drive Digital Transformation


People inherently resist change. With Digital Transformation at the top of most companies' list of goals, how do we harness what we know about the brain to prepare ourselves and our teams for the changes necessary to achieve Digital Transformation? Discover the different reactions to change and tips on how to manage change successfully. You’ll learn about your brain, how to relate to your teams, and leave understanding how Change Management can not only improve your odds of success in your Digital Transformation journey but also be a valuable investment in your people and culture.

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It’s Time to Automate



Urgent cost pressures, demand spikes and backlogs, strained resources, and an imperative need to protect revenue and optimize expense - these are some of the issues that a global pandemic creates. Businesses today are seeking immediate action to respond to COVID-19's impact on their operations.

Once this global crisis stabilizes, executives all over the world will be looking to bring employees back to work faster and their revenue machines up and running again, while also reshaping their businesses for long-term resiliency. Automation plays a central role in both. Join this session to hear how companies are using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to address the issues that the global pandemic has created by:

  • Driving new sources of productivity and cost savings fast
  • Reskilling and upskilling employees
  • Building resilience and agility in supply chains and customer experience
  • Supporting a dynamic new work environment
  • Enabling enterprise-wide automation

Plus, learn how to estimate the value that RPA can bring to your company enterprise wide fast. Robotic Process Automation is the fastest growing enterprise software industry for the 2nd year in a row (Gartner). And now it is set to become the #1 strategic priority for your company. It’s Time to Automate.

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The Dividends of Empathy & Value of Change Management Towards the Future of Work



  • How can Change Management influence your strategic results and employee engagement?
  • How to lead change during times of ambiguity to a future state
  • Working Personas and Empathy create dividends 
  • The Voice of the Employee as a solution
  • How does all of this shape The Future of Work at your company?

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How to Drive True Digital Transformation with a Unique Methodology that Generates Results



With the world rapidly evolving, organizations are required to keep pace or risk irrelevance. The biggest risk organizations face is falling behind because they aren’t adapting quickly enough. This is what the Honeywell team faced when they evaluated their digital operational lead-to-revenue lifecycle. Under-leveraged technology, lack of sales and marketing alignment and complex internal processes. 

In response, Zahra orchestrated a transformation to modernize the customer experience and the back-end systems and processes to drive true change.

Join this session with Zahra Mahedi, Global Digital Leader at Honeywell PMT division, to learn:

  • How the digital team executed an overhaul of Honeywell’s digital operational lead-to-revenue lifecycle
  • The methodology created and implemented for digital transformation
  • Why people, processes and technologies are key for any transformation
  • How connecting the dots, will increase contribution to revenue

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Intelligent Automation and Shared Services



  • Automation in the shared services space – whats happening, why and notes on success
  • What is and Why intelligent automation? – is it RPA? How is it different? Why would it work?
  • Current state and way forward – Evolutionary trends and market perception (The Covid effect)
  • Experiences and key success factors in the game

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Laying the foundation for Advanced Analytics in Finance



More and more CFOs mission are to be an indispensable partner to business leaders.Accordingly, they need to invest in capabilities like data science as well as business analytics platforms that will help them deliver better information and insights that guide business decisions.

In this presentation, I will provide a framework for Finance to overcome barriers to the attainment of high analytic maturity.

  • Define your advanced analytics opportunity
  • Redefine roles and skills to support advanced analytics
  • Design your Finance analytics process for cross-functional collaboration
  • A roadmap for deploying advanced analytics in FP&A

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Digital Transformation Opportunities in Production Use Cases and Opportunities in the Aerospace Industry



In the current situation transformation becomes even more  important especially for the aerospace industry. Digitisation will play a decisive role in transforming the aerospace industry. Whilst implementation of digital technologies in design and manufacturing within Aerospace has proven to be more complex, there are arising opportunities in a number of use cases on the interface between design, production, logistics and services.

Within the presentation the focus will be on what has been established within Rolls-Royce – and what opportunities are laying ahead given the current crisis in industry and in particular the aerospace industry,


  • Use cases for digitisation in manufacturing in Aerospace
  • Why is a digital culture so important for transformation
  • Opportunities in times  of crisis

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