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BTOES Process Mining Live



Table of Contents


Advancing Your Digital Transformation with Process Mining


Introduction: Given today’s digital transformed world, new ways of working are shifting from physical to digital. This session will explore how your organization can make sense of the digital processes embedded within these newly established technologies using Process Mining.

Process Mining can not only uncover new ways to generate value by visualizing wasteful actions across your enterprise, but it can also act as a mechanism to incentivize and govern better practices. With thousands of end users, most organizations struggle to understand what is truly happening in their global technology platforms such as ERP, MES, and PLM.

It is time to lift the veil of these digital systems and uncover new levers to drive out waste in your organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • What Process Mining is and how it fits into an overarching Digital Transformation Vision
  • The Process Mining Vendor Landscape and current market trends
  • How Process Mining can uncover new insights to improve your operations
  • Why Process Mining is so important to incentivizing and governing better practices
  • Real life Process Mining use cases that have proven to show significant value
  • How to get started, the Process Mining framework

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Transforming procurement with digital: How process mining unlocked value in Genpact’s procurement processes.


Sam Covell, Chief Procurement Officer and Scott Van Valkenburgh, Global Alliances and Channels Leader at Genpact, reveal how to use best-in-class process optimization tactics to reduce maverick buying, improve right-first-time purchase orders, and make digital transformation in procurement a reality.

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System Migrations: 3 Ways Process Excellence Can Make an Impact



System Migrations are more than just mundane IT projects. Driven as an enterprise-wide initiative, they can foster operational excellence across departments and make a real impact on the business. By cutting through the complexity and bringing processes to the forefront of these transformations, process excellence leaders can not only drive project success, but also set their processes  up for continuous improvement well after go-live. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How to gain a real-time understanding of process improvement opportunities before, during, and after migration
  • Data-driven strategies for change management and process adoption
  • How industry leaders are using Celonis to control migration cost and scope, reduce risk, and accelerate value realization 
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Process Intelligence – Understand Today, Plan for Tomorrow



Programs often struggle because the biggest obstacle to any complex, large-scale change is the lack of detailed knowledge on current state activities. Before starting a major initiative, a company must map its processes, its systems and its experiences.

Today, the necessary level of operational detail does not exist in most companies, and it is very difficult to obtain. Process Intelligence offers a solution to this challenge and can help jumpstart your automaton and transformation programs.


  • The critical role Process Intelligence plays in automation and transformation success
  • How an industry leader is using Process Intelligence to fuel their CoE
  • Where Process Intelligence can drive value in your organization

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Process Intelligence - The Silver Bullet for Analyzing Disruption


This session will show you how seeing your processes clearly, using process intelligence, will help you understand what is actually happening within your organization vs. what is supposed to happen.

And key takeaways:

  • How to align technical process analysis techniques with the business view
  • How to gain confidence in your group’s abilities to meet their goals
  • How to develop a clear line of sight into your organization’s ability to deliver value
  • How to build consistency and stability for the business functions in your organization
  • How to create a path to grow with operational insights and continuous improvement

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IIoT & Data Mining for Results


We know that a smart connected plant embraces the digital transformation of Industrial Internet of Things(IIoT) by collecting data that result in collaboration and operational excellence. The state of growth inIIOT can cause manufacturing companies to implement smart technologies on a fractured infrastructurein trying to meet the demand. Also, many companies will need to consider restructuring departmentswithin their company to meet these technological needs.

The technology/data Mining reporting structure is very important to the health of a company. There is no other organization in the company that can alterthe way the company operates than the technology/data mining-based departments. It is as critical for the technology departments to be involved in the company’s most strategic conversation as it is with finance, sales, engineering and plant operations.

In this session you will learn:

  1. Importance of a Digital Nervous System.
  2. Culture Change starts with small steps
  3. Importance of picking the right project to start with.
  4. IIOT Data Collection and Storage
  5. Analyzing Data for results
  6. Highlighted Case Studies will be presented showing results.

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Bimodal process mining for operational agility


  • Help understand what kind of mining and analysis will give you the insights you need to improve your biz ops
  • Understand and act on those insights from process mining and analysis activities

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Leveraging Process Mining to Design for Success – Strategic Facility and Capacity Planning



There is a great deal of power in developing a plan for the future vs. reacting to arising challenges. This presentation identifies the benefits of leveraging and analyzing process data during the facility master planning phase to identify capital projects and operational improvements to meet future business drivers. The concept of incorporating lean six sigma tools and techniques will be discussed to understand current maximum capacity and quantify improvements to assist in making informed decisions that focus future investments where it is needed.

The presentation will discuss tools and techniques using specific examples from recent projects:

Leveraging data collected as part of a regulated industry

  • Discuss the data that is already being collected and how it can be leveraged to improve operations.

Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques to analyze the data to scope capital projects.

  • Understand current maximum capacity and compare it against future forecasted demands.
  • Evaluate improvement impacts with respect to throughput and costs.

Project example using capacity analysis and specific metrics to provide a business justification for a capital project.

  • Development of a business case using data on cycle time reduction, throughput improvements, staffing and maintenance expenditure reductions to support the purchase of new packaging lines.

The presentation objective is to show that a planned, data driven approach to capacity / master planning, based on current operations, gives owners the ability to make informed decisions in designinga facility, not only for their current critical situation, but also for the growth of the business.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to leverage data collected and analyze it
  • Learn how to apply lean tools & techniques during the design phase
  • Understand the benefit of using an Op Ex approach to help facilities plan for the future and identify scope items that focus on the results
  • Understand how these techniques can minimize capital investment and staffing expenditures
  • Analyze / categorize improvements to provide a business case for the project

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Achieve Process Excellence by Combining AI, Process Mining and Task Mining



In their journey towards Process Excellence, business leaders are increasingly extending Process Mining with Task Mining in order to get a 360 degrees process insight, identify their next-best actions, and leverage intelligent automation for driving their desired business outcomes. In this session, discover how to leverage Desktop Data for capturing the granular manual steps involved in your processes and for completing your digital twin.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sense friction points in your manual processes which directly impact your desired business outcomes
  • Determine how to act on these opportunities with automation or other approaches
  • Get a glimpse on the role of Artificial Intelligence in fully understanding how your processes work and in improving them

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COVID 19: Application of Process Management


Have you ever felt like you are in an end-of-the-world sci-fi movie where the world leaders aren’t listening? Do you feel like you have seen this movie before?  And somehow you can’t help but think… this is really happening to us and I thought we were smarter than this…!!!!!!

  • Briefly exam the current condition of our world
  • Our daily processes have broken down
  • The feeling of returning to our old processes is not going to work.  Somehow we went a little too far this time.
  • A Need to adapt to our current condition quickly, before another unique world or national event occurs 
  • We have been wildly busy, chaotic in some cases, and need to slow down assess the way forward with new processes and agreement on overarching principles

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Learn why Process Mining itself provides little value


Those who do not know the problem cannot solve it and every effective therapy requires a proper diagnosis.  If you want to maximize the efficiency and resilience of your business, there is no way around digitalization and automation. 

UiPath is not only the market leader in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), but is also the only RPA provider to offer its own Process Mining solution.  These are just two of the components of UiPath’s unique Hyperautomation platform.  In this session, Rudy Kuhn will show how the interplay of Process Mining, RPA and the other components of the UiPath platform enables the sustainable improvement of process and maximization of efficiency. 

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Mining, Modeling or Management – Where should You Place Your Bet?


Process Mining has gained a great deal of attention over the past 2 years. Some vendors suggest it will replace modelling, some say it renders BPM unnecessary, others suggest it will be a flash in the pan! Amongst all the marketing hype lies a reality and value that can be hard to uncover, and sometimes hard to implement. In this short session we will explore where Process Mining fits in your Process Management mix, and how you can ensure you avoid the potential landmines ready to catch the unwary. Specifically, the session will help you understand;

  • Why Process Mining may not be quite what you think!
  • Managing the gaps in mined processes.
  • Where Process Mining should sit in your Process Management toolkit.
  • Three top tips to ensure Process Mining delivers results you can use.

With Mark’s wealth of experience in all aspects of process, this is sure to be a thought provoking, idea generating session, that may well leave you wondering what just came at you from left field!

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