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Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Summit in Financial Services Live



Table of Contents


Market Value by Design for Financial Organizations: How to Leverage Product Agility Thinking and Atlassian Jira Align


In a time where companies’ tenure on the S&P500 is half of what their predecessors were, it is crucial to ensure that product and tech teams are aligned in strategy and execution. Aligning work behind the discovery of customer needs is paramount to stay competitive in the fast-changing world of financial services.

Join Devin Anderson, Strategic Product Coach (Cprime), and Jesse Pearlman, Enterprise Agility Delivery Manager (Cprime), to learn how aligning corporate to product strategies enables faster discovery and pivots in an ever-changing market landscape and helps the organization align behind the why. Don’t overemphasize the agile processes and ceremonies. The real secret is about implementing an agile mindset through continual discovery and pivoting in the market to deliver the highest value to your customers based on their changing needs.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How financial organizations can refine product understanding 
  • How to better align Corporate to Product strategy
  • Ways to optimize your product roadmapping and planning to attain desired business outcomes
  • How to use Jira Align to drive maximum value and optimize financial allocations across all teams and projects

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Connect the Dots with Business Process Documentation


Do your stakeholders need to take it “back to basics” to see how process changes and strategic initiatives will change their ways of working? In this session, we’ll look at drawing the connective tissue between your functional processes and the application, control, and data layers that must work together to achieve results. This can be very empowering to your documentation efforts as well as enhancing understanding across functional teams. Give your project participants a common language and get stakeholders better engaged!

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Augmented Intelligence: IoT and Human Insight


Exponential technological growth is disrupting long-established industries, requiring organizations to dramatically increase agility and responsiveness. Thankfully, these same technological advancements, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), also provide managers with unprecedented new tools for success. While carefully implemented technology is key to a firm’s digital transformation, insight from employees around the operations of the business can actually augment and arguably exceed what technology alone can capture. Together--IoT data and human feedback--they create a powerful, unprecedented level of insight that can fuel any organization’s digital transformation. 

In this session, participants will learn:

  • What real-time feedback is, and how can it be combined with IoT to drive digital transformation
  • How to take a bottom-up, listen-first approach to change management
  • Various use cases how IoT and human insight is applied to financial services and other industries

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Orchestrating Change: Key insights on driving successful global, multi-cultural transformation initiatives


Have you ever noticed how a strong and successful principle conductor can orchestrate the right instrumentalists to create fantastic music? Similarly, the key to success for an organization in the midst of change is to have a strong organizational framework that can orchestrate a cohesive change far more successful than if initiatives were driven individually.

Given today’s complex, global environment, many large organizations with well-intended strategies have been unsuccessful in their implementation. With individual entities working in silo’s driving their own charter, it is critical to have an overarching framework for ensuring that all the pieces fit together seamlessly. 

Using real-life examples, the session “orchestrating change”, will focus on the framework to drive the strategic vision and maneuver an organization thru ambiguous periods of change to emerge successful.

The session will focus on:

  • The creation of the strategic vision framework
  • Three pillars for managing the framework
  • The top pitfalls

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Acceleration of People Potential in an Era of Change


As we look toward the operational environments of tomorrow, we see a future very much influenced by modernization and automation. However, while technology is an important driver in our future operational landscape and capital investment in these endeavors continues to increase, are we keeping up to speed with our innovation around people development? How are we proactively positioning our workforce and communities for the future of work? In this session, we’ll reimagine learning through the lens of dynamic, differentiated capability development and continuous improvement.

We'll also discuss scalable. measurable, and workplace-accessible enterprise strategies including:

  • Leveraging of artificial intelligence to target skills of the future and proactively build skills ahead of the pace of technology change
  • Creation of differentiated, adaptable, and connected learning experiences, designed to reach the workforce in real-time in the flow of work
  • Real-time learning analytics, tied to measurable business outcomes, that monitor the effectiveness of workforce development and inform future people innovation and change


The value of information


In a world where "Big Data", "Data Scientists" and "Data Management" have become the new normal, it is now time to assess the actual value of information that is achieved. What does it take to add actual "intelligence" to your day to day operational business decisions? And why are we only automating things at the moment and not actually adding data driven intelligence?

Key takeaways:

  • You will refresh your understanding of the concept "Information" as being something completely different from data
  • You will learn more about, how data driven insights lead to more intelligent decisions
  • You also be triggered about the role of emotions and intuition in all of this
  • You will be triggered to think about how you are actually managing your information (assets) in your own organization
  • You will be challenged to take information management as least as serious as data management

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AI-Powered Digital Transformation


AI is fundamentally changing how businesses operate, redefining the way people work and transforming industries globally. In pursuing digital transformation initiatives, organizations need to capitalize on the opportunity with intelligent algorithms and models, improved processes, a data-centric culture, and an optimized software and hardware infrastructure to realize its full potential.

Gain an understanding of best practices for digital transformation initiatives and how AI and data analytics can be leveraged to deliver business value. Review the latest trends and directions in the AI industry, key challenges, and best practices for adopting AI-based solutions.

Topics include:

  • Digital Transformation Update
  • AI Trends and Directions
  • AI Accelerators Update
  • Data Best Practices 

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Bringing intelligence on regulatory compliance and risk management


Mastering and Sustaining Excellence in Turbulent Times


 “Controlling the controllables” is the best way to influence our desired outcome. Our personal habits and our group behaviour represents our culture which itself drives performance and productivity. Surely a continued interest in building a culture of excellence is important for all of us.

  • Mindset – Purposeful perspective to believe in Possible
  • Method – Psychological Safety to harness Potential
  • Moodset – Vulnerability for Unity

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Enabling growth while protecting stakeholders


  • Change is hard but not changing can be fatal
  • How to move from adopting to change to creating value and growth opportunities
  • No matter how much better, faster, smarter, or more efficient our companies are, they would face terrible consequences if they do not properly protect their stakeholders.
  • They key initiatives to protect shareholders, customers, employees, and the community

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Harnessing Digital AI-Infused Operational Excellence for Financial Services


Driving Competitive Differentiation

The business transformation journey of operational excellence can be challenging, and digital tools and hype technologies can be overwhelming. Focusing on Financial Services, we walk through our roadmap to deploy a self-sustaining Resilient Digital Ecosystem™ based on people, process and data.  We will demonstrate how Enterprise Information Management, Process Mining, RPA and Hyperautomation are the building blocks to establish a self-sustaining AI-Infused ecosystem.  Start small and think big! 

We look forward to sharing case studies and look forward to your questions on how to infuse AI into your organization.


  1. Financial Services Operational Excellence
  2. Enabling Digital Transformation through Process Mining to RPA to Hyperautomation
  3. Infusing Practical AI Applications to Financial Services

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