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RPA & Intelligent Automation Live - A Virtual Conference !!!




Table of Contents


Leveraging Hyper-automation to Transform Operations ​ & Create Competitive Advantage


Join Blue Prism and EY at The Largest Premier Gathering of RPA & IA Industry Leaders & Senior-Executives where we will be sharing key solutions to current & future RPA challenges.​

In a business environment that is rapidly changing, automation at scale is quickly becoming the new normal. Gartner predicts that industry adoption of Intelligent Automation (IA) will reach 85% in some form by 2022, and hyper-automation (rapid automation using a combination of automation tools) will be at the core of these automation efforts.​

Hyperautomation is transforming every aspect of organizational function from finance, tax, HR and IT to supply chain, regulatory compliance and customer care. World class, best in breed organizations are now combining robotic, intelligent, and autonomous systems into their everyday working practices – widening the scope of potential tasks and processes that can be automated every single day.​

Join Leaders from Blue Prism and EY for a panel discussion centered on how hyper-automation is transforming operations and helping create new opportunities for growth.​

We will share: ​

  • Business outcomes from IA and methods of measuring success​
  • How to create a strategy and operating model to realize the long-term benefits of IA ​
  • Roadmaps from successful companies that have aggressively adopted hyperautomation​
  • The latest technology trends and use cases for IA​
  • Real-world examples from leading organizations that leveraged hyper-automation to move to scale and lessons learned.

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Motivating and Engaging teams in achieving operational excellence while staying focused on what matters to them


This past year has shown us the massive effort required to stay engaged. We have seen it at home and also at work. Staying connected as team members and staying connected to our organizations has been a struggle even at the best of times.

For many it is the connection that is key and what matters. As an individual how do I connect to understand what my organization is doing, what it stands for and do I align with its values? Martin will show you some of the concepts and ideas that have benefited his team and organizations in keeping people engaged and aligned. He will share with you.

Taking a streamlined strategy, aligned to the organization, but team focused
Find the heart of your workforce through identifying your Culture, Employee Experience, and Values
Wrap it with taking your employees, and yourself, on the journey to find purpose

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Focus on Customer Excellence to Deliver Long Term Value from Automation Efforts


Automation and Digital Transformation initiatives are all around us, but for every success story, there are numerous disappointments. So, what separates those great success stories, at a process, automation, or business level, from the rest of the pack?

In this session the focus will be less about the specific tools you chose to use, but the categories of tools you might need and more importantly the outcomes you need to focus on. Automation that is focused on just doing what you have always done, will yield the same results – just cheaper!

If your goal or objective is different results, then it’s time to change the way you think about and leverage the range of automation options available to you.

During the session Mark will share.

  • Why an Outside-In Customer Centric Approach Delivers Greater Value.
  • How and why Customer Excellence differs from Customer Experience.
  • A Framework for Effectively Executing a Customer Excellence Strategy.
  • How Tools and Technologies Can be Combined to Meet the Holistic Needs. 

New products and solutions are provided at high-speed form different cloud providers. With the current changes and new norms of working from home, businesses need to adapt quickly and efficiently to the cloud. In this session, we will shed the light on the GCP options provided and how to choose according to where you are standing now in your cloud journey.

In this session you will learn;

  • GCP solutions for IT infrastructure modernization 
  • Key points to consider when choosing from the different options provided 
  • Benefits of modernizing your IT infrastructure.
  • Why going forward with your transformation journey is important during such challenging times 
  • How Cloudypedia as a google cloud partner can help
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Intelligent Business Process Automation: How Great Enduring Organizations Scale People, Technology and Value


In a world disrupted by exponential technologies, how do you build systems and mechanisms where extraordinary performance becomes ordinary? How great enduring organizations consistently deliver exponential leaders, growth, and value creation?

We will explore how the best cross-industry organizations leverage "the right" culture, methods, technologies, and people as the ultimate engine for value creation and sustainable competitive advantage.

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Digital transformation (DT) is disrupting the way businesses operate and impacts five key areas of any business model


Modern IT architecture needs to create connected business solutions out of individual components that are decoupled and independent by design. It needs to include people as well as legacy systems but still automate processes to a high degree. And all architecture choices will influence the business agility and innovation capabilities of the whole organization.

In this talk, I will discuss process automation as a centerpiece to solve these challenges and enable successful digitalization. I will dive into different ways to automate processes and share some real-life stories which will give you some guidance for your own process automation endeavor. I will present a developer-friendly way to automate processes and look into the journey to introduce this in your own organization.

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Robotic Process Automation – Powerful Solution or Dangerous Illusion?


Digitalization changes dramatically the way organizations operate. New digital tools are available almost every day; they enable the transformation of business processes to become more efficient, agile, meet compliance requirements, enhance customer experience, or improve the general quality of deliverables.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of those digital enablers which has been applied, or at least discussed in many organizations as a possible solution to help achieve new levels of process performance. However, many organizations struggle to realize the full potential of RPA. According to newer statistics, 30-50% of RPA initiatives fail completely.  

This presentation will discuss the typical value of RPA and how to focus on the right sub-processes to automate, improve those business processes considering the end-to-end process context and sustain the results through appropriate governance and hybrid work force management.

Key topics addressed:

  • Definition and Value of Robotic Process Automation
  • Focus RPA on the Right Processes
  • Improve Processes n the Appropriate Context Using RPA
  • Sustain RPA Benefits and Results

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Overcoming Obstacles to Accelerate your Automation Program


It is no secret that RPA can dramatically accelerate your digital transformation initiatives, or that it can scale your business operations overnight, or how it can de-risk initiatives by simplifying your compliance obligations with repeatable, auditable processes…

The burning question leaders are faced with is no longer ‘can I get value from Automation,’ but rather ‘am I getting enough value?’ Companies with established Unattended Automation practices are flocking to Attended Automation and Citizen Developer programs to unlock an entirely new level of business outcomes.

In this session, we’ll bring on industry leaders who have expanded their automation programs to include Attended Automation and Citizen Development.  We’ll examine how employees think about automation and (86% are willing to use automation / 80% are willing to become citizen developers) and how COEs can run top-down automation programs while simultaneously embrace and leverage the bottoms-up contributions of their employees.

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RPA & Customer Service


This session will talk how Robotic Process Automation can answer on major challenges in customer service industry today

Robotic Process Automation is changing the world and away how we work. Advanced RPA technologies and integrations are able to address major customer service industry challenges. During this session, we will cover major customer service challenges and how RPA can address them.

Key Takeaways:

  • RPA is Ready for prime time
  • RPA can improve overall customer experience
  • RPA can increase the efficiency of the contact center agents
  • RPA can improve contact center operations

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Intelligent Automation: Why Innovation Through Optimization Is The Way

GTW -21 RPA Speakers OnDemand (6)

The best method to overcome the emotional charge of innovation, is building a team that consistently seeks continuous improvement. This approach to innovation highlights the importance of managing the emotional hurdles that come when facing change. People can handle small steps. 
We should celebrate and learn from success and failures to unleash the talent of your team. We will explore how to enable, empower, and sustain a mindset of innovation to deliver systematic improvements and innovations in any industry.

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  • Understanding of trends in conversational AI
  • What to look for when you deploy a conversational AI solution across the enterprise?
  • How to select the best use cases for deployment?
  • Some best practices to democratize across the organization

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With Automation being the buzz word across wide spectrum of developments in Technology, it is important for organizations to not only be aware of the historical and current trends, but also think of future scope in Robotic Process Automation / Intelligent Automation.

Enterprise Architecture team of a company would be playing key role in governance of how well the company has been utilizing these technologies, while shaping the roadmap for future scope.

Based on her industry-wide research and in-house experience, Aura, from her shoes of Governance Lead of Enterprise Architecture team of Mondelēz , would be sharing insights on which domains have witnessed major implementations of RPA; vs. what those domains are that still offer more opportunity to further leverage RPA.

  • High level background of Enterprise Architecture – Governance and Responsibilities – in Mondelēz  International
  • Bird’s eye view of RPA/IA implementations in organization from Enterprise Architecture perspective
  • Research and Survey Analysis – Trends and Scope of RPA
  • RPA/IA Market insights

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Control your robots – Designing an effective RPA governance program


It’s easy to underestimate the work and time involved in satisfying the needs for RPA governance, whether your business complies with SOX or not. Marco Chmura, Director of Quality & Transformation at Morningstar will share their journey in building effective controls as they’ve continued to expand their program (now in year 3) to key processes interacting with SOX sensitive applications.

Some highlights: 

  • What does success look like and what’s needed to achieve it? 
  • Partnering early on with Compliance & IT/Security teams on:
    • Security Administration needs
    • Establishing Change Management & Appropriate segregation of duties
    • Fulfilling Backup and Recovery requirements
  • Identifying and empowering a core process review team
  • Controls in place, SOX sign-off received – What’s next for RPA program?
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