Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Industry Awards 2019 Finalists

Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Industry
Awards 2019 

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards have been established to showcase globally the most outstanding organizational achievements through the application of Operational Excellence programs.  

The winners for all categories and for The Platinum Awards will be announced at The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Summit & Industry Awards on Wednesday March 20th, 2019, from 6.30pm, in the Venetian Ballroom at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort®

The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards are open to all organizations, both private and public sector, across the globe, which have implemented Operational Excellence programs to deliver outstanding business results.

The 2019 Awards will be held in conjunction with the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit on March 20, 2019 in the Venetian Ballroom at the Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando™

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Organizational - Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Automotive & Transportation

Ford - Greenfield Labs

Ford Motor Company has a rich automotive heritage primarily based in the Midwest. As we see the tech boom migrate into the automotive industry, it makes perfect sense to have a presence in Silicon Valley. The creation of Greenfield Labs has allowed Ford to make strides forward in creating smart vehicles for a smart world. Click here to read more.


Faurecia Clean Mobility - Lean Six Sigma from the Middle Out

At Faurecia Clean Mobility, a steering committee of passionate practitioners from a North American testing facility has directed over $32M in project savings in 2 years, inspiring hundreds of colleagues to apply LSS methods and gaining the attention of Faurecia C-level executives in Paris and global customers alike. Click here to read more.


Organizational - Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Banking, Capital Markets & Insurance

TCS /Digitate - Transforming the IT Operations at a large European financial institution

Our Client is a leading Multinational investment bank and financial services company with a global reach with operations in about 50 countries and more than 40,000 employees. A major concern of our customer’s services department is elimination of eye-on-glass monitoring. Automation of activities in production support was a key expectation in order to maintain the service level agreements.

TCS was involved in L1, L2 levels of the production support at Credit-Suisse and ignioTM has been instrumental in automating the L1 and L2 activities. Here are a couple of use cases which ignio automated and delivered significant business benefits - Rates Risk Exception Management, Batch Feed Sanity Check, and Intellimatch Exception Based Monitoring. Most notable benefits were resolving delays in reporting thus averting reputational and revenue losses. Click here to read more


Nationwide Insurance - Striving for Operational Excellence and a Problem Solving Culture

Nationwide IT began a journey toward operational excellence in 2014, starting with a few Agile experiments. We then scaled Agile and Lean principles to all 200+ teams and all IT departments. With the incorporation of DevOps and Continuous Learning practices, we are realizing substantial benefits, including nearly $80M annualized savings. Click here to read more.


Organizational - Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Healthcare

Philips Healthcare Informatics- Operational Excellence Initiative

Accelerated delivery of Philips Cardiology Informatics Innovation puts the latest technology in the hands of healthcare providers faster, helping hospitals improve outcomes sooner.

The project reduced implementation cycle times for Xper: Hemodynamic, physiological monitoring and reporting solution. The initiative increased customer satisfaction; most notably a 42% reduction in cycle time. Click here to read more.


Westchester Medical Center - Utilizing eHealth to Optimize Adherence to Consensus Best Practice Therapies_ Making Sure Every Patient Is As Safe As Possible

In October of 2015, WMCHealth unveiled a technology-driven eHealth program. The eHealth center has focused on identifying opportunities to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiencies. Through eHealth, WMC was able to reduce stress ulcer prophylaxis and improve compliance in lung protective ventilation through consensus best practice and increased eICU-to-ICU interactions. Click here to read more.


UnitedHealthcare - UnitedHealthcare Advocate4Me


UnitedHealthcare - UnitedHealthcare Motion


The DICE Group - Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

The Digital Innovation & Consumer Experience (DICE) Group at Jefferson designs and develops solutions for current problems in the healthcare setting. Every day we set out to reimagine how health care will be delivered tomorrow. We’re here to help build Jefferson and its 30,000+ employees into an efficient, future-focused organization that brings exceptional value and quality to patients, students, employees, donors, and the community. Click here to read more.


Mayo Clinic - Performance Excellence in a Shared Service Model

Mayo Clinic’s comprehensive management engineering and business consulting (ME&C) services support the organization’s strategic initiatives which lead to significant patient benefits and financial savings. Three initiatives provided as examples highlight the value of high performing consulting services to optimize operational efficiencies with sustainable outcomes. Click here to read more.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan - BCBSM Enterprise Transformation

In response to rising competition in a challenging industry landscape, BCBSM delivered an enterprise transformation blending Customer Experience, Operational Excellence and Corporate Culture – not as three initiatives, but as inseparable parts of the transformation itself. Click here to read more.


NTT DATA Services - Denial Management with NTT DATA Artificial Intelligence Platform

Automate Denial Management, and Accelerate Cash Flow

The NTT DATA Denial Management Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform uses machine learning, deep learning and intelligent automation to simplify the denial management process. The intelligent platform actively learns, constantly adapting and evolving — far beyond human thinking and capabilities. It can help you:

  • Discover insights using advanced machine learning algorithms, deep learning neural networks, and prescriptive and predictive modeling, and apply that insight into core business processes
  • Build and optimize prediction models using an intuitive, user-friendly interface for reinforcement learning and self-guidance

The Business Impact:

With help from our platform, an U.S. based healthcare company was able to prevent approximately $5.4 million worth of denials annually. Click here to read more.


RI International - Crisis Now: Change is Underway

The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention produced the report, Crisis Now: Transforming Services is Within Our Reach.  The resulting model is the roadmap for implementing a comprehensive mental health crisis response system that improves the quality of the crisis system, reduces psychiatric boarding, and provides savings in inpatient spending. Click here to read more.

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Organizational - Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Hospitality & Construction

Caesars - Nomination - Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Hospitality & Construction

Caesars OCI and EPMO have become pivotal in achieving the company’s objectives byIntroduced Business Process Improvement, Project Management and Change Management, helping to emerge the company from bankruptcy, beat the company’s targets in the past three years, and achieve record Overall Scores and Net Promoter Scores. Click here to read more.


Kraft Heinz - Nova Goiás Project


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Organizational - Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Manufacturing

Hillphoenix - Digitally Transformed Inspection Process Drives Lean Culture at Hillphoenix

Click here to learn more on Hillphoenix's entry.


Intel Corporation - Accelerating Intel's Transformation Through Operational Excellence

Intel’s Enterprise Process Excellence group is an international team of senior-level process improvement consultants who also lead Intel’s Lean Six Sigma program. Their deployment is corporate-wide, supporting 100,000+ employees in 58+ countries. The team consistently delivers $100M+ in annual revenue growth and cost savings through Operational Excellence and business transformations. Click here to read more.

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Organizational - Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences

Data Sciences International (DSI) - Data Sciences International’s Pursuit of Operational Excellence

In January, 2017, all DSI Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were red. With intense focus, utilizing appropriate continuous improvement tools, involving all global DSI employees and in close collaboration with our customers, we attained fantastic results. Over sixteen (16) months, we slashed our lead-times and achieved desired on-time delivery allowing our customers to perform more studies. Click here to read more.

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Project - Best Achievement in Cultural Transformation & Sustainability to deliver a high performing Enterprise Excellence culture

Philips Healthcare Informatics - Cultural Transformation Journey

The Healthcare Informatics Continuous Service Improvement Program is driving Cultural Transformation to achieve systemic & sustainable change

Aligning our improvement strategy to Philips behaviors: Customer First, Quality & Integrity Always, Team Up to Win, Take Ownership to Deliver Fast, Eager to Improve & Inspire- is operational excellence in action. Click here to read more.


Al Jazeera International Catering LLC - Our Planet Our Responsibility

Objective of this Submission is to demonstrate as to how Al Jazeera International Catering LLC, converted its stakeholder sustainability requirement into competitive advantage by incorporating Organizational Excellence into sustainability context through Green Initiative concentrating on aspects of:

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Procurement & Supply chain Efficiency
  • Environmental Benefit
  • Stakeholder

Click here to read more.

Cisco - Cisco's My Innovation

As a believer in the notion that innovation can come from anyone, anywhere, anytime, Cisco created “My Innovation,” an initiative that unifies 30+ innovation programs, fostering a culture of grassroots, cross-functional collaboration. Throughout the past two years, My Innovation has transformed Cisco’s culture by inspiring a new generation of intrapreneurs, while creating new value for the enterprise at large. Click here to read more.


Cognizant Technology Solutions - Cultural Transformation through Digital First

The Digital First approach aims at reimagining business processes using a Human centric approach with the end customer experience at the front and center of it. It is underpinned by intelligent automation which eliminates the need for human intervention where applicable. It leverages Smart Analytics to gleam out process insights that aid in better decision making and also helps infuse Artificial intelligence into operations. Finally, it measures success through a set New age metrics that are pivoted around customer experience and are managed by a digitally skilled workforce operating in an environment of Shared Culture. Click here to read more.


Cognizant Technology Solutions - Cultural Transformation through rediscovering early warning signals

A project lifecycle includes 4 stages – Pursuit, Transition, Delivery & Sunset.  At these stages of lifecycle, the project is exposed to various inherent risks. Early Warning Signals is the ability to ‘see and anticipate what’s coming’ and its timely mitigation to meet both implied and expressed value commitments to clients. Click here to read more.


IBM - Accelerating Agile to Transform IBM’s Quote-to-Cash Culture

The Accelerate Agile initiative succeeded by creating a culture of continuous improvement within a structure that delivers with speed, is grounded in Agile values, and is filled with happier employees.  Today, the Agile Shared Services organization successfully supports nearly 40,000 sellers, 40% faster and 25% less expensive than in 2016. Click here to read more.


IBM - Becoming self-sufficient to address development needs through the Global Knowledge Buddy Program

The Global Knowledge Buddy (GKB) Program has played a key role in achieving the organization’s strategic objective of enabling the right skilled workforce ready to meet future and changing demands. The network of Global Knowledge Buddies provides support in knowledge sharing and critical skills development across the globe. Click here to read more.


SEI - SEI Private Trust Company’s Beyond World Class Campaign


Want to learn more? Download the full Report.
The Awakening

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Project - Best Achievement in Data Analytics enabling Operational Excellence

Cognizant Technology Solutions - Cognizant Digital Operations – Text Analytics driven smart process interventions to influence business outcomes

Cognizant uses machine learning algorithms, AI/cognitive computing to leverage key information contained in structured and unstructured data extensively captured in business operations. Text Analytics interventions are embedded in business processes to drive significant business impact in the following areas Operations Optimization, Revenue Enhancement, Cost Reduction and Improved Customer Experience. Click here to learn more.


Etech Global Services - Best Achievement in Data Analytics enabling Operational Excellence

Etech insights is an innovative combination of people, processes, and technology that deliver remarkable customer experiences. Our solutions exceed traditional quality management by combining  human intelligence with artificial intelligence to capture and analyze 100% of interactions. Our Data Scientists then refine large data sets into actionable insights. Click here to learn more.


IBM - Cognitive Recommendation Engine (CoRE)

The Cognitive Recommendation Engine (CoRE) is a groundbreaking AI platform that enables data-driven sales recommendations to assist sales professionals to better address client needs and helps generate additional sales opportunities.  Since its deployment in 2017 CoRE delivered an 80% increase in sales opportunity generation with 6% improvement in win rates. Click here to learn more.


MetLife - MetLife Entry for Best Achievement in Data Analytics Enabling Operational Excellence

MetLife is harnessing the power of data by incorporating data analytics into its processes across the claims lifecycle, enabling quicker and more accurate decisions and improved clinical accuracy for customers. Click here to learn more.


University Health Network - UHN Clinical Operations Dashboard

The UHN Clinical Operations Dashboards utilize data analytics to support intra-daily decision making for delivering sustainable and patient-centered care.  The dashboard takes complicated data from multiple sources and displays real-time and simple metrics to help identify congested areas leading to opportunities to improve capacity to support patient flow. Click here to learn more.

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Project - Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver an outstanding Business Expansion and Revenue Growth

HP Inc. - Overcoming major complexities to help enable HP's largest print acquisition ever

HP Inc. acquired Samsung’s printer business at the beginning of its fiscal in 2018, enabling the largest print acquisition in HP history. HP IT’s Integration Management Office partnered with Samsung to ensure fast, creative solutions to enable this complex integration that yielded a breakthrough portfolio of printing solutions. Click here to learn more.


Cognizant Technology Solutions - Revenue Cycle Management Reimagined

Healthcare providers must think about revenue cycle management in a whole new way, which Cognizant calls RCM 3.0 -  It envisages ownership of improved performance across all aspects of process and organization, keeps the patient experience at the center of all collections and leverages analytics and technology predictively. Click here to learn more.

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Project - Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver an outstanding Customer Experience Excellence

Cognizant Technology Solutions - Prime Client Services - Improving Customer Experience

Prime Client Services Team at Cognizant adopted the Digital Route and re-imagination of the work flows enabled the team to build innovative solutions for the customer’s end clients in a nimble manner. Instrumental in the customer gaining additional business from their end clients, who used them as their preferred broker because of the world class client service they received.  


Cognizant Technology Solutions - Predictive Operations for Outstanding Customer Experience

Technology vertical in Cognizant Digital Operations is a  business unit which enables the transformation agenda for born-digital organizations.  There were challenges in meeting timeliness SLAs and Customer Experience SLAs in Campaign Implementation. CTS prepared an innovative machine learning-based solution to ensure significant improvement in Timeliness and Customer Experience outcomes. Click here to learn more.


IBM Corporation - Net Promoter Score Channel Advocacy Program for the IBM Business Partner Ecosystem

IBM’s Partner Ecosystem organization implemented a Net Promoter Score survey program to acquire feedback from clients and BP’s on likelihood to recommend IBM.  We launched a digital platform with automated surveys, real time metrics, a Closed-Loop Feedback process and text analytics insights which has reinvented our channel transformation strategy. Click here to learn more.


VMware Inc- Partner Professional Services Alignment for Customers

Partner Professional service alignment is a strategic initiative of VMware Inc, that introduced Master Services Competency program, which requires Channel partners to attend advanced VMware solution specific certification programs to build expertise in offering professional services to customers for deploying VMware solutions and create differentiated customer experience. Click here to learn more.


IBM - Leading Support for the Cognitive Era

The Cognitive Support Platform is a framework of systems and highly interconnected intelligent components powered by IBM Watson Technologies enabling deep levels of knowledge discovery, client engagement, and problem resolution. The solution intelligently augments known activities and completes defined tasks to allow IBM Support Staff to focus on challenging issues. Click here to learn more.


PolyOne Corporation - PolyOne Corporation- CUSTOMER FIRST PROJECT

PolyOne’s Customer First program provides LSS training opportunities, on-site mentoring, project support, and process improvement facilitation to strategic customers.  Since 2016, Customers have realized over $9MM in annual savings for their organizations.  The combination of PolyOne’s LSS program and drive for commercial excellence creates a highly collaborative environment, strengthens partnerships and fuels the opportunity for business growth. Click here to learn more.


Bank of America - Implementation of Bank of America Voices

Bank of America launched a transformational program called Voices to expand the quantity, quality and timeliness of feedback from our clients. Since launch in late 2017, we have received 13 million survey responses, 6 million of which include direct client verbatim. In one year, Voices helped drive a 3.7% increase in our overall client satisfaction. Click here to learn more.


Citibank NA - “My Client My World” – Customer Service Transformation (Citibank India)

My Client My World - An initiative which reversed the client servicing pyramid by focusing on empowering and enabling the frontline teams to act as owners and lead the change. An initiative that led to a mindset shift to transform customer service by keeping the clients at the center of every thought, action and decisions. Click here to learn more.

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Project - Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver an outstanding Value Creation or Innovation Execution project

Cognizant Technology Solutions - KYC e-2-e transformation for Periodic Reviews (CLM)

Cognizant carries out ~7,000 periodic KYC reviews annually for institutional clients of the bank and undertook Transformation journey to reimagine end to end life cycle management with the objective of developing seamless solution leveraging digital technology, Work flows, RPA, Analytics and point/Mini automation solutions. Click here to learn more.


Cognizant Technology Solutions - Customer Value Creation through Process One Framework

Cognizant ProcessONE® is a single, end-to-end, integrated business process modernization framework that helps clients to focus on vital business outcomes by supplementing deep domain & process expertise with technology solutions, robust risk controls and people focused management. This resulted in a save of 720 FTE in Productivity saves. Click here to learn more.


Cognizant Technology Solutions - Outstanding Value Creation - Transformation of Process for Success

TOPS is integrated platform for enabling an Operations Service factory that hosts all functions across transaction processing, audit and workforce management. This platform encompasses the best of digital, automation and process solutions to enhance client value by reducing the E2E cycle time, handoffs and improving first time right. Click here to learn more.


Webasto Roof Systems Americas - Revamp the REAP with the IDEA Program

Webasto Roof Systems Americas executed a special project, Revamping REAP with the IDEA program in 2017. The IDEA program is our colleague improvement proposal system used to reward colleagues for continuous improvement ideas. The program promotes problem solving, and improves quality and satisfaction with customers. Click here to learn more.


Alberta Energy Regulator - Alberta Energy Regulator

For AER, the old way of thinking about regulating energy development was disjointed and inefficient, applications were assessed in isolation and separately. The organizational challenge was to find a new approach for regulating energy development. OneStop focuses on improving the user experience to reduce the administrative burden on companies. Operators now submit applications into one digital platform that amalgamates the development activities. Click here to learn more.


VMware, Inc - Seat Finder App - Innovative Way to Optimize Utilization of Office Space

Seat finder application is an innovative solution implemented in VMware India office to optimize the utilization of workspace, by identifying free space when an employee is out-of-office and have it available for the work force without an assigned seat, thereby reducing the need for more touch down spaces. Click here to learn more.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan - BCBS Michigan and Value Management

BCBSM’s Strategic Business Transformation (SBT) targeted to achieve $300M in value improvements.  To definitively answer the question, “How will we know we’ve met our objective?” BCBSM installed a value-based methodology to ensure the program initiatives delivered measurable results. Click here to learn more.


NTT DATA Services - NTT DATA Virtual Resource Monitoring System

The NTT DATA Virtual Resource Management System tracks your human workforce, as well as all the automation initiatives deployed in your organization — regardless of the bots’ robotic process automation (RPA) platform — through a single application.

The NTT DATA Virtual Resource Monitoring System, a universal control desk for continuous monitoring and real-time management of your integrated workforce, delivers the actionable insights and key metrics you need to drive critical decision-making. This unified, role-based view of productivity and workload includes real-time event. Click here to learn more.

**Patenting of the NTT DATA Virtual Resource Monitoring System is currently in progress

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Project - Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver Business Transformation

Cognizant Technology Solutions - Business Transformation - Investment Banking Finance division of a global bank

Cognizant delivered a business transformation of the IB Finance controllership functions – Valuations, Costs and Product Control with Process re-imagination, Platform solutions and Robotics implementations leading to lesser costs of delivery, risk reduction and enhanced control environment. The Period end close was accelerated by 4 business days. Click here to learn more.


IBM - Global Business Services Transformational Leadership Development Program- Tech Disruption in Your Industry – We Can Help

In 2013, IBM's Transformational Leadership Development Program (TLDP) was founded. TLDP provides consultants with background in industry and technology. The key differentiator of TLDP versus other consulting units is a focus on industry knowledge in relation to technology. Once consultants graduate from the program, they’re considered “Masters in Business Transformation”. Click here to learn more.


IBM - Composable Marketplace – Reinventing the Shared Services Operating Model

The Composable Marketplace initiative has been a critical factor in enabling IBM to deliver productivity savings by providing a framework around which the Business Units and Shared Services can evaluate and determine required efficiency savings.  With the Composable Marketplace IBM has achieved a best in class spend to revenue ratio. Click here to learn more.


Delane Consulting & Talent Management - Sustainable Business Transformation

Delane architected an end-to-end Business Transformation program for a Fortune-15 telecommunications company that was not satisfied with its product development funnel. The program was designed to transform the entire Product Development ecosystem. Delane’s Lean Business Agility (DLBA) program resulted in a significant reduction in Time to Market and enhanced Customer Experience. Click here to learn more.


SAP - Digital Selling Program at SAP


Vodafone UK - The Enterprise Transformation Programme


CompuCom - Digital Building Drives Exceptional Operational Improvements

CompuCom® has designed a first-in-the-world, fully-digital building exclusively powered by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to be a showcase for the transformational and operational gains that can be achieved using the emerging technology available now in the construction industry.  Surprisingly, the monthly operating costs are 16-percent less than the company’s previous headquarters. Click here to learn more.


Michigan State University - Mobile Action Plan

Infrastructure Planning and Facilities at Michigan State University is pursuing digitally interconnected environments to better equip the 21st century workforce.  The deployment of 1,276 mobile devices is empowering the front-line workforce with unprecedented access to information, advancing a culture of high performance, improving customer results, and fostering sustainable innovation. Click here to learn more.


JR Automation - Implementing a Quote Development Process

JR Automation’s OpEx department teamed up with business leaders to develop an optimized process that has been a major factor in significantly increasing the organization’s overall win rate and its consistence in quote packages. JR Automation’s HR department gamified the training experience to maximize learner engagement and process adoption. Click here to learn more.


Aprimo - Aprimo Application for Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver Business Transformation

Aprimo, a global provider of marketing technology solutions for content, operations, and performance, was selected as a finalist for Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver Business Transformation as a result of the strategic, operational, and market facing initiatives it took enterprise-wide after it was divested from Teradata in 2016.  Click here to learn more.



After 250 acquisitions over 35 years, the global oilfield service company Weatherford has executed a cultural transformation to establish one common corporate identity. Since April of 2017, the company has defined its mission and values, conducted culture-shaping sessions, and established networks to support financial results, including an 80% EBITDA increase year-over-year.  Click here to learn more.


Intrigo Systems -  Deploying SAP IBP S&OP Global Template at Stanley Black and Decker


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Project - Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver Digital Transformation

Fannie Mae - Credit Enhancement Transaction System (CETS)

Fannie Mae’s Credit Enhancement Transaction System upgrades legacy technology, eliminates manual work, and improves data quality and reliability. It has supported the company’s pursuit of a 10% reduction in monthly operational processing cycle time, 83% reduction in functional release time, and 260% increase in credit risk transfer deal capacity. Click here to learn more.


AECOM - iLabor, a digital platform for submitting online labor correction forms, designed to reduce time and manual paper work

Click here to learn more.


Cognizant Technology Solutions - Digital Transformation - Smart Intake

Cognizant Smart Intake COE’s mission is to significantly reduce manual efforts through automation by converting all kinds of data and documents into machine-readable formats with help of type/hand-written recognition, machine learning, image enhancement, language translation & AI tools, thereby solve for intake challenges faced by different practices in order to deliver significant savings for the business. Click here to learn more.


Cognizant Technology Solutions - OrgaCTS - Digital Transformation - Digital Finance in Cognizant

Cognizant’s Digital Finance provides an ecosystem to perform process reimagine, intelligent automation, analytics, ERP optimization and Platform Solutions being supported by process excellence, risk and regulatory compliance and deep industry domain knowledge. It creates a business value by implementation of leading practices, repeatable processes and uniform service levels leading to superior customer experiences and positive business outcomesClick here to learn more.


Conrad Industries Inc - How a 100-Year-Old Embroidery Manufacturing Company Digitally Transformed From a Paper-Based Operations

Conrad Industries, dba A-B Emblem, is a custom manufacturer and distribution company that produces emblems, patches, and insignia for companies around the world. Over the last year Conrad has delved into a full digital transformation revolutionizing their business from the inside out. Click here to learn more.


Refinitiv (Financial & Risk) - Project Genesis- Digital Transformation at Refinitiv

Refinitiv’s Project Genesis sought to streamline operations, digitize and automate processes, create a high-performing sales culture, and ultimately improve customer experience. Genesis achieved these goals with a combination of cutting-edge and traditional methodologies and, in 2018, realized benefits such as six-fold improvement in delivery times, and 70% more order accuracy. Click here to learn more.


Bank of America - Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to deliver Digital Transformation

The Chief Technology Organization supports Bank of America’s technology operations, and launched a program to enable responsible growth and drive operational efficiency. The program successfully optimized the operating model, reduced the volume and duration of technology incidents, increased automation and productivity and ultimately reduced the cost of the bank’s technology. Click here to learn more.


Intrigo Systems - Demand and Supply Optimization SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) at Blue Diamond Growers


MetLife - MetLife Entry for Best Achievement in Operational Excellence to Deliver Digital Transformation

MetLife is reimagining the U.S. Short Term Disability claimant experience by initiating a program that analyzes claims in real time. Enabled by a robust engine of analytical models, the innovative solution segments and analyzes all claims received, with eligible claims being automatically adjudicated in real time. Click here to learn more.


Kimberly-Clark - At Kimberly-Clark, the world is our office

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Project - Best Achievement in Technology Enabled Process Automation

Cognizant Technology Solutions - Technology Enabled Process Automation in Cognizant Digital Operations

Cognizant has successfully applied analytics embedded automation to over 1600 processes associated with 130 customers in multiple industry service lines leveraging variety of solutions – RPA, AI/ML at an enterprise scale. This has helped our customers ensure promises made by the front office can be delivered by the middle and back-office. Click here to learn more.


Caesars - Caesars Nomination - Best Achievement in Technology Enabled Process Automation Award

Caesars Entertainment has multiple machine learning/AI initiatives recently completed as part of a larger project to automate and improve processes. We highlighted two of these efforts that were very value and EBITDA accretive to the company. Click here to learn more.


IBM - Improving Sales Win Rates with Cognitive Modeling and Process Automation

The Smarter Cognitive Opportunity Recommendation Engine (SCORE) engine uses AI techniques that allow it to learn from sales data and operational feedback from IBM Sellers, partners and clients to recommend the optimal business partner to receive each lead, and facilitate the lead passing to the partner as appropriate. Click here to learn more.


HP - Digitizing Finance

HP Inc. Finance and IT teams collaborated to build a world-class Robotics Process Automation program. This program had a significant material impact on all core areas of HP’s Finance operations, including timeliness, cost efficiency, compliance, and quality. The program also notably enhanced HP’s employee experience at work. Click here to learn more.


University Health Network - UHN Learner Registration Program

The UHN Learner Registration Program has used process automation to improve the efficiency for our learners (clinicians), to get access to systems to enable safe patient care.  Prior to automation, it took approximately 4 days to get access to our Electronic Patient Record; it now takes less than 7 minutes. Click here to learn more.


Mastercard - Mastercard Automation Program Delivers Valuable Process Efficiency

Mastercard’s Global Business Services Center created a powerful end-to-end automation solution leveraging RPA and Cognitive AI. These innovative solutions have automated manual and repetitive activities to promote quality, efficiency and productivity for enhanced business outcomes - creating 10 FTE of capacity and freeing up resources to focus on higher value work. Click here to learn more.


Digitate - TCS - Transforming two Retail Giants in North America using a Cognitive platform


VMware Software India Pvt Ltd - VMware Skyline TM- Proactive Model for Customer Support

VMware SkylineTM is a proactive support service aligned with VMware Global Services (GS), which is a customer facing Business unit within VMware. These services automatically and securely collect, aggregates, and analyzes product usage data which proactively identifies problems and helps VMware TSEs in issue resolution thereby improving issue resolution time. Click here to learn more.


MetLife - Entry for Best Achievement in Technology Enabled Process Automation

MetLife is transforming how it does business by leveraging robotics process automation to automate simple, rules-based tasks.  These improvements have resulted in more timely and accurate claim decisions by claim professionals and, as a result, their time can be spent providing customers with better, more human service.  Click here to learn more.


Labor Finders International Inc -You’re Hired- How Labor Finders Utilized BPM to Digitally Transform its Electronic Employment Application Process and Enable Process Automation

How Labor Finders Utilized BPM to Digitally Transform its Electronic Employment Application Process

Labor Finders, processing upwards of 120,000 employment applications per year, leveraged BP Logix Process Director for its technology-enabled process automation initiative.  With an innovative deployment, Labor Finders was able to achieve significant financial and operational results with an end-to-end business transformation that has ensured its relevance in a rapidly changing business landscape where operational agility is key. Click here to learn more.


VMware software India ltd - RPA- Contract Updates due to Partner Merger

Robotic Process Automation at VMware enables its employees to set their minds and time free to ‘Think and Innovate’ by automating repetitive and rule-based tasks. RPA was leveraged in M&A to update over 250,000 contracts due to Partner merger which helped save 41,667 manhours with net savings of $293K. Click here to learn more.

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Project - Best Operational Excellence project under 90 days

McCormick Distillery - Using No-Code Apps to Streamline Age-Old Operations

McCormick Distilling’s search for a low code software to handle many of their antiquated business practices still on paper or through an email chain led them to implement Kintone.  Since then McCormick Distilling has built numerous applications through Kintone, streamlining their processes. Click here to learn more.


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan - BCBS Michigan Medicare Advantage Member Attribution

Through a Kaizen event, BCBSM improved the process of aligning members to Physicians in its Medicare Advantage Plan.  Within 8 weeks, attributions for 14% of members were corrected, enabling proper physician payments of $60 million across 6 programs, and improving relationships with members and physicians. Click here to learn more.


Caesars - Nomination - Best Operational Excellence project under 90 days

Delivered Sporks Books in MI and NJ in less than 8 weeks turnaround time (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act was repealed May 14, in less than 90 days Caesars opened 2 New Jersey sports books on 7/30 and 8/1, and 2 in Mississippi on 8/13 and 8/20 ). Click here to learn more.


Comcast West Division - Comcast West Division's WiFi Day

Seamless WiFi service experiences result in strong customer experience Net Promoter scores (NPS). In contrast, with just one WiFi service issue, NPS scores drop quickly. Comcast’s West Division Customer Experience teams created “WiFi Day,” to give employees the knowledge to get every customer’s WiFi service right the first time. Click here to learn more. - How Operations helped make a $29 million donation come to life

On March 27, 2018, applied $26 million to all classroom projects bringing more than 35,000 classroom projects to life. Teachers across America woke up to find their projects funded. This is the true story of how came together to make this happen. Click here to learn more.


IBM - Financial Performance Dashboard

Designed, developed and released in a 6-week period, the IBM Financial Performance Dashboard allowed finance teams to streamline the creation and consumption of key financial performance metrics and to accelerate evidence-based decision making across the IBM management system. Click here to learn more.


VMware software India ltd - License Deployment Queries Reduction

In VMware, the Global Compliance Services Organization in conjunction with Install Base Services and External Auditors identify and mitigate revenue leakage risks occurring due to unaccounted deployments by customers. This Project was undertaken to drive efficiencies in delivering accurate Install Base Reports for a seamless Audit completion and thereby reducing the time-sensitive queriesClick here to learn more.

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Personality - Operational Excellence CEO of the Year Award

BrightSpring Health Services - Jon Rousseau

At BrightSpring Health Services, Jon Rousseau has reshaped a company with a longstanding history of serving vulnerable populations and leads a transformation that repositions it as a leader in health care and home health – expanding to include not only nonclinical services, but clinical capabilities in hospice, neurorehabilitation, autism and pharmacy. Click here to learn more.


DBA HOPE At Home Health Care - Christine Bartel


Matt Rocco, President and CEO, Etech Global Services

Matt’s style of servant leadership echoes through Etech and creates a unique feeling of family that is rare to find inside such a large corporation. Matt has built a unique team of trusted leaders who serve the Etech team of over 3,000 employees, and the 8 global locations.   

“I am so humbled and honored to receive this recognition.  While it may be my name on the award, it is Etech’s 3,000+ team members who deserve this recognition and award”says Etech’s Matt Rocco, President and CEO. Click here to learn more.


Nintex - Eric Johnson


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Personality - Operational Excellence Outstanding Leader of the Year Award

Aflac US - Virgil Miller

Virgil Miller, chief operations officer of Aflac U.S., president of Aflac Group, wanted to build upon Aflac’s strong customer service reputation. This required driving operational excellence across the entire customer journey, ensuring the customer is at the center of all decisions. His strategy generated greater innovation, customer satisfaction and profitability. Click here to learn more.


Cognizant Technology Solutions - Somendra Jayaram

Somendra Jayaram (Som) leads all the Operations Excellence programs and initiatives in CDO. Som has been able to drive immense change in CDO over the past three and half years since taking over the Process Excellence function. He has brought an End to End perspective to Operations excellence in CDO - from Transitioning the business process, set up, scale up and finally digitally transforming the business process to ensure world class delivery to the customers. Click here to learn more.


Cisco - Alex Goryachev

Alex Goryachev, Cisco’s Managing Director of Innovation Strategy is the catalyst for Cisco’s internal and external co-innovation efforts. Alex has demonstrated success growing internal innovation by providing employees at all levels, across all disciplines, the opportunity to share their big ideas and obtain the support needed to bring them to life. Click here to learn more.

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Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry Awards (BTOES19). March 18-22, 2019, Loews Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Orlando Resort®

It also hosts the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards, which showcase globally the most outstanding organizational achievements through the application of Operational Excellence programs.

The summits hosts a number of private forums for C-Level & Global corporate-level leaders as well as business unit heads.

With over 150 speakers, over 100 sessions, 12 Keynotes, 9 Track Themes, 5 parallel tracks, 60+ track sessions, 50 roundtable discussions, 20 Interactive Workshops, 6 Thought Leader Panels, 5 Leaders Boardrooms, 5 co-located events, the Industry Awards Program, Site Visits, 20+ hours of social networking including 2 gala cocktail parties, dinners, numerous group activities, this is the ultimate event to benchmark, network and drive Operational Excellence to the next level.

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BTOES19 Awards

There is a strong focus on Cultural Transformation, Customer Delight, Sustaining an Operational Excellence program, Need for end-to-end Business Transformation, Keeping up with new technologies/impact of digitalization and Leadership Buy-in & Understanding. We dedicated two tracks to advanced technologies, such as AI, Machine Learning, RPA, Predictive Analytics, Blockchain, Cloud infrastructure etc.

The agenda is designed to encourage active meaningful conversations though all day enhanced networking and interaction opportunities, including

  • All-day Refreshment & Themed Breaks

  • 1¼ Hour Hot Breakfast Networking Sessions

  • 1½ Hour Hot Plated Networking Lunches with Topic & Industry Sector focussed tables

  • 1½ Hour Roundtable Sessions by Topic & Industry Sector.

  • Keynote & Themes Panel Sessions

  • Hosted Welcome Receptions from 5.30pm

  • Expanded more lavish Awards Program

  • Newly launched Night Summit for attendees to meet after dinner


For more information or to discuss the summit in more detail please schedule a call below,

Click here to schedule a call.

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