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Customer Experience Excellence Live - A Virtual Conference



Table of Contents


CX- The Last True Differentiator


  • Strength of ‘Why’
  • The Disruptive Imperative
  • Customer Focus as a Market Differentiator
  • Customer Journeys
  • Process Mining
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What core skills are necessary to help your organization realize the optimal experience culture you aspire to?



  • Understand the importance of effective healthcare provider communication in creating a culture of excellence for our patients and fellow caregivers.
  • Learn, understand, and practice mindfulness/presence and its application in a healthcare setting.
  • Demonstrate communication techniques useful in building patient and team-based relationships.
  • Learn, understand, and practice skills to effectively and efficiently gather accurate information and jointly set an agenda.
  • Understand benefits and practice the skill of Appreciation.

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Using CX Journeys To Improve Operations and the Customer Experience

James Feldman-1

Journey mapping is from the customer’s external viewpoint (interacting with the company for various customer service needs), while the service map is an internal viewpoint (company provision of services for various customer needs).

A best practice customer journey map documents the major paths the customer uses to obtain service from the company, the various reasons customers interact with the company, gaps in the current delivery of customer service, best practices that should be kept and strengthened and most importantly, it should map and track customer health metrics that customers indicate are most important to them.

Once this journey is documented and mapped, then the current state and future state service maps can be constructed to determine how and how well the company is serving the customer including any service gaps that need to be filled. A well thought out customer journey...

1) Provides a comprehensive pictorial of the various paths the customer transits through to obtain service from the company.
2) Provides a great assessment of the current state of customer practices and customer health.
3) Provides a great assessment of the future (needed) state of the optimal way to provide customer service that would enhance the service quality level vs. current state.
4) Provides a gateway to be able to map out internal service pathways as well as to document existing gaps and opportunities in those pathways.

The top things you will learn by attending this presentation

  • What a customer journey map is and what it is used for.
  • What a customer service map is and what it used for.
  • How a customer journey map and a customer service map relate and map to each other
  • The business benefits of developing a best practice customer journey.
  • How to build a hierarchy of customer journey maps such that a customer service map is a natural outcome of the customer journey mapping process.

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Creating positive customer experiences with Chat and Voice Bots leveraging Intelligent Automation

Mladen Milanovic

This session will cover the importance of voice and chat user interface bot design with contextual hand off to human in case of escalation.

We will describe what additional value can be added by leveraging Intelligent Automation technologies (RPA)

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Gain a new perspective on your processes

Richard Rabin

For most businesses, Process Mining is done for the sake of incrementally improving business processes. And while process efficiency is important, the data you mine can be put to greater use. When applied correctly, process intelligence makes a big impact on your customer experience.

Process Intelligence provides visibility and control of your processes. This extends even if processes are distributed across tools or platforms. Bringing your data together removes friction so you can provide a smoother experience for everyone involved.

Process Intelligence can greatly improve the customer journey. Watch this session to see how the generated process model can improve your business by:

  • Making your processes work faster
  • Monitoring and reacting to process exceptions in real time
  • Predicting and solving issues before they become problems

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Customers are the Real Stakeholders for Customer Excellence

James Sinur

  • Identify the Faux Stakeholders for Customer Excellence
  • Ways to Involve the Real Customer
  • Promote Customer Results as a Priority

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Emotional intelligence and empathy- The key to uber immersive user experience

Jason Ruda

COVID-19 changed the way our world works. Instead of face-to-face encounters, patients were forced to engage with their healthcare providers through a phone or computer screen. Telehealth and telemedicine is the new normal. Compassion and caring were already important to patients and now even more so in this digital age. In the age of consumerism, healthcare organizations must operate like any other industry and learn to engage patients in an empathetic and understand way to maintain and enhance the digital patient experience.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a strong understanding of patient experience in the age of COVID-19.
  • Understand how empathy can influence the patient experience.
  • Learn effective ways to express compassion, empathy, and caring through a screen.


Leverage data and analytics for outstanding customer experience


Implementing customer-centric culture and employee engagement to achieve excellent customer advocacy in the remote world


Discovering Growth through your Customer Needs and Priorities

Jim de Vries

  1. The Customer Experience Marketplace
  2. Building Proactive Customer Life Cycle Accounts to Drive Growth
  3. Simple but Powerful Ways to Align your Performance (Variance-to-Want)
  4. Enabling the Voice of the Customer
  5. Customer Loyalty – Building Trust 


Improving the Customer Experience with Automation


Transform your customer’s experience with end-to-end automation that goes beyond the contact center. Whether a customer seeks help online, in a store or branch office, or with your back office staff, UiPath enables organizations across industries to automate the entire customer journey.

Join Brad Beumer and UiPath customers as they discuss the following: 

  • Zero-touch customer experience to reduce call volume and improve first contact resolution 
  • Automate follow-ups and handoffs to decrease customer wait times and improve customer satisfaction
  • Gain insights with customer journey analytics

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