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September 14, 2021

Customer Experience Excellence Live - SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT: Leverage data and analytics for outstanding customer experience

Courtesy of Singapore National Employers Federation's Stephen Yee, below is a transcript of his speaking session on 'Leverage data and analytics for outstanding customer experience' to Build a Thriving Enterprise that took place at the Customer Experience Excellence Virtual Conference.

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Session Information:

Leverage data and analytics for outstanding customer experience

Session Transcript:

The Executive Director of SNEF, as a half, he'll be presenting today, leveraging data and analytical tools for customer experience.

Steven E is an experienced Deputy Executive Director with demonstrated history of working in a non-profit organization, management industry.

These skilled in strategic planning, go to market strategy, organizational development, sales management, digital literacy, and business strategy.

He has a Master's Degree focus on MSC project management from University of Adelaide.

And on the in the world down under I think.

And he will be sharing on leveraging data and analytics to address the customer experience in a challenging pandemic world strafing audit logs taking on a lot, Steven.

Well, it's off to Steven. It's all yours, buddy.

Thanks, Jay, Thanks a lot, and welcome, everyone here is really make not Singapore Now.

I was just keep myself awake, OK, Let me just end on my slides.

Oh, OK. Can you see my slides? Yeah. We're also asking, OK, thank you, Thank you.

Now, the topic today is leveraging data and tools to identify valuable business opportunities, drive these issues, and even to the extend off innovate products, OK?

Let me just start to look at the definition of data and analytics, I think it's a very important.

They often than not, we tend to basically get ourselves and Tango OK. And a lot of companies have been talking about.

They use to analyze data, get into actionable insights, use data to make better leashes, and even collect relevant data to generate value.

Again, the thing about all of this, but, again, the: How your school, your data going to be, and what are you really use it for? And, and, basically, to look at what has happened, happening anywhere for that matter, like, vehicle to happen.

So, the only thing that I would like to basically focus on Phil is, let me see, I bought my slides, oh, sorry.

Now is that you need to somehow organize that data, clean it, and put it in a very ..., you can be presented to this, you should make us. I think all of us are struggling with that.

If we are doing it for the first time, OK, don't worry about that. Get, tossed out bags, getting better, more user friendly, and, again, never be this happen about how you get stuck.

Looking with the right partner technology, at least in Boston, and getting yourself tree in the era of data literacy. And we introduce to you a new term called data literacy. Just think that the time be any And I'll just defined SQL alone.

Now, let me just move on.

We can possibly be solving for essentially challenges using our own method of thinking and frameworks.

You can look at these comics to kill, you will help you understand and we service the needs to look at very data driven decisions and how it really well and impact our DC. Shows a, subplot the data.

I think that is highly, highly important.

Let me just move on to the next area.

This is the transformation I think this is not a very not a new term to all of you here, OK?

Now, the pandemic has definitely accelerate the digital transformation and it has actually scaled up in that manner whereby the report shows US 1000 billion updating DTP, my year 20, 35 in asset.
Now, situation is Singapore is not that good in the year.

20, 20, which is last year, we have a lot down in April. All the way to do it's almost two months OK. But let me just use them Call Circuit breaker EV.

If I get to mentioned a lot circuit breaker is basically not only essential services can be run during that period.

Now, yes, the World Bank, we want also reported that the assembly, the economy is not fully utilizing.

all I have not really obviously got though in fact Kobe making it so, so, soon In fact, it has the stops and then they accidentally it has also speed up a lot of digital transformation and implementation you said then companies get it.

Stephen Yee.What ever set this up talking about small latch, you namely, the effect of the small and mid-size or the one good?

Doing very well in Singapore, OK? Especially, to happen to the cross over some form of stages of digital transformation.

Now, the lack of talent skill, a Nike, continues to be the problem: It will flow into the post ..., and, again, reason is very simple. You will look at the future of work. The future scales. We are talking about the scale of the new sets of skills. In fact, the feature of what, ...

Every 18 months, somehow, we'll lose 30 to 40% of skews, and we need to pick up the new ones. If not, we can get upset obsolete.

That, recently, is that more and more job tasks will be automated, OK?

Regardless of what profession effect the vendor, we wish to get it to assess the data, the accounting, the solar array, even the doctors were worried about the use of telemedicine and so on.

So everybody panicked, and what really creeps into organization is this The current data driven by data comes almost like your currency.

And again, the big question about usually big Data, to Analyze phase, and everybody's looking at each other. If I fully digitize my stop, a lot of my data is still in the present moment.

So, how do I get it into the system?

And it's not, you will not be able to get the full picture of what is happening and not the first shot off dimension that that even more data, not clean, not place, whereby it gives you, establish the garbage out.

So those are the things that the data scientists will tell you, that that half the time, they had to look at the data and so on.

Now, what is theta two is all about making data and ethics part of the whole business strategy, system processes and to the extent of the culture developing a data culture within an organization.

Now, that is important and it is creeping into many organizations. And also, data driven organizations do not depend on just IT.

In fact, it is the decentralized that the data is owned by the user, the Batman, the IT guy. He's the one that buys that you've brought up, bill, the storage and so on.

So, data come so, very important thing that is with the users, and how do we really make use of the capturing of the data is important as well.

OK, now, let me just move on to the next area.

Oh, I think this is a typical thing that you see that pops up, wow.


Why 60 to 85% of a digital transformation fail, is it has to do with the technology, all due to the panelists, which is selecting data, literacy skills. I actually agree, it is our third wave people.

In fact, a lot of times, when all the nineties, as fast to implement technology, they often are not forget about the people. The people skills is a negative.

But then you need to make sure that, again, are the people adequately trained data literacy skills? The features of that technology.

And the purpose behind it, I think the earlier speakers, when it talks about technology, and nanotech styles and so on, the use of Technology.

Net Member Network, the dimension of people, I think, people forced upon us. So, what they're trying to do here is to make change management here.

We need to manage it, sure, that the people come.

So, now, if I send that to not really, I believe, that technology will take over the human beings, but, rather the human race, the sac, what technology to be use as an enabler.

And to what extent the technology We embrace on ..., robotics, all of the robotics process Automation, We decide what we want to basically automate, especially the very good book we set the most. People do not really like it.

This way, a great lush automation can really happens, OK, if today your job involves a lot of the past, my only suggestion is that please ...

to do the other part, which is the abstract kind of cool example CEOs customer facing.

When you need to also embrace the empathy skills, which I gave Jason has mentioned earlier on, in his presentation, these are things that Always with me, and a squared plus X, OK, so, we have to really think of how to give up our routine job tasks, OK, to automation, and, again, we use that. To false stuff's, OK, now, again, data Literacy comes into the picture as well, OK, now, I said that in the Q&A later on.

Btog CTANow, let us look at a few case study, I did not want to bore you with all the technical terms and so on.

But I just want to get my message across that, at the end of the day, how important it is to use data and tools. How do you bridge that in the business? At the end of the day, is, still, basically, you, our ask them, up, with good customer experience, getting pavement, your business into the new areas, OK. You can continue to serve your customers and get into a bigger spectrum of your charts. Now. I'm going to cover three case study. one was just a robot company.

one thing up our company and the I didn't want to Singapore, implies speculation how we do it as well. We're not spam. Though we are a non-profit organization sound out that the pandemic has Chile.

Transform us or rather, for that matter, without being forced to transform to basically self aisle members and customers at lunch.

Now, you take a look at delivery.

I think this is on a knife with the company founded by a single origin.

And ready London itself.

OK, I don't think I need to mention much about then, but again, if you look at it, it outbreaks in 200 locators across many continents.

It's all set at that in those countries.

Now it's got the first largest social surveys class and then introduce an alumni.

What happened during the circuit breaker, the circuit breaker here at the block now in Singapore lazio.

It basically saw an average 20% increasing order every month between February to April.

That's where we start to get to very serious infections, and the mind, more of this other degree happens, and they basically have 700 new restaurants sign up with that from onto the platform In late January, OK, everybody get into panic state, the type of immune cells from visiting the restaurant to eat the release date basically make use of deadly service, OK? Now, how do they cope with it, with the increase in on those, and merchants coming on board that system.

Basically, David Enterprises, OK, they need to basically train up the right this, how to use the applications and to cope with the demands. They basically looked at how to capitalize the data that they have, and how to basically set the algorithm, the system, to basically what Mom effectively to know whether location of the writer. And try to pick all of those that are more meaningful by certain routes, a route. So that there isn't necessary to travel.

And the write back and basically the bird flu to the customers on time and release schedule so they can move on to the next order. So they basically make use of love the data the day and then I stayed and reboot. And basically, that's how they do it. Obviously, that's the part that you love, the rider, on the data literacy training, and so on.

So these are things that basically, they look at it using data, and that takes, now let me to basically, it should get to customers oh!

Receive the goods on time, in an orderly manner.

And also later on, they basically developed a platform, so that it is even more customer centric, and this is important now.

And not a company, stands by six founded in 2016, like Jason, Singapore, Brain, well known that few months.

Uh, the interesting part of it is that this company has never never occur in that alphabet wow for 201422020.

And it's during the circuit breaker lockout period that mister Lee, the founder himself, has realized that the only way to reach to discuss them is to go on to a digital solutions and what did that?

They basically look at how to put in all that data into a battery management system, make use of the e-commerce web development software, have to drill down to the details.

Looking at search engine optimization to, in order to put the company at the highest .... do research I do?

Now what happened is the problem is that ace initially, he has no other. It cannot reach the customer. So with the digital transformation, you see said 35% job in the annual sales.

Even better than we used to be.

The company actually embarked on the customer journey by providing when it was a nice surveys.

And again, looking at the experience on the stall, using AI as well. So what happened here is that it is collecting data by the day from the outlet, so on, by using, the e-commerce tries to reach out to the customers. And what happened is that, when you pick up from the source, it is basically a pickup stop, OK.

So they no longer rely on Joaquin customers anymore but basically get the savvy Roi of customer customers order.

And again, I think customers are able to go on to the to the website, and talk to box, OK, who's a robot in nature? And basically they show videos of the sand and do all kinds of things.

And basically, that's how they meet a sow's. Gaff pretty good put out.

So it's quite an innovative way, doing things.

I personally have not tried it, but what happened is that one of the clients out there that actually deliver the solutions, as you told me, it is a fantastic day that they had never seen before. And Jesse Maggie.

This company had never, never get on to teach the bank record pitfall.

And during that period, they have decided to movie and together with their styles. And the technology patna.

And within that short period, up about six months, they basically get themselves in the rat shape in order, not only the lead allardice. But to also give the customer and experience that they had never seen before. Just imagine, all these customers used to go to a store and buy three goods, they smell that antibiotics. And now he's able to even operate on the wet with a different experience.

Event Email Graphic Virtual Conferences (17)-4And obviously, with theory or the SQL, so you no longer need to basically do repeat orders by going to the store anymore and again, that business has also extended it into the region as well. So if you ask me, Kobe, Nike, has basically swell.

It's a lot of things for this.

Gentlemen, will never never live, actually embark on a digital transformation, somehow, a slowest by second second chances that she needs to do that.

And, and I think, he has made the right choice. If you ask me, yes, it's a successful model, but, behind it, it's all the style.

And, again, looking at data X two, basically, look at the customer's needs, a set to segregate the sectors, and different market access. Yeah.

Now, let me just share a little bit about the campaign at the organization that I work with.

Basically, Singapore National Employs Federation, We started that our history is about 40 overhears, OK, they might just do associations, trade unions into their finances and probably a federation and we are a non-profit organization. We represent the interests of employers.

Our income stream basically comes from membership.

Today, the major revenue actually comes from trading.

So, it's almost three the ratio of one, OK, and, and we also offer Consultancy Service.

And we basically look at survey the employees in HR data relations in those areas.

You may ask me, what happened to my members?

And even for that, met the price at last my customers, because two D training.

So, Monday, Justin Bamberg, we also serve non members, who comes to us, but think.

So, we started off looking at a beat the beat of what we call it digital transformation.

In 2019, we put an endorsement on ... Digital.

Now, what places where we believe flexible arrangement can happen, and also a little bit of what we call e-learning, OK, not virtual learning, It didn't get to us like that, during that time.

So, we tree in a shady snap Nikita is still make sure that we go digital, automate whatever bouquet. And, the same time, we encourage customers to embark on digital transformation.

They started off in the year 20162019, we basically get it up in terms of sap digital workplaces.

We're talking about strong advocacy, five years on flexible work arrangement, and also the learning. We started to do a little bit, e-learning, it didn't really pick up.

Traditionally, a lot of people still wants to come to face in person training, all we call face-to-face training.

Now, what happened the ring?

That pin them into the trendy OK?

Obviously, we have all the log data set that happens in many countries, in our case, too, minds up, not now, And in between the year 20, 22 this year. Katy Perry, Why?

We have a series of tightening managers now and then, such as, we have to go down on a Phase two, heightened alert, and so on. And again, if we look at it, the traditional way of training would not happen.

In when, when the lokpal happens in April, basically, our public customers have nowhere to attend training. In fact, it caught up with China on that door. And phones, we operate from home.

Every customer see the Button Fama other training.

So at that point in time we just get to know about this for that Club soon.

To be frank, we started using Zoom one year ago integer or whatnot. But it wasn't that busy. We use it for overseas meetings, and so on, connecting to our partner, and finish, the hours like that.

So, here, in April 2020, we're fast, are asked to pick up a skill causal together without a between us who are associates. We have about 40 stop being the capulet Lending Center.

We all learned the software called Zoom Within a Day and is still not good enough. And we ran into a body system. We start to rule out.

I will first show them the training three weeks from they're locked out and we basically got everybody. We'll work as a team.

And that's how we actually get our things moving, then start to analyze our data that we had, which are the popular causes.

We tried to pick up data and analyze, and in the end, about 1.5 months, we managed to get Hybrid calls us online, OK, based on the data that we collect, Andy, we got more data from my members, predominantly, I will go at that point, and that is to set our member states, and, and we use that to basically, later, expanded to non members should match.

Now, you may also wonder, you also, as upset, we can be working for the last five years, advocating to employers and brought you out. That that's available arrangement and you then, to the extent we even want to do it for our own department carpet. Lending Center might direct them lifestyle.

But tell me, it is impossible to operate but here comes the ..., it pleases everybody to low from both operate from home, new training from low, facilitate a class runkle, you name it, and everything happens because of that.

So, that's where I think it really quite a miracle. But I will say that we basically not only change the mindset of people moving, but also looking at our data and start to analyze it.

Those data, we do not really have fantastic data, but it's good enough for us to make certain decisions.

And likewise, in botany, that we are able to continue to provide that cost them a service, that we all the wildlife, that we have to maintain Refined Roy's members. In fact, it love it so much that today, my members asked me, can you can watch any online? Now, it's in the year 20 20, 21, the Fitbit that they still, we call hybrid learning, whereby southern portions of it, we do face to face, because it's a golf ball. We still allow some face to face on a smaller scale.

Screenshot (4)So we do a mixture of debt so that, so that we can basically navigate else out between the hyphen and let end to end and low data phases whereby a small deep rule, OK, now you may ask me also.

We basically looked at our data, we looked at our work.

Oh, feedback from our customers, everybody rush into into a big migration of stop all, the different pool and every company gets into a panic stay. They do not know how to basically advise that, sap and OPIC and basically we formulate those into advisories and guidelines to have companies.

two Basically, manage desktop, looking from above. So we do all these two webinar, Zoom Webinar and engage our members as well, not to be fine.

We also use Microsoft, my thesis.

Well, reason being is that these are the two dominant putting apps, I mean, uh, which is commonly used in Singapore.

Now then you may ask me, Steve, but what do the consultancy?


We have conversation with the Customer List audio for us, that they didn't really work that well.

So we've been on a virtual platform, like Zoom or Microsoft meetings in order to continue with the consultancy work that they have stopped. Doing solid this, what's up, and see what. Basically, tapping into government grants and this deadline to meet. So we do all this using virtual platform coaching session mentoring session.

We do something like what we're doing now over a platform like this, and whereby the shadowing of jobs we basically were still had to do it on site.

But again, as much as possible, the last part of the world is basically, and online, OK, no.

OK, we also did a selfie. OK, with the together.

with the Association, of the small and medium sized enterprises, and also together with the Microsoft survey on the SME digital transformation, in the year 20 20.

What we found out is a lot of the time, projects feel digital transformation field, in which the data analytics stopped possible, is only 456% points of high cost, the lack of the digital skill look flaws, and again, and so on.

You can look at it and not having the right partner. Those are very crucial, OK.

Today, I think the high cost, basically, it's not the main reason, and the fact that we stop, just stop to small and medium enterprises, Everybody knows that, they had to do transformation at these ...

Singapore, but then the question is that, why is it that, uh, the management views that they will feel is because I think the fact, that, right, technology patna.

And for that matter, having a scout desktop to the skill digital. So we embarked on a project last year to basically train as many.

And broadly as possible to the employers in terms of digital skills.

I just wanted to share with you, this is basically from malware report on that that how to move towards a data driven company. And it doesn't happen overnight.

But that has to do with the culture. And the six Presuppose. OK, so don't run before you can walk. So please do it in like Sacks.

So also, a white spec at D choose regularly.

Basically, it means is that don't get accepted. To. Maybe make it simple. And then, and, and max X I think that's it.

Now, they saw, without fail point number three, design, task optimize that require often not copy extent to bypass a lot and never do a good design stage and advocacy and optimizing to get it implemented.

It becomes a mash up of the whole day.

The fine basically is that a full without to we've got to do a full many. many is that. Please do train other people.

You need to ask you that. So I think that is involved in this thing, Upload that fortunate, that the government to support in terms of a lot of training.

follow-up training runs. But, again, today, a lot of this information is readily available on the web, the free webinar, and this you do a Google search.

You can basically get loss of inflammation.

My suggestion is that the soft learning, it is and in Boston take this life long learning, it is live and imitate. So, where it's not possible to obtain a cos, I do understand that something can be passed to meet the availability of. A training provider is not there.

Basically, especially gatlin today, than that, you can get lots of information.

And please do share and work with your team, And I think the constant sharing sessions and working with the team, and getting into the culture of learning, and teaching each other, I think, goes a long, long way now.

Always remember, the data, You have to look into the details of it.

In fact, somebody was telling me about data literacy.

Please do listen and talk to your data.

When I was, first, we said that, just listen, and talk to the data. Seems to be that data is alive, and it's a human talking to you. So, this is things that you probably have to discovery the south and the data that tells you a certain story.

Yes, never, never.

Sit on it because times price and you'll never know that. Yeah, we'll pass very quickly.

OK, if we look at Kobe 90, the pandemic is almost coming to do yes for some of us and it doesn't seems to be stopping.

It gets into the rest farms and so on and we will have to really live a day and we need to build resilience at all. Same time to get her leaving with Kobe 90. I think that's important.

If you ask me into the kogi 90 era and this era is going to be a 3 to 5 years period, at least three years. The average should be about five years. Don't ask me how I get this prediction.

Like, OK, that's fine.

It will tell you that you are usually needs at least three years puppy an average movie 4 to five years for this to be completely out of our OK, OK. But again, learn how to live with it. I think that's important.

Now, lastly, I think if you need to contact me, my information is here.

My e-mail, D flip some TV, you've been to LinkedIn, we can get my interleaf ambition as well.

And, again, what's my button? is that. If you want to know law of the experience, they have gone to.

We go with the technology patna. How do we basically Ghana?

I'll start together and my associates, because we do have a lot of Association, associate, patmos, trainers, data, consultants that we work very closely with, to address all my employer needs out there. And we basically operate as a service provider.

Stephen Yee.OK, even though we're not Sony Buffalo profits in the year 20 20, we still meet little bit about this that we can share the style. And in the year 20 31, yes, it's going to be a very challenging job. But I think we can still share a little bit about fix, the surpluses with the staff. As well. So I think I would like to stop here.

And basically get me to the Q and A session.

All right, Stephen, thank you so much. Very practical.

Down there, walk the walk, talk the talk. What is what it is all about. I love it.

Fantastic presentation. Thank you. And thank you for staying up till midnight.

And now past midnight, obviously, to present it to us.

Thank you so much. Very, very well done.

So, yeah.

We have a few classrooms I'll start with.

Question how is the pandemic affecting the way your organization operates in terms of still a good level of customer experience and place OK.

Let me just share that, to be frank with the pandemics teachers, we must shop.

People shop the honest answer your shop, we will stand for a lot, OK? And we evaporate the first state. How do I continue to sell my members?

OK, we didn't even tell about the customer experience We will say how do we continue to do what we used to do where we ran briefings in gatherings OK and hopped out and so on so that we we we we tried to locate so yes, we discovered ..., and I tell you when we first do the first web page.

I've got my half of my employers not knowing how to use it.

OK, OK, and they all get into technical problems, so we come up with a Chemical hotline to get into, into a problem. How can you mean those empathy statements that Jason just mentioned, my goodness half of the comedy.

Copyright law do not know what to do.

And the magisterium part of it is?

Is that Some of the customers, security system, just don't allow them to get onto that LinkedIn.

So everybody is struggling with it, so a lot yesterday.

Figure out, we come out with guidelines to teach people how to do it. And energy. Can you imagine? I'm trying to run this Webinar a big one that talks about how did we have to do half an hour legislation? And actually, the register S is not registration a strapless UP.

OK, fetches. We open up many sessions, info we activate the whole team.

Call this line, we will work with the technology people to do auto update, and we practically get through that morphin off troubleshooting, teaching people on the spot.

OK, even though they have given out the guidelines Because later stage after YC, I know you wouldn't be tied to put all these together and get it to the customer, has some really, yes, they're successful.

Nevertheless, I think that's important, is that we managed, over time, about two weeks to get everybody accustomed to it. And then, how to do it? and the best part of it, they fall in love.

And I think today fall, for a bigger platform like that, I can update all of you in, in the morning. and I'm also in the money, but McKnight morning. You know, it isn't, and, and we can talk so freely, no longer.

Uh, bounded by law does explore the less and mm hmm, and we can make more friends here and you share, and I think that's what the world needs to have. We need to have more friends.

We need to share more so that all of us learn together, hopefully, also, too, to get into prosperity and distantly leaving, all majority of this, OK, the businesspeople with the therapy.

OK, all right, so I have another question from our audience here, from Florida.

I'm going to try to paraphrase this, because it's a little bit political, but I don't want it to be poor.

But, in the US, no, the way that we've done our lock down, is much different than in Singapore.

In Singapore, I think it's much stricter, as far as moving around and meeting in groups and mask and so forth.

Um, but, it does relate to unemployment, right?

This locked down, and the linkage between unemployment.

The training that you provide, the support that you provide, how how did you guys find a balance between unemployment, which is, in the US, linked to mortality rates?

The more unemployed you have, the greater your mortality rate is and with the locked out, causing unemployment has has Singapore proactively addressed anything in this area, and that was the question, I believe.

OK, do I think we should be asking a single blog. I'm going to answer a question with regards to this, OK? Now.

Let me just share a little bit how we work closely from the end.

Representation wave, the government, the Singapore government, and even the biggest employee union resist lesser tricks. You compress example which we call it the Singapore HR.

Now, no, I totally agree that no the a pandemic has cost.

Love, unemployment, businesses, wind down, and so on.

We're not. The only good thing about A Singapore and not US. You guys up big continent.

If I want to enter data and you're talking about traveling in the data a few hours on the plane, now we are small, OK.

But, again, we have limited resources.

The first thing that we do when dynamics thesis, we look at what that thing lacks. I think that's the first thing we look at, the lives and then we talk about black people.

I think these things, I remember it for live lives and livelihoods, OK, first and foremost, you need to make sure that be safe, People are safe to work.

Again, this is important, OK, We had to ensure that our health care system, OK, basically address it.

So I think we make all the necessary ..., and with no choice in April last year, that we need to have locked out to slow down the infection rate.

Now, what happened during this period, in fact, in February last year, the government had decided to actually do six budget within a year, six budget, within a year, where it employs different aspects of it. 1 by 1, and only budget that really hits the heart of it is called an environment.

It is basically to offer internships, OK, 80% funded by the government capped at $3000.

Singh dollars and employers just pay 30%. So what happened is that for those companies who are still really in need of manpower, they will take this from the Bible whereby they will be out in and let them for a year through an internship. I'll be Connie Attachment, where they will have a job, music, wildlife, a job. The individual will get a salary of 3000, 80% funded by the government, 50% paid by the employee, So we submit that, We look out a $3000 savvy.

The employee just had to pay 600, OK, month. A year.

But I guess my feet over won't be, OK, to have to work to reduce the rate of people without a job, and that will cause a social unrest.

So we actually offer it almost about hiring 20,000 jobs out there, and soon received a number used to be in Singapore contest, Henry, the Pupil thousand, without a job, or transit because of Bobby 19 or pandemic.

It's a serious matter, OK, so we will go on back, Then that gave me me asked me, what about those step. That's great.

That's just finished app education, maybe Barista diploma, holders of a university credit, we have what we call a trade issue.

for Graduates.

That also goes at the same model, we call it the SP United Traineeship and we have to make a real Because people what factor Magda pandemic and Yeah, I'll be looking for somebody or I started this company really cannot operate any further obviously. We do things that shocked the world we compare what we build, things that are gathered, leave and so on Which the many countries will do. They will reach a stage where it might be an idea.

Event Email Graphic Virtual Conferences (17)-4Cannot further continue then we were redeploy the school people into a career in tissue and getting more of those employers to ask you how to do it.

Because, Owen, over that period, oh, there are businesses out there for a C And they need manpower to do, OK? So, extra sheet that resets your services.

We basically did a very tight measure on going from cases to places. So, we need a lot of temperature because we need a lot of people trained to be, to be able to do testing the sops and OK. So, this way, I created the shots for a year.

And that is to not only create the job, but it also helps to ensure that we continue to do testing tracing.

And, obviously, now, we're talking about a very good fascination blue just in my D G vaccinations and they meet the customer service people other than the mesas and adopted. So, we create jobs in that area as well. So, yes, I think it may be temporarily for a year or so.

I think it is to get the cognitive participate in the same at a puppy, uh, living as a temporary job. Is it So, that's how we create jobs over time.

And we also created a lot of what you call current in order. We were basically by guest rooms, from the hot Alex.

For those that need to be on content or they'll, you know, we have visitors coming back, we have residents coming back, It need to be current dean for 14 days or 31 days, the Pentagon, which can be at that point time. Yeah? Obviously, it's a moment out, so we basically read it. But behind it is basically the government subsidizing the savvy.

So this how we manage to keep our unemployment rate down with that major step will be in place.

A lot of these are basically reserves that we need to draw on.

Again, I think we got a **** close all coming in to basically create temporary jobs to overcome this situation.

Yeah, that's my.

Goal perspective, I think, here, every country has different challenges at the charge of the challenges from one state in the US to another, let alone a country to country on the other side of the world. But, it's very interesting to hear what you've done in Singapore, your government has done, and how you manage this.

It's, that's tough for everyone, But, I think, no, Getting back to our topic here, you know, building this data literacy amongst the workforce.

This is a taking the advantage of this time to increase that data literacy for the workforce.

This is very, a unique opportunity to create new jobs that are very high paying jobs for the changing workforce.

So there's quite a bit of opportunity globally where there wasn't before. And there's training programs like you mentioned.

Like you mentioned earlier, there are training programs that are free that you can get up to speed that are not costly to create your new skills.

So this is truly more of a global opportunity workforce than we've ever had before.

So any do you have any closing comments students?

Yeah I think I just want to put it simply I think every country phase is the same problem of this pandemic.

The treatment will be very different in different countries.

But, the very fact that, uh, uh, the registration, the reserved at one entity, and these are the country, and, and so on.

But, I think we need, what is very interesting is that, S, all these technologies come see, we realize that we are collecting a lot these data in Nepal.

We basically rely on love these data to do Tracy, to detect where they pass this.

And, and that's a big theme at the back, looking at the, segregating the data, cleaning it, and analyzing it so that we can update that information. We can go to the Rach sauce to basically do another round of what we call state.

The mixed showed that we can be the infections that is a very interesting thing, when you're talking up up, data, analyzing a, visually, and making use of all the tools out there to basically do it.

So, I think, moving forward, uh, the world will become a data driven, if it's a matter of how we do it in, and please, please, do use it for the right of birth, and not for something that either. So, I just wanted to make that statement. And, It is going to be hopeful just a method that we all have to go through this difficult period.

I do understand, uh, get people who, who might be affected by day, but those who, who asked you, OK, Well, we have to lend a helping hand, and I take, the, two K, B should be able to be much stronger. I think that's important.

OK, that's all I wanted to share the audience, though I think some of the things are not very. Sometimes it's good to just share that so that it helps too.

Visualize the whole list of why we are doing data analytics, some practicality to everything on it. So, thank you so much.

As Steven turns, off his video, we'll wrap up today. Thank you, Stephen. Again, fantastic for dialog and discussion.

We are closing out today.

We want to thank Abby and Fluoroscopy Tandem Health and of course, Steven here and S NEF staff for their fantastic insightful presentations.

And of course, we want to thank our sponsors, ..., Abbey, and UI paths.

Tamara's lineup well kick off with NCC Group return, and his title was Implementing customer centric Culture and Employee Engagement to Achieve Excellence Customer Advocacy in the Remote World.

Then, next, I won't be speaking on discovering growth through your customer needs and priorities and then we'll close out tomorrow with the third presentation of the day.

There will only be three review I pass and Element Blue and Rogers' communications and they will be discussing improving the customer experience with automation.

Thank you so much for joining us today.

We hope that you found this beneficial.

All the as we sent out in the links in the chat.

All of the presentations are available on vetos website, so please, we welcome you to work with those at any time and provide feedback to the presenters, and I'll left there, their contact information at the end.

So, please do reach out to them, and if you do anything for me, know where to find me, I'll be here tomorrow morning.

Thank you so much, and have a great evening.


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