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Process Mining Live - A Virtual Conference

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Table of Contents


How to use a combination of process mining and automation to continuously discover, automate and monitor your business processes


McKinsey estimates that $3.6 Trillion of work is automatable (Developed Countries)*
But how do you go about finding that work?

Process Mining enables you to discover the best automation opportunities hidden within your processes. Our integrated process mining and automation solution help customers get from discovery to implementation, through to measurement, and back again.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn how to leverage process mining for better automation outcomes
  • Why process discovery from all angles accelerates the automation flywheel
  • See how organizations are putting this into practice

*Source: McKinsey Global Institute, “A Future that Works” –All US non-physical automatable wages, extrapolated to include Japan, UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Italy

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Process Mining and the Next Generation Enterprise


Insights from a leader in the space:

  • Evolution and Future of Tech
  • New Business Models and Platforms
  • Understand The Enterprise Digital Twin
  • Frontiers of Process Mining
  • Cybersecurity

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Adapting to support team excellence in a virtual workplace, and responding to the needs of an industry in transition


  • What is team excellence?
  • What are the opportunities presented by virtual collaboration?
  • How do we achieve continuous process improvement when the only certainty is change?

The COVID-19 Pandemic and resulting lockdown forced to change. We did not want a pandemic but we got one all the same. Our response to that change has shown us what is possible when virtual, and it has shown us what is important in general.

We have learned from the experience, and it is valuable to share those learnings in order to adapt and improve together. We need to ensure that we integrate best practices from our previous normal reality and our current virtual reality when we emerge into a new future possibility!

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Advancing Your Digital Transformation with Process Mining



Given today’s digital transformed world, new ways of working are shifting from physical to digital. This session will explore how your organization can make sense of the digital processes embedded within these newly established technologies using Process Mining.

Process Mining can not only uncover new ways to generate value by visualizing wasteful actions across your enterprise, but it can also act as a mechanism to incentivize and govern better practices. With thousands of end users, most organizations struggle to understand what is truly happening in their global technology platforms such as ERP, MES, and PLM.

It is time to lift the veil of these digital systems and uncover new levers to drive out waste in your organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • What Process Mining is and how it fits into an overarching Digital Transformation Vision
  • The Process Mining Vendor Landscape and current market trends
  • How Process Mining can uncover new insights to improve your operations
  • Why Process Mining is so important to incentivizing and governing better practices
  • Real life Process Mining use cases that have proven to show significant value
  • How to get started, the Process Mining framework

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Ready to embed process mining into your organization’s DNA? Start smart!


Learn how to start smart in your journey to embed process mining into the DNA of your organization. On your way to leveraging the full potential of the great technology of process mining, ARIS will take you through the three levels of maturity:

  • Level 1: Start with quick health checks of your processes with data snapshots in our completely free Elements edition.

  • Level 2: Raise your ambitions with Advanced by creating living processes with live data feeds of your end-to-end processes.

  • Level 3: Use the full potential of our technology to drive enterprise-wide process mining initiatives with Enterprise.

ARIS process mining provides you with the capabilities needed for success! Rest assured that ARIS won't leave you alone with the understanding you've gained – the integrated ARIS platform gives you all the capabilities to be in the driver's seat for a holistic transformation of your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to best start your process mining journey and grow with ARIS whenever you're ready.

  • Learn about ARIS Process Mining SaaS - which is just a few clicks away for a free evaluation.

  • See what's needed in addition to process mining to drive successful business transformation.


The Future of Process Mining


Recent acquisitions, and new product announcements will have a profound impact on the process mining market. How these changes may come about and how quickly could significantly impact what tools or vendors should be on your shortlist. But it is not just the vendor landscape that is changing, the scope, language and objectives of process mining are changing too. 

A vendor neutral session that will cover, among other topics:

  • What are the shifts occurring and What’s the impact?
  • Moving From Process Mining to Process Intelligence.
  • Process Mining as a Capability Not a Product.
  • Tasks, Processes and Journeys Are All Connected.
  • Looking to the Future.

If you have been investigating or evaluating Process Mining products, then this session will be a must watch, sure to be controversial, always inciteful Mark will blow away the cobwebs and see beyond any rose-tinted glasses.

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Improving Customer Experience Excellence using Process Mining


Join our discussion on how you can translate your CX/CE strategy into tangible results through strategic alignment of Customer strategy with operational processes. We will demonstrate and discuss our approach to delivering customer experience improvements and how the digital tool sets have evolved in this space.

The key takeaways from this discussion are as follows:

  • The Challenges of Delivering your CE/CX Strategy
  • Aligning Operations and CE/CX
  • Where C-SATs fall short
  • Process Mining for CX-Excellence
  • Order to Cash Customer Journey
  • Delivering Improvements – Real World Examples 


Project Portfolio Management in a Growing Company


For most organizations today survival depends on digital transformation and this need has been accelerated by the pandemic. Consumers have moved online, automation technologies are advancing rapidly and tech-based companies are threatening many market areas.

Most digital transformation projects fail and many of those that succeed struggle to move beyond the pilot stage. Radical, comprehensive, strategic change requires the commitment and participation of everyone, in organizations that have little experience of doing that. Business leaders need basic transformation processes to overcome this challenge.

This session outlines a simple framework for digital transformation success, using basic tools that facilitate organizational collaboration to develop a transformational vision, create a roadmap for its implementation and manage its execution. The session will provide an introduction to:

  • Creating a digital transformation vision
  • Creating a digital transformation roadmap
  • Integrating and implementing the roadmap
  • Leading digital transformation

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Reliability Centered Maintenance and Asset Connectivity


The ability to predict outcomes can prove to be a competitive advantage in any realm of life. Prediction, within the Maintenance community, is key to staying out in front of equipment failures. The importance of a clean source of data in order to identify trends and detect failure modes especially random failures is what keeps equipment available for use and reliable when in use.

The ability to collect data is an obstacle, especially in capital-intensive industries. The solution is an investment in a cloud-based operating system that, through sensors placed on specific components of equipment, will allow the transition of asset data into the ability to monitor and analyze that data that then is used to make inferences from.

These inferences then lead to the deployment of specific maintenance strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • The role that Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) plays within any industry is critical.
  • RCM is a systematic (data-driven) and standardized approach to define and execute routine preventive and predictive maintenance activities in order to maximize company assets ROIC and capacity through improved equipment availability & reliability and reduced operating and capital costs.
  • RCM relies on asset (equipment) data in order to make decisions as to what maintenance strategy to deploy such as preventive or predictive.
  • Many organizations who utilize RCM are not realizing the full-potential of it due to a lack of clean data from the assets (equipment) they are committed to manage.
  • Leveraging process mining to turn event data (equipment in a run state) into predictable outcomes drives many advantages for the organization such as staying out in front of equipment failure.

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Excellence & Innovation Acceleration: Value Creation in Times of Uncertainty and Rapid Change


In a disrupted world, how do you build a culture and practices where extraordinary innovation becomes ordinary? An organization that consistently delivers exponential leaders, growth and value creation.

The key ingredients to innovation acceleration are not what you see portrayed most often in the media. Great, enduring organizations know what it really takes to create and, most importantly, scale innovation during market disruptions.

We will explore how to blend disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations across all industries. 


Handle hidden cost while delivering value out of process mining


When is Process Mining a "Tool-of-Choice" and can we get more out of it than from legacy reporting?

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BPM Journey in a Construction Company, ECC Group, with Highlights on Process and Task Mining, Automation and Digital Transformation


The Construction Industry has its own characteristics that add more challenges for Business Process Management in general, and Process and Task Mining in particular. This session discusses the journey to introduce Business Process Management to a Construction Group of Companies, ECC Group.

It covers the special nature of the Construction Industry, the challenges, and the approaches to overcome them. In addition to the way, the infrastructure for Automation and Digital Transformation is being planned and built, starting from the Process and Task mining stage.

The session covers the following main points:

  • Main challenges faced and how they are linked to the special nature of the Construction Industry, with lessons learned.
  • How Project environment influences the architecture of Business Processes.
  • ECC Group approach for process and task mining and how it is linked to Automation and Digital Transformation.
  • The vital future role of the Business Process Management System, BPMS, from a Construction viewpoint, and the relationship with ERP and other systems.
  • The Company’s experience with automation and the identified three main potential areas of RPA development and implementation for a Construction Company.