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Enterprise Architecture Live - A Virtual Conference !!!

Table of Contents


Agile Business Transformation: Governing agile change with ‘just enough’ architecture

Diederik Postma img

It’s time to act now. Conquering transformation and becoming a fully digital enterprise in the 21st century means agility is no longer a choice. Too little too late, and enterprises face the risk of becoming obsolete. 

Join ValueBlue for a deep dive into combining progressive Enterprise Architecture and change in a world of digital transformation and globalization. In this session, we’ll be discussing a best practice framework for Agile Business Transformation: governing change with ‘just enough’ architecture.  

Agile Business Transformation is the governance of an adaptive architecture that aligns with your strategic business objectives. This enables organizations to decompose value chains and create truly excellent customer value.

For Enterprise Architects with a focus on modern and digital business models, we’ll be sharing our complete out-of-the-box solution to kickstart change.

Key takeaways:

  • What is Agile Business Transformation, and how does it help you cope with the challenges of change? 
  • What are some of the key value drivers for success with Agile Business Transformation?
  • Migrate your old world into the new era – step-by-step
  • Achieving customer demand, business strategy and business operations that are perfectly in tune with each other
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How to use Noble Automation to improve your business and stop the great resignation Audience: Leaders grappling with the challenge of automating while retaining top talent

Christopher Hodges img-2

An Enterprise Architecture perspective

Noble Automation Now is both a call to action and a holistic approach to achieving more success by combining Intelligent Automation with inspired leadership. Employing Noble Automation leads to more product and service innovation, higher employee engagement and successful business transformation.

Automation and AI are essential now and will be even more so in the future. Helping humans be heroes in this age of automation is the key to serving all stakeholders and building winning companies and teams. Fear and struggles give way to excitement and success.  

Leadership takeaways: 

  • How to improve your business with Noble Automation 
  • Where to start with Intelligent Automation projects
  • What can go wrong, ruining the project and your career
  • How Noble Automation can stop the great resignation
  • How to help humans be heroes - including you!

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Using composability to drive flexibility, speed, and resilience

Dan Hebda

One lasting learning from the past year is that businesses that we're able to pivot quickly could accelerate investment and strengthen their resiliency. Pivoting quickly is made possible by having a composable business made from interchangeable building blocks.

Imagine being able to take apart a spaceship and rebuild it as a castle using the same building blocks, or more relevantly, take apart a dishwasher and rebuild it as a ventilator. Enterprise architects are the ideal people to lead this effort given the knowledge already derived from architecting the enterprise. In this session you’ll learn how enterprise architects can be key contributors to composable thinking using modular thinking and applying it to business and technology capabilities.

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What has changed in Enterprise Architecture post-pandemic era


Keep your eye on the prize - use EA to focus IT investment on business innovation

Conrad Langhammer

Sustainable business innovation requires a constant flow of funding for IT investment. This means aligning with businesses on spending priorities to ensure only those projects are funded that support the business strategy and are feasible.

EA helps optimize and focus capital expenditures (CapEx) by exposing redundancy in projects, flawed solution design, and where strong IT is needed to support business capabilities critical to market success. In providing the means to assess the project portfolio from different perspectives such as business value, architectural impact and risk, EA eliminates CapEx waste and ensures maximal return on IT investment.

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Jason Baragry

Keeping up-to-date with the newest ways of implementing digital business execution can be overwhelming, especially because new enterprise architecture trends continuously vie for your attention.

This talk will explain Digital Twin of the Organization, Socio-Technical Architecture, from Project to Product, and Architecture Democratization. It will highlight which trends will escalate as organizations mature their approaches to digitalization and continuous change.

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Enterprise Architecture: Leadership Perspectives


Data Driven Digital Transformation: Enterprise Architecture & the Chief Data Officer

Craig Milroy

For digital transformation to succeed; organizations must embed data-driven intelligence into current and future operating models as well as identify ways to accelerate the organization's use of data. With the emergence of data, analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence as core to all modern organizations it is essential for Enterprise Architecture and the Chief Data Officer to partner and enable the data-driven future organization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital disruption as the new normal
  • Understanding of key capabilities of a Data-Driven Digital Transformation
  • How to build an effective EA & CDO partnership
  • Enabling the Data-Driven organization

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Utilizing EA and business capability modeling to drive strategy and strategic technology investments

Sandip Dhummad img

In today's world, where agility & time to market is considered gold for a product; companies require a holistic digital transformation. Having a consistent, common language between business and technology takes care of 50% of the problem. A business capability map not only helps in establishing a common language but also drives a future business vision, technology strategy, roadmap, and future technology investments.

  • We always think about investing in applications and infrastructure rather than investing in capabilities, which cut across silos 
  • Transforming an organization to a capability is driven IT organization is way more difficult to implement than it sounds 
  •  Capability-based IT strategy and strategic technology investment help meet business outcomes. At the same time, it helps define a systematic process for defining future/transition state and evaluating various options

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Enterprise Architect


Enterprise Architecture


Learn how Enterprise Architecture’s Leadership delivers Value-Based Strategic Innovation

Lee Bogner

Thought-leader Mr. Lee Bogner, expands his recognized guidance focusing on the value-based leadership enterprise architects bring to digital innovation strategy. He reveals approaches, and success factors – which help organizations lead in today’s business world! Mr. Bogner shares learning highlights, exemplifying how future-thinking Enterprise Architects are enabling sound as well as trail-blazing consumer digital and physical (“phygital”) experiences.

As Enterprise Architects balance the traditional domain IT governance, and simultaneously embrace the dynamically changing worlds, and ecosystems of digital innovation - new skills, missions, and methods – will advance enterprise objectives to drive mature, while driving emerging markets growth. In today’s session, Mars Digital Venture Innovations Strategist, and Hofstra University thought-leader – Mr. Lee Bogner – shares inventive approaches which digital and traditional businesses may use to propel innovation benefitting the entire ecosystem of consumers, customers, and business and technology partners!

During his session, Lee will share KEY TAKEAWAYS including:

  • Learn how Innovation leadership fits the Enterprise Architecture Strategic Value Creation mission
  • Learn the importance of local and global ecosystems and key partnerships, and how to organize
  • Innovation ecosystem teams and Enterprise Reference Architectures models
  • Learn significant methodologies for EA-led strategic innovations, including Innovations Journeymapping, user centricity and design thinking, local and global hackathons, agile test-and-learn (T&L)sprints, scaling and reusing based on T&L success
  • Learn how to measure value delivered by Enterprise Architecture-led strategic innovation

Learn where Enterprise Architects as futurists, are: 

  • Innovating and preparing global enterprises for improved, and market competitive consumerand customer experiences. 
  • Early thinking on modern consumer, customer, and associate experience trends - including Web3, AR/VR, metaverse and practical blockchain trusted ecosystems for emerging markets AND global enterprise create new business models and value stream!

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