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Operational Excellence Presentation: Leading Change; Insightful Lessons from History

LEADING CHANGE – Insightful lessons we can learn from history 

Anu George
Chief Quality Officer, Morningstar, Inc.

Many models of change management exist today. Anu George takes a different approach to this subject. She looks back at history, understands the transformation of nations, studies successful world leaders to derive simple lessons for leading change. She derives and shares nuggets of wisdom that is pragmatic, unique, and essential to drive change successfully.

Learning Takeaways:

1.  What makes a vision effective?

2.  How do you become a credible agent of change?

3.  How do you influence your employees to accept the change?

4.  How do you sustain change?




Transforming the Culture to be more Innovative: Operational Excellence Video Presentations

Transforming the Culture to be More Innovative: A Roadmap for the Future

Omar Hatamleh
E Director at the International Space University, Former Chief Innovation Officer, NASA

NASA is concentrating on creating an open innovation culture looking for continuous improvement and creative solutions. In this session Omar will discuss how his team at NASA:

  • Created a strategy for 20 years balancing the short and long-term

  • The gaps that they are creating to solve now and in the future
  • Transforming the culture to an innovative one and receiving cross-industry support



Organic Growth through innovation and Operational Excellence - Video example

An Innovation Framework for Accelerating Organic Growth

Maria Thompson
Global Innovation Framework Leader, ITW Innovation Center

Since early 2014, Maria partners with ITW business innovation leadership in a Senior Director role to accelerate organic growth with a global innovation process framework. In this talk, she will explain how she:

  • Coaches employees on innovation through operational excellence
  • Improves business stage gate processes through harmonization with the Innovation Framework
  • Facilitates innovation workshops including: customer interviewing, value proposition derivation, go to market strategy & planning and structured brainstorming




PANEL DISCUSSION: Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards Winners 

This session covers a 45 minute discussion between the Awards winners from the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit, including:
  • Devender Malhotra, Vice President and Chief Quality officer, Wipro Limited 
  • NextEra Energy
  • Philips Lighting
  • Mentis Neuro Health
  • Sanofi Pasteur
  • Black & Veatch 
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre 
  • Joint Winners: Cognizant & Singtel 
  • Johnson Controls
  • IBM
  • University Health Network (UHN) 


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Agile Business Transformation: Using Operational Excellence Tools & Methodologies

 Kevin Goldsmith

In this unique presentation, Kevin will discuss his experience at Adobe, Microsoft, Spotify and now at a legal online marketplace, Avvo. In each organization, Kevin used his background in Operational Excellence to transform businesses. Kevin has created nimble innovation cultures at Adobe & Microsoft, and has used operational excellence tools to help innovation at Spotify. He will discuss how:

  • Avvo’s leadership team focuses on the larger strategy at this rapidly growing company, empowering employees to make decisions
  • Articulating and communicating the strategy in a way that employees understand Aligning and prioritizing innovation projects at Spotify to overall business goals and objectives
  • How to benefit from speed and how to operate on a larger scale.


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Taking your Operational Excellence Program to the Next Level

Angel Garcia
Global Continuous Improvement Leader, Catalent Pharma Solutions

Angel R. García is an engineer and process improvement executive with over 20 years of experience in Global Operational Excellence Programs, Global Supply Chain Management and Commercial Operations. Currently Angel holds the position of Global Continuous Improvement Leader at Catalent Pharma Solutions. Key learning takeaways from this session include:

  • How to create a true assessment of your capabilities and gap analysis for the next level 

  • Understanding where you currently are, identify the holes and plan for the future with management buy-in

  • Training the future operational excellence leaders - what to look for? 


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Debunking Myths: How Operational Excellence Fosters Innovation and Agility

Zac Jacobson
Sr. Director, Global Business Excellence & Customer Insights, eBay

eBay depends on Innovation and Agility to compete and succeed. Far too often these efforts are thought to be at odds with management practices aimed at highly predictable and effective operations. Learn how eBay is reframing this paradigm through: 

  • The journey to implement process-centered management in transactional and service delivery environments
  • Integrating process and technology to create consistently excellent customer experiences at scale
  • Using Voice of Customer (VOC) to implement quality


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Achieving Enterprise Excellence by 2020: Linking Key Behavior Indicators and Key Performance Indicators to Deliver Ideal Business Results

Rick Hepp
Executive Director, Operational Excellence, Bristol-Myers Squibb

In 2012, a new President for the Global Manufacturing & Supply Division was brought into Bristol-Myers Squibb to drive their transformation and delivered a new simple vision for the organization – to be the Benchmark in BioPharma Manufacturing & Supply. In this talk, Rick will share how they have developed a strong OpEx capability and culture and are now moving to a new performance level with Enterprise Excellence by:

  • Building a strong global Operational Excellence team and network in terms of skills, process, culture to drive continuous improvement, cost and productivity savings, & efficiency
  • Leveraged “Real Time” Analytics to deliver on speed to customers and patients, reducing time to market from months to days
  • Using Hoshin Kanri planning to strategically layout where the business is going
  • Utilized Key Behavioral Indices (KBIs) & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to deliver Ideal Results aligned with business strategy … embedding OpEx as “The Way We Work”  


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Lean Driven Innovation: Leading an End to End Business Transformation 

Norbert Majerus
Lean Champion, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company 

Lean Thinking in the innovation creation processes may not be as popular as it is in manufacturing but when done right, it has a very large impact on speed, delivery, quality and the success of projects. In this talk, you'll hear Goodyear's experience in learning how to do this successfully and:

  • Applying lean thinking to innovation allocation of product development
  • Utilising different key lean principles and important tools in their transformation journey
  • Their results and lessons learned



Strategy Deployment: Managing, Fostering & Creating Value throughout the Organization

Strategy Deployment: Managing, Fostering & Creating Value throughout the Organization

Eric Pope
Vice President Operations, US Synthetic

US Synthetic has successfully embedded CI in their organization for years now. In this session, hear how they are executing their strategy and making their values come to life every day by having the entire business focus on continuous improvement.  Eric will discuss how they:

  • Defined their purpose and aligned people to what matters most, value deployment. 
  • Empower their employees to understand and create value for all stakeholders
  • Generate 70 ideas each year from front line staff on ways to create value for the business


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Lean Leadership: A Lean Organization Starts Here

Dalton Li
VP, Enterprise Lean Practices MassMutual Financial


Dalton started deploying a Lean management system in 2011 going through every part of the organization. Having engaged leadership from the very start by defining what it means to run a lean organization, he is continuing this journey to drive their actions. Hear how he has: 

  • Started with customer facing functions selling insurance and financial services products
  • Moved onto corporate functions and sustaining and embedding lean behaviors into management
  • Engaged the C-suite and secured their involvement for company-wide continuous improvement
  • Regularly taken Gemba walks with the CEO to show the organization that leadership is bought into the whole process
  • Deployed the 2nd phase of their journey looking at improving value streams to create purpose around the implementation


 Operational Excellence Video: Linking your Business' Core Processes and Process Architecture with Strategy

Linking your Business' Core Processes and Process Architecture with Strategy

Dr. Sandy Furterer
Former VP, Process Transformation Park National Bank



Prior to her current position, Sandy built the process infrastructure that incorporated a process architecture map as the VP of Process Transformation at Park National Bank. In this talk she will address how to:

  • Tie process improvement project prioritization with the core processes and strategic plan
  • Improve processes by documenting and creating process and procedure change control for execution
  • Expand lean six sigma projects with process infrastructure
  • Govern a process council made up of leaders to build a process improvement network 


Operational Excellence Video: A Systematic Approach to Creating a Culture of Structured Problem Solving

A Systematic Approach to Creating a Culture of Structured Problem Solving

Mustafa Abdulali
Director, Lean Transformation, NCH Healthcare System

Mustafa Abdulali is the Director of Lean Transformation at NCH in Naples, FL.   Mustafa is focused on engineering a culture that embraces structured problem solving using tools and techniques from process improvement methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma. 

He previously worked as the Director of Performance Improvement at Main Line Health in Philadelphia, PA and had spent over a decade in the Automotive and Aerospace industries where he held a variety of positions.  

  • Systems govern behavior; behaviors create a culture
  • Define what a system is and how one gets created
  • Identify what systems you need to in order to do structured problem solving
  • How is this different from what we do now and what will it lead to?


Nick Ruhmann full Video - Leaning out of Six Sigma

Leaning Out of Six Sigma

Nick Ruhmann
Director of Operational Excellence, National Flood Services - Aon Affinity


Lean & Six Sigma: What’s the difference? In this session, learn how basic lean can be a portal into lean six sigma, BUT Lean Six Sigma can be a portal into a “real lean” culture that:

  • Doesn’t need or rely on “belts”
  • Makes Operational Excellence just “what we do” rather than a department or program
  • Provides the highest employee engagement
  • Drives growth and bottom line results


Marsha Maldonado, Turner Broadcasting Systems

Creating A Business Transformation Team to Rapidly Respond to Market Changes

Marsha Maldonado
Senior Business Improvement Lead, Turner Broadcasting System

Turner is undergoing its own major strategic transformation with the support of its internal consulting group, Business Improvement.  Chris and Marsha will share how Business Improvement has evolved to lead strategic transformation initiatives, including:

  • Business process design
  • Process re-engineering and technology enablement
  • Acquisition integration
  • Organizational design




Screenshot 2017-10-02 21.29.26.png

A Systematic Approach to Creating a Culture of Structured Problem Solving

Jeff Porada
Global Director of Lean Six Sigma, Jabil

In this talk, you will hear how Jeff and his team have organized lean councils, meeting with all of the chief heads to talk and understand their strategic initiatives. He'll discuss how this helps Jail continue to promote and expedite the opportunities ensuring that they are strategically aligned. You'll also learn how to:

  • Understand leadership's strategic challenges in order to assist and help the business to drive accountability
  • Move your team away from problem solving and move towards DFSS
  • Create a visual story to captivate the audience in order to promote operational excellence
  • Deliver a best practice competition that replicates success across the company




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