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Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Summit in Oil & Gas Live !!!

Table of Contents


The Blueprint for Unstructured Data: Fueling Oil & Gas’ Storage Strategy

Malcolm Brown graphic

Enterprise storage has become a challenge for many sectors, but the stakes are particularly high for the oil and gas industry. Reliable access to the cloud is critical in order to maintain connection to oil rigs and construction sites around the world, but their remote locations add a layer of complexity. On top of that, the sensitive nature of industry data makes these companies vulnerable to ransomware attacks. The oil and gas sector needs the ability to store and share large seismic files on a global scale — while maintaining the sanctity of data — but this is easier said than done.

To combat this challenge both today and tomorrow, Nasuni has created the industry’s first Blueprint for Unstructured Data. This guidance is designed to help IT leaders meet their responsibility of putting data first. If something fatal happens to your company’s intellectual property, housed within years of file data, this could put your entire organization at risk. Companies can’t be expected to handle this new landscape without the right support; Nasuni’s Blueprint is created specifically to aid the oil and gas industry through this process.

In this 45-minute session, industry expert Malcolm Brown will break down why the oil and gas industry needs to be paying attention to file storage and illuminate the key components of the Blueprint.

You will leave knowing:

  • What it means for IT to be responsible for the Sanctity of Data

  • Why traditional file infrastructure and backups are inadequate for oil & gas companies today

  • The 5 critical elements of the Blueprint for Unstructured Data for IT leaders

Click Here To View The Full Session Transcript And Recorded On-Demand Session Video


Culture Transformation in the O&G Industry

Tim Wigham Grpahic

Forming a new team and then progressing to performing as a team, is a team that is transforming from one set of behaviours to another. Tuckman’s theoretical team-development model helps leaders and practitioners understand the growth stages in more detail.

Bain Consulting (1996 – 2022) describes culture as “behaviour at scale”, therefore a team’s behavioural progression through the stages of group development as described by Tuckman & Jensen (1977), could be viewed as culture transformation.

This presentation will explore some of what is known and what is not known about team culture transformation in the upstream Oil and Gas Industry. It is important to understand, based on a sample of studies carried out, what knowledge there is, and what recommendations have been made for future studies to better understand the gaps for further research. There will be limitations to this review, however there will also be sufficient reference to research about the body of knowledge on this topic which will help achieve the objective.

  • Leadership – servant leadership to steer the ship without hands on the controls
  • Forming and reforming – agile teamwork for multiple scopes of work
  • Storming to Performing – uncompromising discipline to accelerate the learning and sharing curve
  • Transforming Case Studies – exemplar stories of triumph over adversity
  • Mindset, Method, Moodset – a model for excellence
  • Commando Culture – elements which enable elite endeavour!

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Accelerating Innovation

Cody Nath Graphic

Accelerating Innovation requires intentionality. For us, at RTI that has meant:

  • Learning to speak the same language
  • Specific ownership at all levels of the organization
  • A consistent process of evaluation and progress

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Refinery of the Future – Use of Drone Technology to Disrupt, Innovate, and Transform

Grigor Bambekov Graphic

Key Take ways:

  • Industrial Drones are a Disruptive Force
  • The non-traditional solution to industrial business problems
  • Key use cases – qualification, quantification, monetarization

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