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iBPM Live 2021.



Table of Contents


Automate any Process, Anywhere



Imagine your people could effectively work together so that they can build the processes that accelerate the business and improve customer's experiences – all at the right time and with the flexibility to change as soon the business needs change.

Imagine the processes could orchestrate all people, systems, and things that are needed to drive great outcomes. And imagine you could quickly understand any potential inefficiencies or bottlenecks and improve these processes as you go.

I would like to share Camunda's vision for process automation with you – a vision in which you can eventually automate any process, anywhere.

The 21st century will be dominated by algorithms. ‘Algorithm’ is arguably the single most important concept in our world -- Yuval Noah Harari: Homo Deus, 2016.

Processes are the Algorithms of an Organization. Successful businesses are masters in optimizing their algorithms 

- by automating business processes that are designed precisely to their needs, 

- by improving continuously as they gain more insights over time and 

- by relentlessly leaving no part of a process across people, systems or devices behind. 

Today’s Process Automation Challenge is End-to-end Process Automation --the key to Digital Transformation.

It’s Camunda’s mission to let you automate any process, anywhere.

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Your Attitude is Your Breakthrough: Change the Attitudes, Change the Culture


As cohorts of Operational Excellence, most of us attack operational excellence and cultural transformation by focusing on process and systems. But what about the people? What about people’s attitude? The famous John Maxwell says “Good attitudes among players do not guarantee a team’s success, but bad attitudes guarantee its failure”. 

What if you could get people to live their life  and work life in a way that maximizes their potential, opens doors, impacts people lives AND allows them to live financially well all while making your team/organization great?

Sometimes people feel stuck, unproductive and living a less than fulfilling life. This affects their performance at work. What is the key to  breakthrough? Many will tell you it’s  education. The acquisition of knowledge. Some say it is the ability to win friends and influence people. Some will say search for your purpose or passion. Others will say “hard work” is the key. All of these have some part to play and have some benefit. However, this presentation is going to show you what I have learned while consulting with hundreds and hundreds of organizations and individuals. You see, there is a “secret” hidden in all of this that can drastically change YOU, your people and your organization. Sure process improvement and system enablement can change and organization. But systemic change requires changing people and their attitudes. Embracing these concepts and putting them into practice will drastically change your organizations almost immediately. It is totally up to you.

Key takeaways:

  •        What shapes our attitudes?
  •        How do we perceive situations determine our response?
  •        How goals and objectives improve attitudes
  •        How attitude determines focus
  •        How does attitudes affect team & organizational performance?
  •        Building great attitudes build great people, build great organizations
  •        Cultural Transformation: People (and their attitudes), Process & Systems
  •        What you can do immediately?

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Culture Eats Strategy Every Time. How to go from wishing to wisdom when building a winning culture


The famous reference by Peter Drucker, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” rings true when looking at actual results versus our expected outcomes around strategic implementations. An employee’s ability to adapt to rapid business change has less to do with what’s changing and more to do with cultural context. The larger an organization, the more vulnerable a company culture can become.  When you throw on a sudden shift to working remotely, culture can be even less impervious to leaks. Much like a 12-step process focused on recovery, the first step in culture change is being willing to hold up the mirror and objectively look at how your culture truly reflects your company values and business vision.   

Key Takeaways:

  • A modern working definition of company culture
  • How avoiding a focus on culture can thwart the best-laid strategies and depreciate brand equity
  • Key factors to accurately assess the true health of a company culture
  • The deceptively simple number one secret to building a winning culture
  • How diversity, equity and inclusion must be at the heart of your culture strategy

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How to Prioritize Customer Needs and Expectations



As a contract manufacturer, Jabil strives to be the most technologically-advanced and trusted manufacturing solutions provider. To be able to drive this vision, we are focusing on our processes to prioritize customer needs and expectations. During the presentation you will get more insight into:


  • Jabil Who We Are
  • Integrating IBPM in Our Strategy & Operating System
  • IBPM Strategy and Architecture
  • First 15 Months
  • Overall Roadmap
  • Jabil IBPM, Signavio In Use

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Enterprise No-Code Automation: How to Rapidly Improve Efficiency & Adaptability Across Your Processes, People, and Technology

GTW -21 iBPM Speakers OnDemand (5)

In a recent study conducted on hundreds of operations and IT professionals, it was determined that 95% of enterprises have already invested in or are about to invest in a no-code/low-code platform.

Why is no-code the next wave in iBPM? Because no-code platforms extend development capabilities to business operations—greatly accelerating and scaling process improvement. In this session, Tonkean will cover what the rise of enterprise no-code means for process management, and how teams can leverage this technology.

Attendees will walk away with an understanding of:

  • The types of no-code/low-code technologies and their key differences
  • How to use no-code automation to rapidly drive efficiency and adaptability in business processes
  • How an enterprise no-code platform can help bridge IT and business teams


Speeding up the proposal phase in project business by 300% using an intelligent tender document screening approach


Identifying risk extremely early in the project business processes was the key target to develop the intelligent tender document screening approach.

Currently, the systematics are used in a broader and more holistic way to enhance proposal processes and get much more speed while reducing the reading time of large or many documents

  • The intelligent tender document screening approach
  • Most interesting use cases and benefits
  • How to implement it
  • Results and outcomes of different usages and scenarios

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Practical and intentional ways to leverage positive psychology to create a culture enabling individual and team thriving, recovery, and peak performance




  • Understand the importance and impact of achieving individual and team thriving
  • Understand the importance and impact of emotional recovery in relation to individual and team resilience
  • Understand the skills necessary to incorporate into daily work to tap into positive emotions frequently and in small doses
  • Understand how positive psychology is connected to motivational science

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Improving the Probability of Transformation Success Through Collaboration


For most organizations today survival depends on digital transformation and this need has been accelerated by the pandemic. Consumers have moved online, automation technologies are advancing rapidly and tech-based companies are threatening many market areas.

Most digital transformation projects fail and many of those that succeed struggle to move beyond the pilot stage. Radical, comprehensive, strategic change requires the commitment and participation of everyone, in organizations that have little experience of doing that. Business leaders need basic transformation processes to overcome this challenge.

This session outlines a simple framework for digital transformation success, using basic tools that facilitate organizational collaboration to develop a transformational vision, create a roadmap for its implementation and manage its execution. The session will provide an introduction to:

  • Creating a digital transformation vision
  • Creating a digital transformation roadmap
  • Integrating and implementing the roadmap
  • Leading digital transformation

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The Evolution of the iBPMs


The iBPMs is at the center of the emerging CX, Automation, and Continous Improvement movements. The IQ of processes will continue to grow as the iBPMs leverages Composable Low-code, Process Intelligence, AI/analytics, the Real-Time Data Mesh, and Digital Twins at the Distributed Edge.

The Reason the iBPMs Emerged / A Historical Perspective :

What was the IQ of the Early IBPMs?
The iBPMs is Still Evolving?
Where will the iBPMs End Up?

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Enabling organizations to trust their data


Most organizations rely on data to receive insights and gain a competitive edge. Others may need to periodically store data to adhere to compliance norms.

Whichever the case, for data to be useful, organizations need to have a clear strategy and adopt an efficient approach towards data protection, management and governance. This session will shed light on strategies to help you to build a strong data foundation based on trust and reliability.

Key takeaways include:

  • Understanding the importance of trust and reliability of data in data-driven organizations
  • Reasons behind the lack of trust in data
  • Approaches to building data trust in organizations
  • Creating a ‘Google’ for your data – benefits, possibilities and opportunities

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Measuring Business Processes



Measurement is key to understanding the actual and potential performance of business processes. In addition, measurement provides a critical link between process changes and the effects they have on customer experiences and business outcomes. This webcast introduces measurement as a discipline, then dives into common and unique process measures. Participants will learn how to evaluate and create new measures for their unique situations.

- Learn how to link business outcomes to process performance

- Learn the five measures common to all processes

- Learn a more useful form for a business change roadmap

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How to Leverage Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Global Space Ecosystem


Space — once considered the final frontier and only accessible to a select few — is now home to the most dynamic and innovative ecosystems on the planet. While not every person will get to ride on a rocket or see one lift-off, everyone — students, young leaders, entrepreneurs, small businesses and professionals — can become contributors to the $424B and growing space economy.

Despite recent excitement around SpaceX and NASA, you may not be aware that the technologies that enable space access and exploration have real-world applications that shape our daily lives. In fact, every community, infrastructure and aspect of modern life on planet Earth is dependent on space-related technologies, like weather forecasting, manufacturing goods, global communications, healthcare, and farming.

Advocating for space innovation to better life on Earth, Shelli will walk you through a pragmatic Workforce Development Roadmap to seizing opportunities in the global space ecosystem.

No matter what your demographic, skill set, or current path, you will walk away from Shelli’s session with solid footing on how you can pursue opportunities as a job, career, innovator, supplier, grantor, funder, partner, sponsor or collaborator in the bigger mission of bringing space technology innovation to improving life on Earth.

Shelli will highlight key opportunities in space tech innovation:

* Top technologies to watch in the space industry

* 1000’s of NASA space innovation patents waiting for commercialization

* Space commerce entrepreneurship programs

* Space tech transfer and insertion as a supplier to new space ventures

* Becoming a tech supplier to commercial and government enterprises