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Digital workplace Transformation Live - A Virtual Conference !!!



Table of Contents


How To Make Your Remote Team The Most Productive Yet


The last year has drastically changed our idea of what a “workspace” looks like. For some, it’s a building with keycards and open floor plans. For others, it’s a home office with family photos and pajama pants.  Where we work—and the way we work together—has shifted. Now learn how to build a work management strategy that turns these culture changes into a competitive advantage. Hear Dave Landa, CEO of Kintone and Author at Forbes Technology Council, examine how companies can create strong, highly productive work cultures staffed by top talent using tools and policies designed for flexible workplace setups. His showcase webinar will cover:

  • How to use change to redesign smarter, more streamlined work processes
  • How to cut back on time lost searching for data across our digital tools
  • How to clean up our conversation tools for more effective collaboration
  • How to retain talent and workplace flexibility without sacrificing productivity

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Insights on how to improve Enterprise Security posture that enable smooth operations especially with the shift in paradigm of the digital work force working remote


Proactive steps that will help orgnizations minimize disruptions and security incidents enabling smooth operations while working within budget constraints.  Sharing a practical approach towards improving Security posture and minimizing risk efficiently and cost-effectively. key take-aways:

  • Use a structured approach to produce measurable and consistent results
  • Integrate Security program tightly with Risk management and temper it with risk appetite.
  • Institute a strong process for Technology induction & change management
  • Institute Solutions for vulnerability/risk prioritization, monitoring, tracking. alerting and automating defenses.
  • Leverage Efficient and reliable managed services to expand the SOC capability
  • Build a strong human firewall by generating security awareness and instituting strong security training for staff.

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Creating frictionless employee experiences to foster positive culture change, drive innovations, connected experiences and better user adoption


Innovation and Digital Solutions driven by systemic problems or crisis - how do leaders drive digital solutions, capture value, create positive culture change, and guide employee experiences to truly transform operations.
  • Defining the problem and the value proposition
  • Identifying and testing solutions
  • Deployment and change management
  • The employee experience

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Establishing a unified, secured, stable, and adaptive digital workplace hub using an architectural framework based on business and digital capabilities to cut cost and support the foundation of your program


The global pandemic has transformed the way we do work as well as where we work. The workplace is no longer the place where workers go to work nor is it where the worker is. The new workplace is the shared digital environment and digital collaboration tools working teams use to get work done regardless of their location. What the pandemic showed us is that digital technology can and should change how we think about, and use, the workplace as work becomes more digital and mobile. This new digital working space creates challenges for organisations with regards to security, productivity, and costs. Creating a productive digital workplace begins with shifting one’s mindset from thinking about the workplace as a location to seeing it as a network of digitally mediated relationships and interactions.  Technology now allows us to combine digital tools with physical space to create a modern digital workplace, one that uses the best capabilities of both. This creates new challenges for teams working digitally across boundaries and locations.

  • Rethinking the role of the workplace and how organizations create a supportive digital workplace that drives team productivity and value
  • Understanding the need for digital architecture and determine the most appropriate technology configuration to support a digital workforce
  • Adopting a digital architecture to enable strategic business aspirations
  • Understanding available methods to help guide organizations embark on their digital transformation and workforce management journeys
  • How to maximise the value that can be realised through the Digital Workplace Strategy and actively manage the potential risks that arise from it

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Leveraging Digital Twins to Accelerate Industry 4.0


The Industry 4.0 Digitalization Imperative requires a streamlined, proven approach. Understanding that facilities have limited resources to forge a digital transformation, we will demonstrate that Digital Transformation can be performed without disrupting day-to-day operations. Our accelerated approach seamlessly integrates your current workflow processes from manufacturing/operations, logistics to supply chain.

  • Developing your Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Roadmap
  • Integrating Data Sources: COGS and Inventory Management Online Tracking
  • Unleashing the Data-Driven Digital Twin™
  • Realizing Real-Time Prescriptive Analytics Decision-Making
  • 30-Days Digital Visibility | 90-Days to Real-Time Prescriptive Process Control   

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Transforming the Way of Working in the Digital Era


The Digital Business Transformation Journey – through culture and operations

  • Pre and post Covid digital channels and culture change
  • Key steps for a successful business transformation
  • Case study: Digital Customer center
  • Changes in cultural organizations and mindset

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Your Race to Become a Fully Automated Enterprise


If you are not automating work today, you are behind. 66% of the Fortune 500 are now automating work across three or more departments. COVID-19 proved that automation was the only tool in the IT toolbag to respond quickly to new cost pressures, spikes in demand and backlogs and strained resources. As we come out of the pandemic, automation is taking off, separating tomorrow’s winners and laggards today.   

And employees love working with robots. They are not only freed from the mundane, robots also now leverage AI to help workers make better decisions, dramatically improving the customer experience and business outcomes.Join this session to hear how companies are using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as the best path to true digital transformation. ROI is delivered in days and weeks, not months and years. $1 invested in UiPath, can return $25 or more in the very same year, a result unheard of in enterprise software… a category Gartner named the fastest growing once again in 2021.Learn how to estimate the value RPA can bring to your company fast. Because a fully automated enterprise is your best path to a digitally transformed enterprise.

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Mapping your digital workforce ROI


The world is undergoing significant turmoil and disruption creating a challenging and unpredictable environment for employees and organizations in both the developing and developed world. The availability and take up of digital technologies has enabled industries and the workplace to rapidly change in order to remain viable.

  • The global disruption and impact
  • Digital technologies mitigating disruption
  • The increasing value and usage of data
  • Threats and risks to the digital workplace
  • Changing skills and capabilities with the workforce


Using process risk analysis to determine the starting point of digital transformation


Process Risk Analysis (PRA) is a method of examining and classifying operational processes into categories based on a variety of factors. This will help understand the completeness, accuracy, and precision, and automatability of process models and can also explain process discrepancies and lack of performance. More importantly, this exercise will provide a picture of which business processes are ready for automation and digital transformation, and will clearly illustrate the work that needs to be performed for processes that are not ready. Companies that do not examine their processes before implementing automation solutions tend to focus on the processes that cause the greatest problems – but automation is not always the solution and in fact may vastly accelerate failure.

The goal of this session is to provide a framework of PRA as it applies to a digital transformation strategy and encourage the user to focus on preparing processes for digital transformation before implementing technology.

  • Understand the PRA framework
  • Understand the Process Precision and Accuracy matrix and it’s impact on variance and waste
  • Understand the major factors that impact successful process automation (hint: it’s not the tool!)
  • Understand the importance of process governance

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The Human Side of Digital Transformation


The benefits of Digital Transformation is no longer in question.  The priority now is to deliver on the quick execution of Digital Transformation initiatives.  However, there are challenges and they are not technology based.  The human capital component, specifically the knowledge, social and emotional side of the human mindset, is the obstacle to overcome in order for Digital Transformation to succeed.

During this presentation you will gain insights on the following areas:

  • Why human capital is priority for Digital Transformation success?
  • Why companies are not focusing on human capital and what to do to resolve this gap.
  • Real world examples of how human capital has enabled Digital Transformation success

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Future proofing your workplace- Global FoW Strategy to drive your hybrid workforce through human centred and experience-led approach that is customized to meet both business and stakeholders' needs


Over the past year and a half, the pandemic has changed the world and Westminster city council staff have gone above and beyond to support their teams and meet the needs of their residents and businesses from their home workspaces- demonstrating the power in digital evolution. -That being said- the sense of interconnectedness with the City, its residents and colleagues has been truly missed. In this session we explore the journey Westminster city council has been on and their approach on the return to the city and future of work guided by a user led approach instead of a binary rule.

  • Hear about insights from other organisations on how they are approach the future of work.
  • Learn about Westminster city council’s user led/ human centred approach to the future of work with our communities at the heart of everything.
  • Learn about the need to be flexible, agile and open to learning.

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Customer experience in the digital remote workplace era - What has changed and strategies to cope with it