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Innovation and Strategy Execution with Operational Excellence

Innovation, Strategy & Operational Excellence

More and more, innovation is becoming a necessary component of all Operational Excellence-focused Organizations. As with Agile, Innovation and a solid strategy for encouraging it allows companies to continuously adapt and change, rather than stagnating in the mid-range alongside their competitors.

As per the definition of Operational Excellence, whereby employees are able to prevent errors/provide a solution at any stage in the business or productio process, cultivating a mindset of innovation in your organization is absolutely key to promoting this. Take a look below for our very best Innovation, Strategy and Business Excellence resources.

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A successful culture of Innovation within any organization can lead to increased revenue, reduced operational costs, as well as a more positive company culture. This culture is key to developing leaders from within, and encouraging a company of thought-leaders and disruptors.

DOWNLOAD NOW: The Most Inspiring Innovation & Operational Excellence Quotes

Innovation Excellence Video Sessions

WATCH NOW: An Innovation Framework for Accelerating Organic Growth

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WATCH NOW: Lean Innovation and Managing Complexity

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WATCH NOW: Debunking Myths: How Operational Excellence Fosters Innovation and Agility 

OpEx Innovation and Agility

Innovation Resources

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How IBM achieved operational excellence in technology and communications - case study of Cognitive Watson

Operational Excellence in Technology & Communications: IBM

IBM Global Business Services (GBS), in partnership with IBM Research global teams, has created a powerful end-to-end automation solution leveraging Watson technology. The infusion of cognitive solutions introduced various innovations that greatly helped to automate manual and repetitive activities to promote quality, efficiency, and productivity for enhanced business outcomes. Read the Article

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Successful Innovation through Business Process Management


Customer-Back Innovation; An Innovation Framework for Accelerating Organic Growth

How Operational Excellence Fosters Innovation & Agility

Operational Excellence: What is it? Strategy, definitions and more

To get an idea of the role of Innovation in Operational Excellence, take a look at our FREE 6 in 1 report series, 'Operational Excellence: Snapshots', featuring the thoughts of 150+ Operational Excellence Professionals, and targeting the most pressing issues in the ecosystem.

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Award-Winning Case Studies

Download the free case studies now, or view the full list of award-winning Operational Excellence case studies, courtesy of the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit.

Award Winning Operational Excellence Case Study - Paccar Best Operational Excellence Award Winning Strategy - United Airlines What is Operational Excellence? Case Study Practises - Sonoco


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