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This Top 10 list has been inspired by Joel at the Kaizone, a wonderful content portal for lean books, blog posts and some fantastic resources. To take a look at his full list of the top 100 lean & OpEx blogs, click here.

Looking for further reading? For a selection of case studies, White Papers, reports, presentations & more, why not take a look at our original BTOES Insights content, or our excellent premium contributor content

All About Lean - top 10 OpEx Blogs on Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Insights

All About Lean blogs on the different aspects of lean manufacturing and lean administration. The blog has a strong focus is on practicability, although some posts will also delve into theoretical details.

The Global State of Operational Excellence:
Critical Challenges & Future Trends

130 pages of the most comprehensive study of critical challenges and future trends within Operational Excellence.



Mark Graban's Lean Blog - Top 10 OpEx blogs on Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Insights

Mark Graban's Lean Blog

Lean Blog covers a number of themes about lean that are universal, regardless of industry. This blog led to Shingo Award-winning books including Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Engagement .

A lean Journey: The Quest for True North - Top 10 OpEx blogs on Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Insights

A Lean Journey: The Quest for True North

This site is dedicated to sharing lessons and experiences along the Lean Journey in the Quest for True North. The blog also serves as the source for learning and reflection which are critical elements in Lean Thinking.

Billy's Blog

Billy's Blog

Bill Waddell is a Global Supply chain expert and one of the original Lean Accounting "Thought Leaders". He has over 30 years experience in Manufacturing and Accounting, and is widely regarded as being at the forefront of Lean Manufacturing.

Kevin Meyer's blog - Top 10 OpEx blogs on Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Insights

Kevin Meyer's Blog

Kevin is co-founder of the Gemba Academy, a company that provides 100s of lean training videos to organizations worldwide. Regularly updated with his expert opinions & thought pieces, is an excellent point of reference for lean & OpEx expertise.

Bob Emiliani, Top 10 Opex blogs on Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Insights

Bob Emiliani Blog

The purpose of this blog is to provide opinions, observations, and critiques about various aspects of leadership and management. The focus of the blog is to expand the understanding of leadership and practical problem-solving. Bob Emiliani has won both 'best blog' and 'best author' from the Kaizone.

Karyn Ross Consulting, Lean Letters - Top 10 OpEx blogs on Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Insights

Karyn Ross Consulting

The co-author of The Toyota Way to Service Excellence: Lean Transformation in Service Organizations, Karyn's blog, 'Lean Letters' also comes with some excellent recommendations for further reading, and some wonderful personal reflections on her lean journey.

Curious Cat Management Improvement - Top 10 OpEx blogs on Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Insights

Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog

Focused on Deming’s ideas, lean manufacturing (lean thinking), customer focus, & more, John Hunter's blog has received honors such as Top 50 Leadership blogs by Blogrank, Top 10 Management & Leadership Blogs by Marcus Buckingham, The Top 50 Leadership Blogs by Evan Carmichael & much more.

Business 901 - Top 10 OpEx Blogs on Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Insights

Business 901

Joe Dager takes his process thinking of over thirty years in marketing within a wide variety of industries and applies it through Lean Marketing Concepts. Follow this blog for podcasts, ebooks and more.

Gemba Panta Rei - Top 10 OpEx blogs on Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Insights

Gemba Panta Rei

A true OpEx expert, Jon Miller is the main writer for this blog. He is co-founder and Partner of Gemba Academy LLC, and serves as Advisor to Kaizen Institute. An excellent resource for both personal reflections and Operational Excellence Facts & Stats.

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