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Digital Transformation Workplace Live


Table of Contents


BASF Smart Manufacturing @ Greater China


BASF Global Strategy. An insight into the journey of a global leader and the impact of digitalization being leveraged across the enterprise.

  • Innovation - With Impact
  • Sustainability - Live our purpose
  • Operations - Be the leader
  • Digitalization – Leverage across the company
  • Portfolio – Businesses with customer relevance
  • People – Drive high performance

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Process-led Digitalization – Reliable and Effective Value Realization


Most companies have started their digital transformation or at least plan for it. However, an industry study shows that only 1% of organizations have their processes sufficiently under control to realize the full potential of digital solutions.

Companies struggle to operationalize their business strategy and aligning their digitalization properly. The value-realization of digital initiatives is often too slow or business expectations are not met. An appropriate process management discipline addresses those challenges. It optimizes the time-to-value.

The presentation discusses a process-led approach to digital transformation to accelerate the time-to-value and minimize risk. The findings are illustrated through examples from insurance, health, and high-tech companies.

Key topics to be addressed:

  • Process-led prioritization
  • Focused process analysis as basis for a realistic business case
  • Leveraging software-based process reference models for rapid and effective design
  • Pragmatic evaluation of improvement opportunities through a simple simulation
  • Sustaining results through process governance and tools, such as process mining

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Million Dollar Adjustments


Efficiency, Visualization and Change Management: Beyond Spreadsheets


The presentation will focus on two digital transformation case studies at Metrolinx where the first case study will provide an overview of the Operations division’s journey of moving from a paper shift sign-up process to a digitized and automated online platform for a workforce of ~ 800 employees located across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The initiative was a success despite the various challenges such as opposition to change by the unionized workforce. This accomplishment was possible due to the change management efforts from the project team including detailed process review & gap analysis, extensive stakeholder engagement and training, proactive communication to users and continuous improvement efforts.

The second case study will provide an overview of how a similar change management approach was applied to develop and create streamlined data visualizations known as the 5 Year Resource Plan for the Capital Projects Group (CPG) in Metrolinx, which is delivering the one of the largest Transit Infrastructure projects through Public Private Partnerships.  This initiative was an astounding success with the Senior Management Team and Board of Directors as it provided insights and transparency into the various stages of the hiring process on an online platform which previously was not possible due to the use of spreadsheets and outdated processes. As a result of this transformation, key performance indicators aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives can be created and actively monitored to assess the division’s performance. This is only the first step in digitizing resource management in CPG as business intelligence tools and process improvements will continue to shape and transform the future for Metrolinx.

Key Takeaways:

  • Importance of detailed process review and gap analysis
  • The role of KPI creation and monitoring
  • Data integrity
  • Importance of relevant training
  • The reality of continuous improvement

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The Leader's Role in Culture Transformation and Sustaining the Gains


Identifying Barriers
 - Culture
 - Org Structure (reporting, ratios, responsibilities)
Leader Roles
 - Asking Questions. Identifying Ideal Behaviors
 - Rewards and Recognition
 - Key System Design
Key Systems
 - Strategy Alignment
 - Daily Management
 - Standard Work

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The Top 4 Rules of Engagement for Digital Transformation thru Human-Centered Design


As many companies grapple with the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it also presents an opportune time to actively address the human side of operational excellence in today’s workplaces and virtual environments.  Many businesses are faced with introducing new standards, strategic policies, and government mandates. In the quest to operate and deliver value to customers, at the very core of this cultural shift is human-centered design.

Even though digital transformation may look different for every company, industry, or new sector of innovation; essentially, the future of work starts at the intersection of 4 distinct rules of engagement that include: 1) diversity & inclusion, 2) ethics and awareness, 3) trust and safety, and 4) accessibility.

The CyberXR Coalition launched industry-wide standards that introduced a unique approach to help organizations successfully integrate digital technology into their areas of business. Our guide provided best practices and adoption-ready processes to help businesses reimagine the “new normal” of better leveraging digital transformations. 

This session will discuss:
  • Introducing human-centric design as the “new normal” of interoperability
  • Successfully implementing novel, industry-wide standards and processes
  • Shifting current mindsets to a “continuous improvement” mindset
  • Assessing and addressing social and technical biases in digital technology
  • Operational excellence as a values-based systems approach

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Digital Transformation: The Game Changer in the "New Normal"


Successful transformations require a rigorous and strategic confrontation of reality. COVID-19 crisis disrupted the global status quo in an unprecedented way. Organizations and individuals were forced to mitigate a range of systemic risks in an attempt to find sustainable solutions caused by this radical change. 

While it is a great challenge to stay resilient: changes to the corporate strategy, culture, technology and organizational processes are inevitable. Nevertheless, many opportunities came into surface and Digital Transformations were accelerated.

Key takeaways:

  • COVID-19; seen as an opportunities' accelerator 
  • Change management is rather imperative for digital transformation success
  • Social impacts of the New Normal
  • Great Digital Leadership, Great Results
  • Digital Transformation Industry Examples 

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Excellence & Innovation Acceleration: Value Creation in Times of Uncertainty and Rapid Change


In a disrupted world, how do you build a culture and practices where extraordinary innovation becomes ordinary? An organization that consistently delivers exponential leaders, growth, and value creation.

The key ingredients to innovation acceleration are not what you see portrayed most often in the media. Great, enduring organizations know what it really takes to create and, most importantly, scale innovation during market disruptions.

We will explore how to blend disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing, and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations across all industries. 

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Changes in physical spaces and the opportunities to leverage emerging tech for flexibility, experience, and sustainability


An overview of Morningstar's RPA program and progress on SOX controls


Insights into how a global financial enterprise is adapting and thriving.

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Going Digital To Enhance The Customer Experience


Over the past two years, the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs (DCRA) has implemented technology enhancements focused on creating value for our customers while improving transparency, accountability, and responsiveness. While there was no way of knowing the pandemic was coming, the agency’s digital transformation had the added benefit of allowing us to seamlessly transition from providing our services in-person to offering them virtually.

Upon taking the helm of DCRA in late 2018, Director Ernest Chrappah set out on a listening tour aimed at learning how best to improve the agency from a range of stakeholders. Using what he learned, Director Chrappah developed a roadmap to the agency’s digital transformation, which we call Vision 2020. Below are highlights from DCRA’s Vision 2020 plan that have resulted in easier and faster experiences for our customers:

  • Launching the Resident Inspector Program
  • Revamping the Customer Experience
  • Developing Accelerated Building Plan Reviews
  • Creating an Online Performance Dashboard

These are just some of the accomplishments DCRA has been able to achieve through our Vision 2020 Digital Transformation.

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Digital Transformation Opportunities in Production Use Cases and Opportunities in the Aerospace Industry


Have you tried to change the tires of a moving car? Yes, that is what continuous transformation feels like within the organization surrounded by a dynamic, constantly changing market environment.

Sounds like chaos, yet, agile transformation is critical for organizations to manage changing priorities and accelerate their ability to build high-quality products and reach them to their customers with speed.

NielsenIQ has been successfully engaged in agile transformation over the last 3 years and here is the story of how we do it.

Key takeaways from the session:

  • Using agile transformation to increase speed to market to meet customer demand & increase team productivity
  • Challenges of agile operating model in an established company with a legacy of over 90 years & how do we make it work:
  • Blueprint of an agile operating model
  • Capability accelerator
  • Focusing on culture and change team