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Digital Process Automation Live - A Virtual Conference !!!

Table of Contents


The Cost of Failed Automation: It's not just the Money Lost


A third to half of the automation projects fail globally. With the market size expected to be US24 billion dollars by 2030, the losses due to failed implementations can have a crippling effect on businesses. Companies are walking the tight rope, balancing large infrastructure investments without little-known performance metrics, ROIs, and timelines for their projects.

Join this session to hear from automation leaders on how to

  •  Make smart decisions about automation projects
  •  Identify the right candidate for a successful automation
  •  Measure performance and set expectations on cost savings and ROIs 
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Achieving Optimal results in Digital Process Automation


Technology and the use of digitization continue to drive new process innovations, spanning numerous industries.  While all can agree that the efficiencies to be gained will vastly improve business operations & workload challenges, while significantly improving bottom-line revenue,  there are critical elements required to ensure these benefits are realized.  Utilizing some real-world case studies and observations/experiences of a 20+ year career that has cut across financial services, information technology, procurement and pharmaceuticals, this topic will dive into areas where organizations fall short.  We will discuss what happens when teams apply a greater strategic focus at the onset, coupled with a true enterprise mindset, and a commitment to operational excellence pre/during/post-launch.  Taking great care in employing these strategies will culminate in an optimal digital process automation experience. 

Key Takeaways from this session:

  • Gain the importance of defining the digital strategic vision – “What are we trying to solve for”
  • Building-integrated platforms – “What it truly means to demonstrate an enterprise mindset”
  • Developing & executing effective Change Management strategies – “Why the change journey starts at the onset, leveraging organization verticals and horizontals”
  • Measuring effectiveness  - “Why defining success through aligned KPI’s will drive accountability and results."

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Using Excel, automate the creation and use of the Standard Work process


When establishing or updating standard work, the documents needed, Operator Load charts and each individual standard work combo sheet can be a time-consuming task. What if there was an easier way to create those documents?

When conducting time study on a new process or an established process, completing all the documents for a playbook set to a certain takt is time-consuming. Another issue is there is no “playground” to move people around electronically attempting to level load the line. In most cases, we must take the time to physically move operators around and re-time the work. All with the goal of finding that magic balance.
What we will see is with Excel, almost all the processes to document standard work and produce the required documents can be automated. In addition, with the same spreadsheet, we have a playground to take work from one operator, give it to another and see immediately what happens to our operator load chart. Then, once the best possible scenario is documented, a single click prints all the required documents.

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The Importance of Self-Healing Automation in Banking


  • Real-time, AI-driven monitoring, and integration: Evolve from issues-based resolution to real-time monitoring and integration of any technology stack.
  • Self-healing: Apply AI to testing to identify when a function has changed. Then, the test can automatically update itself to be relevant and not fail during execution.
  • Applied analytics: Shift from “test data” to “test insights” through applied analytics. This allows companies to manage the exponential growth in data volumes and variety.
  • Next-generation DevOps: Move beyond function or script-driven approaches towards autonomous frameworks that bring developers, customers and end-users together.
  • Borderless organization: Build interconnected virtual teams comprising industry, business and technology experts aligned around a common business purpose.

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