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Minimizing Losses Due to Variability Using AI

Variability in the manufacturing process is costing manufacturers millions of dollars every year. Most of that is untraceable, thus unaddressable, without the right tools and systems. What manufacturers end up seeing is a loss in profitability.

A key reason this is happening is because of the shift in the workforce from tenured, experienced front-line employees to teams that have high turnover and minimal experience. Manufacturers can no longer rely on experienced staff to address the millions of factors that affect their lines on an hour-by-hour basis. New staff need to understand how to achieve peak performance, without the 15 years of experience previously required to do so.

Fortunately, new technologies have been able to reduce variability in speed, material, energy, and other key inputs directly on the line, in real-time, even with changing constraints. This is through analyzing the billions of process and production data points created in the manufacturing process every day to identify and provide clear, prescriptive process settings recommendations based on what is happening on their line, in real-time.

At this event, we will discuss:

  1. Evaluating the impact of variability in your business

  2. Reducing variability with AI and front-line enablement

  3. Pitfalls of advanced analytics and AI projects

"The Process AI operator interface has allowed the operator to see in real-time how they are adding value when they are making efforts in reducing cost while giving them comfort [that] they are not going to be of quality [by] utilizing the predictive quality models. The simplicity and easy-to-see visuals along with quality models are helping to assist decision-making from hour to hour without waiting on quality tests

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