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RPA & Intelligent Automation Live - A Virtual Conference !!!


Table of Contents


Unlocking Human Potential with Automation in the Post-Pandemic World



The impact of the global pandemic in 2020 caused organizations to make dramatic changes to their operating models to support remote work while also ensuring business continuity.  These changes were largely fueled by IT and automation initiatives, and in many cases were implemented in record time to meet the needs of a rapidly changing environment.  Analysts predict the momentum from 2020’s IT and business transformation initiatives to carry forward and we’ll see a similar, if not enhanced pace in the coming years.

This continued focus on automation will have an impact on the job market.  By 2025 the World Economic Forum anticipates ‘the time spent on current tasks at work by humans and machines will be equal.’  However, most analysts agree that new jobs created because of automation will outpace jobs lost.  In tandem to these automation goals is an accelerated focus on upskilling and reskilling of employees. 

In this session we’ll explore how organizations in both the public and private sectors are using the momentum created in 2020 to redefine the workplace by unlocking human potential with automation in the post-pandemic world. 

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How CFO’s Can Best Leverage Intelligent Automation


  • Automation and robotisation among the levers for Finance Transformation
  • RPA : myths and realities
  • Mining Data and Processes, a must !
  • From No code to Intelligent Automation Platform
  • Impact of Automation on Shared Services and Outsourcing

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Automate, Invigorate or Obliterate?


The rapid rise in the fortunes of RPA vendors, means everyone is talking RPA, but does it scale, is it the right automation approach, are you solving the right problems? And where best to start? These are just some of the key questions you need to think about before rushing in. Doing the same things faster and cheaper is rarely a recipe for long term survival.

There is no doubt that recent events have driven most businesses to a crossroads faster. Changes that may have taken years are now occurring in months and weeks. But assuming your business is moving past survival mode, you now need to focus on thrive mode. Making and executing decisions that will ensure you thrive in the world of opportunities that lie ahead.

In this session we will discuss

       - Why Thinking Before Acting Could Save You Time, Money and Heartache.

       - Key Technologies You Need in Order to Apply Automation Smarter.

       - Scaling RPA and Building for Change

       - The Risks You Face When Rushing to Automation Too Quickly.

        - Effective Change is a Do With not a Do To Process.

As a strategy consultant, Mark has worked with users, vendors and consulting companies, and is frequently called upon to advise and just these sorts of questions.

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RPA 2.0 in a Post-Pandemic World


  • Better understand why customers fail in their RPA endeavors today.
  • How the sales processes have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • What pitfalls must be navigated to ensure that the targeted program ROI is achieved?
  • What critical process components are necessary to include in the implementation efforts to ensure continuous improvement.

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RPA, Unlocked - How to Migrate Bots from One RPA Platform to Another to Drive Increased Business Value


Is it time to break up with your RPA vendor?

Due to the large number of RPA projects that have failed to meet their objectives, more and more companies are expressing the desire to switch RPA platforms. However, most have been stuck with whatever tool they initially chose because re-platforming was costly, incredibly challenging, and often also meant re-building your entire bot portfolio from scratch.

Until Now. Blueprint’s streamlined end-to-end migration process makes moving between any of the leading RPA vendors simple, fast, and affordable, thereby unlocking the entire RPA market. Attend this session to learn:-

Why 2021 will bring an influx of RPA platform migration and how to know if migration might be right for you-

  • How to extract existing automations from your current RPA platform into Blueprint, creating a Digital Blueprint of that digital worker
  • How to optimize and validate Digital Blueprints before exporting them to a new RPA solution to complete the re-platforming
  • How leveraging Blueprint in tandem with your RPA tool enables you to design, build and manage high-value automations with speed and precision to scale the scope and ROI of your RPA initiatives

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Managing the AI process: putting humans (back) in the loop


AI today is all over the news, yet it has not transformed the workplace as promised. We will argue that the reason is that we forgot humans, both as developers of AI (lacking organizational tools in AI development) and as consumers of AI (lacking transparent interfaces).

I will show how we deal with these issues at Huawei’s Noah’s Ark lab where we (AI researchers) work closely with systems engineers (our AI consumers and collaborators).

Key takeaways:

  1. The AI development ecosystem, actors, hurdles, work processes.
  2. Our long term goal: autopilots for engineering systems.
  3. Case study: how human and organizational constraints determine the research and development in our lab.

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Rapidly Transforming Your Enterprise Through RPA And Intelligent Automation For A Virtual Post-CV Economy


The world is forever changed and our post-coronavirus enterprise transformations must reflect the new realities of touchless remote business and operations execution and management, and virtual value enhancement for our remote human and digital workforces.

Mr. Kuk's presentation addresses these changed realities through new and patented RPA, AI, virtualization, and remote business management technologies.

His Presentation Includes:

1) A Post-Coronavirus Senior Executive Survival Manual
2) How To Grow Market Share In A Shrinking Virtual Economy
3) Using Advanced Customer, Client, Patient, and Market Behavioral Analysis To
Dramatically Improve Revenue, Customer and Employee Satisfaction, and
Operational Efficiency
4) An Intelligent Automation and Virtualization Checklist and Toolbox For
Enterprise Transformation Success

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Automation at Bosch: Scaling to AI – a practitioner’s view



The question is not if you automate, the question is when, how and how fast. Bosch Service Solutions applies its automation in various fields. From back office to front office. From scaling automation to AI within a customer centric organization.


  • Experience the journey of automation at Bosch Service Solutions with:
  • Who we are and why does automation matter to us?
  • Automation journey thus far
  • Practitioner’s view: The Bosch Service Center a global and omnichannel approach applies automation

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Why RPA and examples of successful RPA Implementations that have saved my company millions of dollars



RPAs are commonly used to replace processes that are highly manual, rule-based, and repetitive. RPAs can also be used to connect different technologies or systems.

I will provide several examples of how we utilized RPAs to save millions of dollars. I will also list some steps I would do differently next time I implement an RPA project as sometimes this tool can come with a big bill.

 Key Takeaways:

  • RPAs are fantastic, if they are done right and if the right resources/partners have been utilized
  • Many RPAs can last for years and save significant cost and time for your organizations.
  • Monitoring and validation can come with big bills
  • Next time I implement RPAs I would probably invest in internal resources

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Pushing RPA to the next level with Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning


RPA can build solutions for financial transactions to train a Machine Learning model that directs corrective actions to robot workers. By combining an ideal mix of bots and humans working in tandem, significant improvement in process efficiency at much lower costs can be achieved. The AI-based models will be built upon financial data sets and recommend corrective actions in order to improve financial management.

AI-enabled robotic process automation capabilities will address financial system errors.  Currently, RPA, however, is unable to handle unmatched transactions, which are those where the invoice number, amount, method of payment or any number of details cannot be reconciled. It can take humans anywhere from a day to months to track down and resolve these unmatched transactions, adding up to billions of dollars in unresolved financial activity. If the models are successful, they will not only save time and money, but they will help increase financial compliance and get a better idea how its dollars are being spent

  • Build intelligent tools to spot and fix accounting errors without the assistance of humans.
  • Develop artificial intelligence/machine learning models that can go beyond the capabilities of robotic process automation and make decisions about financial transactions.
  • The new automated ML models would “be able take irregular, complex financial information and data, make decisions and apply judgments and solutions to a high level of accuracy or confidence without having to have a human in the loop.
  • Models will first learn to categorize unmatched transactions as either simple or complex.

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Excellence & Innovation Acceleration: Value Creation in Times of Uncertainty and Rapid Change


In a disrupted world, how do you build a culture and practices where extraordinary innovation becomes ordinary? An organization that consistently delivers exponential leaders, growth and value creation.

The key ingredients to innovation acceleration are not what you see portrayed most often in the media. Great, enduring organizations know what it really takes to create and, most importantly, scale innovation during market disruptions.

We will explore how to blend disciplined innovation methods with elements of venture capitalism, crowdsourcing and collaborative leadership to deliver rapid and sustainable business improvements and innovations across all industries.

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RPA: Change Management Tool for Industry 4.0



Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain are key components of Industry 4.0 and each technology has its benefits.  Unfortunately, most organizations are not ready for these digital solutions due to lacking infrastructure, data, cultural mindset or business case validation.

I would suggest ALL firms are ready for Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and implementing this technology is a great change management tool to enable Industry 4.0. 

My presentation will provide the following:

  • Why RPA is viable for all companies
  • Why RPA will improve your Industry 4.0 success
  • Real world example of using RPA as a change management tool to win the “hearts and minds” of employees to support Industry 4.0

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