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September 14, 2021

Customer Experience Excellence Live - SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT: Implementing customer-centric culture and employee engagement to achieve excellent customer advocacy in the remote world

Courtesy of NCC Group ME's Tarek El Goweiny, below is a transcript of his speaking session on 'Implementing customer-centric culture and employee engagement to achieve excellent customer advocacy in the remote world' to Build a Thriving Enterprise that took place at the Customer Experience Excellence Virtual Conference.

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Session Information:

Implementing customer-centric culture and employee engagement to achieve excellent customer advocacy in the remote world

Session Transcript:

Tarek joins Group as a general manager in 2007. Currently, a group CEO, Board of directors member, NCC, Kuwait, and International Integrated Facilities Management, LLC, and co-founder and CEO of Business DNA Company and was chairman of Opal NCC Company.

So, we are very honored, to have you today.

Who has, Rick has a vast experience, a sportscaster on the side.

It can talk the talk, that's for sure, and walk the walk, right. Alright.

So, it's all yours.

Thank you very much, Jim, for the nice introduction. Hello, everyone. Good, morning, good afternoon. Good evening.

I don't know what, I'm gonna go, everyone, you, but we're coming to talk about the customer centric excellence.

I would like to focus on the idea of the new generation, AI-enabled CRMs.

When we talk about said, everybody knows what, the CRM since the late nineties, when Sarah and as being invented, but all of us usually forget that around 70% of digital transformation initiatives and strategists are over the fence.

Why do fields?

This is for a lot of reasons, and one of them is not having the full C 60 degree phew Of what do you want to achieve through digitalization.

When we talk about CRM, the CRM, the classical scenario of the old-fashioned CRM that we understand a new, is marketing, sales, and transaction.

And finally, the customer service has been added.

But nowadays, was the news of the ration new millennium customers. I'm talking here when I save customers I'm talking B2B and B2C.

They have different demands. They have different expectations. They have different trends, behavior, shopping behavior.

And finally, on the limit has changed the whole world.

Everybody, every day talks about that the world of the pandemic is totally different than the world before putting them.

And a lot of people are discussing everywhere how?

Everybody knows and I'm sure you remember the mean that has changed. The working environment, changed, shopping, behaviors, change, business approach and the business models and whatever will be integrated with these kinds of checks.

The change here wouldn't be indifferent and it's the first angle.

When we talk about the CRM, people are talking about is a question, and philosophy in CRM is part of the R P or it's add on to the EFP.

And, a lot of people, they have different views to the CRM, and the relationship with DLP.

The funny thing that people, maybe, you're not saying organizing that the biggest CRM company like Salesforce, the market value, now, is higher than the biggest ERP company, which is Iraq.

What does it mean, means that the customer centric culture became more to the key.

For business people to move forward toward the fridge.

Can see them all isolated.

Yeah, CRM, it's not anymore.

So, it has to be integrated, 100% with here.

That's number one.

Number two, once it is integrated into Z or P, this is the startup points, What do you want to do with it? What is your objective from it?

What does it do actions? What are your budget sources?

How, you'll find your internal Business Council ready for it, working with, it, descending the added value that the CRM can add to Europeanization, rural establishment.

And, finally, nearly a quarter of a point, what is the customer journey that you would like to provide?

It's not only a matter of knowing your customer by having basic personal data, having some records of historical transactions, plus some records of customer service, like a delivery problem, or?

Return of some goods, or No, you mean 100% to design your conceptual management progress and community greeted with the RFP in a way that you alone three words.

Tarek El Goweiny.Predictive intelligence that works and provide real-time scenarios with data driven insights that are able to deliver the optimal customer experience that you initially lampl.

Here there's a lot of new factors because it's not new, but I'm talking about new business. Let's think, Geez.

And the first factor of it is this isn't it.

The online activities aple most, the ability and the flow of the market data, economical data, the credit score, and history everywhere in the world, financial filings and add on applications like the geographical sense, location, maps, and so on.

Organization, approach, achieve this, have to sense the idea and the added value of the AI enabled CRM application.


First, is it B2B or B2C?

Second, how can they make the customer, those are to the business, to let them understand better, is their customers, and what he wants, he or she wants. And how we can serve him, but, sort of him.


Better, to make it more intimate, more loyal.

Their tracks, perfect, understands, the changing culture, or the management change, management process, that allows the organization to change from the classical menu, will or 1 to 1.

Communication through a digital committed process of customer service that generate more data about the custom and allow organization to move forward.

Being in the heart of the operation now, ...

the customer synthetic business process, what is the process?

Add the team that we will have now and will help work on achieving this more to be.

It wasn't for the customer, more sensible, sundin, with customers, digitalization, shifting, agenda.

So every organization needs to understand the ability to understand the customer.

Engagement, the customer earned the trust was the first transactions.

The customer is the permission.

It's not just understanding the importance of the change management.

And the new millennium are by tax.

They have to, I understand very well involvement, help put the customer in the center of the business.

I need to talk about credit process in any company. I'm not talking about banks. I'm talking about.

S&P is efforts to dissuade for any B2B or B2C company.

Here's the customer confining is very important with a lot of data about him or her and the future of him or her and the requests of him or her with the credit issue that can allow you to give that much prudent or not this profiling.

We'll, allow the customer to be more transparent in this, the cost to the company, and I love the company, to be able to manage the risk of dealing with a new transaction, was unmovable, for first time customer.

And, to move forward with them.

It was a kind of profiling with everybody, dealing with the client, understand exactly who's C or C, and what they want and what disease: the ability and the requirements and needs of him, how to create this, did this first send your business, you service? What are we providing plant?

Btog CTAHere would give me, we've come back to, Yeah, the business model, the initial first sets of establishing the business, what is the core value that you are adding to the market?

And what does the proposed, bad news?

That you think that the customer, once it, and you are the best one to provide it to?

I don't want to give a lot of examples, but one of the major difference of the service approach of Uber versus the classical cap or tax, a lot of people in the beginning, they were very much afraid of.

I'm talking about maybe Middle East, let, I'm sure this happens everywhere in the world, give the credit card details into any unknown of the piece. So what about if I put you can do, now, people do just group to have a good God, You don't have cash, No problem.

And that, to service the Uber provide, not, only transportation, but there's a kind of security.

It's a kind of availability time factor and location fact.

So, when we talk about, we're talking about even change of the surface.

So, the way of services is the quality of service worker, the variety of the service, knowing this on having a lot of data connected to the CRM for any service, will allow for consent.

Whether it's a demand, what is they're successful areas off of your organization, or graphical areas that you can complete bits of.

So, again, it's up to you to return back to this data, and to decide, should I move forward? Here, should develop use. Down here, should I review my process here?

All of this analysis of the customer experience and the feedback that you get, every, second from the users, or from the customer, or the client, will have a lot to improve. The service, and service would improve the customer journey, the customers improve.

The feedback, and the feedback will improve.

All this, now is 100% data driven journey.

This data we've never appeared or would never come, unless the system is 100% integrated with all the batch forms of this client journey.

Most important thing, when you tend to capture, when you focus on the customer, don't forget that at the end of the day, this will be done by people, by your people.

So, you have to be very much Kim to be sort of the people and to serve the people will serve the client, that these people are, the people are ready for, change. These, people are qualified to give to students, these people believed, changed.


Facilitate the change for these people by providing the right technology, and the training of this technology, these people.

And with a kind of, that, The understanding of the whole process, why you are doing this?

Because, one of the challenges, one of the obvious stuff, that this is the transformation initiative to fill for, the people, doing, the, under, the impression that this is, again, reasonably good diluted job was empty automated AI.

Yeah, Typically, it would be taken.

Yeah, I'm not in any organization.

So, again, one of the things that we have too focused on it, too.

two, to allow the journey to be successful, is to row across the departments. So, there's no isolated Island departments.

People ask the ship, the function has to be cross all the departments.

The sharing of the data would be showing off of success, would be kind of corporate governance, and everywhere will allow people to send their monitor.

And they will understand very well, how can be the liver surface that are decided, or the quality of served over, some of the set by the management, and paid by the customer.

So, the technology here, these are no doubt that the technologies available and I think it's available certainly to everybody.

And the prices of goods aren't getting non inbound with the Cloud spread all over the world, the Cloud computing overdo it, people now suspicions of startups. These save a lot of money in the infrastructure by B on the Cloud.

So, the investment of the IT is low.

So, what is the problem?

Problem give is, first of all, to decide what do you want?

Number one, what do you want as a company?

What is the reason parts of your business model?

What does the differentiation, or the competitive edge of view, versus the competitors, are?

Few as newcomer or as outcome got old.

How we want to approach, for example, the famous brick and mortar, most of these suffer a lot in transforming the process from brick and mortar or omnichannel.

Facing this kind of challenges and challenge of, of changes, again, the new companies that come, for example, as e-commerce com, sometimes you lose focus.

Sometimes, they lose track of managing the same service in the same standard, with the same premises, the same quality.

So, the change of ongoing company is far bigger and more harder, and difficult that that the companies that they are, they are starting as just the comments.

If the change of color is very important and very cutting edge, success factors, listening to customize.

This is another story that a lot of capability built this big company investment, as much I've done not providing the enough incentives to understand and listen to customers.

Now, with a lot of applications, you can understand very well your business, either through the social media or to communication channels, and, uh, chatting platforms, applications, which is enabled for business, specifically for business. Like, for example, whatsapp business and a lot at following.

Same, next.

So the question here: How to embed the customer listening in your business and have to do with it, Customer listening will create a lot of other add value to flutter.


This will give the feedback that we will run, Having a business, having to join me, getting feedback, getting data, then you divisive process. Then you deliver again after.

if it.

So, the customer, voice is vital factor for you, service excellence or quantity provided to a customer.

So, investing in this listening will drive facets of the change that you're promising.

Ooh, ooh. Ooh. Ooh, Ooh.

Here, when we consolidate all of these still now, we don't have that much products off.


Let's see out of him, can provide all of this.

For example, when we talk about the features, the system media integration, social media dashboards, media, AI, anticipation or prediction.

This is a kind of very specialized knowledge that a lot of companies do provide split into different than the e-mail blasting, uh, products or or services that others are too.

There's another story here of L'Oreal.

It's a scheme, which is a lot of the CRM platform don't provide reality, but they provide the service integrating, with the reality to the clients.

So we will have to get another adult.

The same one we talked about, let us take one example, which is one of the challenges that we face in our group, Which is the service delivery.

When we want to apply the same standard of service delivery to the construction company, which is B2B, with a lot of sophistication, which we have to take it in consideration while we are designing for them, or The customer journey, and the view of the customer, maybe a governmental office, maybe a private sector, may be big project next move.

Achieve integration will happen with kind of project management, software or application that has three degrees with the delivery that we give you, exactly the the the plan project.

Event Email Graphic Virtual Conferences (17)-4Is the communication channels, which is the update of all reports related to it.

Starting from the cash flow to board, the progress, percentage report, the ..., Quality Health Safety and Environmental Report scores, yeast infections, audits, and at the end, they invoice.

If you or anybody can have all this kind of integrations and add ons within the ...

jorn each test mode, tweet it with a kind of personalization and integrated 100% to the ELP.

I guess personal, we'll look at the company from different perspective because no other, not a lot of other companies are looking at them.

This is great.

Thus with, as we mentioned before, start with the planning what we want to do.

I want to, Because we want the customer to get you out, to deliver your message.

I'll use the social media to TechSoup two, as the two ways, Trello, of communication, You deliver your message: delivery with promise, I understand what's happening, you understand, what the client wants, what's your customer wall?

And, at the end of the day, was the whole Earth, so that I will find yourself in a predictive morn, that you can understand what happened, and then send, what should happen.

Where's the customer service journey that you're talking about?

Here, this guy llama that everybody, this it, all over the world, is sorted out by this approach.

Why it's not 100% and rooted everywhere. That's because of the urban niche.

When we talk about strategy, for example, the balanced scorecard, implementing strategy or performance management for any company, as we all understand, the learning management schools, more than 80% of all over the world.

Our affiliate, too, to implement this, to understand this.

Yes, they have, maybe they have the desire, maybe they have the interest, Maybe they have kind of knowledge of how to send the plans.

But, you will find a lot of culture change, the challenges that we face, everybody in the resourcing and communication and delivering to you last touch point of you to deliver the strategy.

These are the same atmosphere, in addition to, that requires technology, that can deliver what they promise.


Because of the tunnel dimick a lot of things have been developed and amusing.

Sure, Time.

Like the goodwill.

Now, for example, before we never saw that, this wouldn't be a classical scenario.

But also something like this was exceptional.

Now it comes like a classical scenario of meeting with people or talking to each other It's changing then the commission and the experience that we have from all over the world.

I can see people here from every corner of the planet just meeting on a screen This is the same happened to the e-commerce when we were talking about the e-commerce fund use back.

We were talking about, the grocery, e-commerce, which, one of the excuse we have right now, and you cannot imagine how much it's booming in movie, as an example, and Middle East in general, which you are talking about more than 40% year over year, 40%.

I know in America, or in the North America and Europe, it is exceeding now 18 and 20% and I know it started early and far East.

But in new e-mails, you are talking about 40% plus, was talking about beliefs, are talking about when everybody is suffering from the economics, grass due to the pandemic. Everybody now working in e-commerce is dreaming of the billions lives.

There are lot of startup launching IPOs and acquisitions that are touching billions of dollars in no time.

Just because these people were head with the idea ahead with accessibility to the market and what the client wants, what the future, what is the new millennium innovation, understand and prefer.

And the capability of reaching them using this is the capabilities and new technologies to reach them, first, to acquire the customer, to retailer, to communicate, to deliver, and to make sure that they are in the right.

one of these companies, for example, at a company called ...

which has been sought to Amazon, uh, Don't come with that means So Amazon for $6.7 billion transaction 2 or 3 years back now Sue is Amazon.

Now Amazon in the Middle East is a very fast morn is expanding in Saudi Arabia and Egypt which is a big Stew, markets in the Middle East, and All other, more of a commercial following because it's not only Amazon is growing. It is the whole market is growing. It is the support services are growing. It is the client as well.

Shopping behavior has been change it towards this e-commerce, which became, like, the first fruits, like the most convenient mode of purchasing right now.

If you are token B2B and shopping, you feel cooking B2C.

The Ghost house is called Malls now, on another chance for the business environment because people did build them and invest billions of dollars in the Middle East for due to the climate conditions in the area.

Now, a lot of these modes are empty, or free, or vacant, so it's time to see in such areas to let sign sign just because people, these acceded to deliver this.

Time of service, customer centric mood was 100% Integrated CRM that can deliver the service and make sure the service is delivered.

The way the promise and we can use all of the data of the book through all the channels, I'm platform that they've never been available maybe 10 years back with the new application of artificial intelligence.

This the chatbots and the new ...

that deliver every day.

I don't see that the mode.

I'm not seeing the brick and mortar shops or stores were ..., but it is the generating it is closing 1 after 1, and it will be Available as well. So, there's something behavior for other social activities that people would love to go.

But Again, they will suffer with the new millennium to deliver the waves service that gets used day after day, so the people who would not, OK, that's slightly up looking about and we think that this is the future.

What about the price or the tax of not doing this?

The people not doing this are relying on their experience, lying on their knowledge without having insightful data that leads to a decision, and they after they do become in the gray area.

In the dark area, then they will not be given whether B2B or B2C.

As I mentioned before, from B, B to B, even.

Yes, the growth factor of the e-commerce of B2B and the customer service is lower than B2C.

But it is growing as well With other fight, but it is growing, people lose, again, is having any B2B, e-commerce, buffers the prices and they have from there, belief that they have to be conservative.

Price is not to be populist.

Then you can see Alibaba, then you can see all the other B2B platforms, how they are moving and growing.

The new supply chain, what deals with the online bidding for companies, and the integration.

This is the CRM of the suppliers knowing the volume was everyone. Doing the trends, going the movement up or down in every movement of the prices will give them the priority. And to see 4 or 5 steps ahead. I'm talking about not later, would be 10 steps ahead of other competitors.

That they don't have such data and just just relying on their experience, taking things for granted.

It's the kind of taboo that cannot be touched.

The last but not least, which a very important point that we try to here in, in, in the AI platforms of CIS, uh, the customer service, corporate governance how to make sure that that the customer is getting 100% the service and the measure.

For example, when we talk about efficiency, and this is one of the tests that we have done, would we have tested the efficiency of the cashier of our southern markets by calculating how long average is each transaction is getting.

How long, average basket that they are achieving, and what is the speed of service that they provide along the, Q is gifting.

Screenshot (4)Moving in the supermarket and the effect of this, the customer feedback, trust me that that the results are abusing, especially if you can involve some kind of cameras and you.

Yeah, Have your own analysis and insights out of this.

Other point of this, corporate governance, is it good to see?

We, as an example, developed, did you see, as I mentioned before, stands for quality, health, safety, and environment.

We have developed a platform, as an example, to monitor and, it's very simple technique. I'm not saying it's very sophisticated.

The sophistication here is the speed and analytics off quality.

And that helps.

When we talk about the heads.

For example, if you give an example of a supermarket having sensors in each print, giving the temperature of the fridge and giving alarm will give the temperature is lower than the fridge and giving automated maintenance order allocator maintenance guy.

That would be alarmed immediately if that sense of if the temperature is stop.

So, translate this into a maintenance or the phrygian has to be maintained, the maintenance guy has to go immediately.

I'm all this process from the reading of the temperature up to the maintenance and closing that the, the, the job order of the maintenance on his McGuire.

I'm giving you close out report and listing all of this into calculation of the safety, the food safety, and the hazop systems, that the food is always not in the risk, isn't the right temperature, isn't the right quality. It's not melted if it does ice cream, it's not written.

It's not having wrong direction of temperature, the same from vehicles, the same for speed, the same optimization, all of this facilitating all of this. We start to see we see 60 degree vision from the management.

I think, now, it is important, it is, So it is difficult, Just unbelievable.

Or to keep you, provided that, from the beginning division is very clear, such she is transparent, the strategy is communicated to, the lower level of completes up to the touch with the customer.

And filter versus the same will come back, which you can measure, the performance of this stuff with the customer.

You can review what the customer would say, you can understand all the data of the customer and you can personalize more and more and more this service to this customer.

Like, for example, just very normal practice now, when the first time you can about it does for us metric, now it looks OK by descending order to make it happy birthday cards, That was the customer and their birthday.

This is a very nice touching point, emotionally, the claim that makes them feeling like it's part of the feminine or sending a small gift center.

Which does this, in the first day, every day it generates a list of goods, customers, even if they're not active customers, Once he came back, he's in the list sent to him or her based on the gender and just keeping the customer all the time connected.

Having the feeling that it is personalized.

Surfaced from us to him, remembering him or her birthday, delivering to his door, knowing his address. So we deliver this to his doorstep.

I mean communication and sometimes when we have kind of the possibility of holding him, seeing him or her, telling him or telling her Africa stay for one of our customer service stuff.

Just read this scan. The things is amazing.

The last in this issue is the personalized advertize.

Having the data is enough reason to communicate with him or her in a kind of personalized advertisement.

You got, sent for in some metrics to a man, I mean, permanent cosmetics to men, or pumpkins.

The goods for a single man.

Address, unless, you know what I'm doing is made the noise, the noise, the noise, simply because I'm always religion, even the religious holidays so you send them in, uh, the Hindu holidays curved for the solid day four Christmas for Christians. Ramadan Blessings for Muslims, and so on. This, again, will do the same.

Lifting all these forces, and knowing all the steps, I'm working on, change management and advising all technologist.

I'm reviewing all the insights and having predictive analytics that allow you to send more to the future.

I think this is that it's not a luxury now, as it becomes, like a must to new customer.

To have the customer, in the center process, or in the center of the process that you are managing right now, starting today, as I'm always saying, to my stuff, by opening the ... opening the year.

Thank you very much.

Thank you, Tara, Look, fantastic. Thank you, Jim.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Just some questions coming through.

Oh, the Salesforce, you mentioned salesforce dot com, may be the main vehicle that yeah, that we all use, what do you see in that space, because they are kind of capitalizing on that entire market players?

Are there any other players that are providing better customer relationship tools or are they just that's it, that's where you need to go watch whether you're OK.

Tarek El Goweiny.OK, first of all, yes, since since let me talk freely without any sensitivity towards the rebranding, can I?

Sure. Sure.

Sooner, we have, at an example, we have a CRM product sources, the biggest competitor if I consider yourself compelled, but honestly speaking, Salesforce is that it combines the rank number one CRM in the world.

Yeah, Why?

Because I believe it's cloud, It's faster, and it started the process before others, So it's almost like a market leader, like a brand.

You know, in Let me tell you something, you will maybe. yes, it's fair. It's unfair.

When we in the supermarket where we would the self's, again, it's about customer service.

By the way, we have number one when we put what is the market leader in this product.

So for example, when I'm talking about the Middle East, the most likely that in some coffee, for example, you will find 80% of the innocent .... Ms. Coffey doesn't mean that other companies are bad at the country. Maybe the other courses are better quality.

But this is a market leader. Yes. So that the Salesforce is the market leader for the CRM.

However, there is a lot of good science that I've seen it from a lot of developers, and, of course, here, this is the fact that they can see every day in the IT market.

That, the big see, Oracle, sap, and Microsoft Dynamics are working very hard on developing improvement. That can compete with Salesforce. Yeah, they haven't thought of the last 20, 30 years. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah, 3 or four years back.

There was a very tough negotiations or let us say, approach not to misuse from Oracle to acquire Salesforce.

But, now, when you look at the, this is the bucket value in it.

You will find now that Salesforce became bigger, and this is, this is an indication that gives everybody the importance of the CRM has problems, Forget the brand. As a pro, the importance of the CRM.

For me, when we implemented first time share in the company, long time back. Everybody was looking at the CRM as a burden.

Because I'm a sales man, I'm going to have a successful, I'm coming back. Direct, congratulations.

I'm telling you, is there any salesperson who believes a CRM helps them do their jobs?

Of course, I know the funny thing that one of the cells, men told me, Sorry, I will not put any data in the slide. That is not the company that you have the invoice or collect, the money, you get the money back. Thank you very much.

Again, let us come back to your question.

There is, I'm talking about you and I'm sure that it's available everywhere. There is some good local developers, they are cheaper, or they are more economical.

And the more, and this is the most important thing, that that when people, that this is my advice, when people choose any software, people are always fascinated thing by the brand.

And see why maybe you are not really ready for, That's number one. Maybe it is far bigger than what you need.

Start by small thing, learn in a culture, and then you can develop an upgrade.

Number three is the customization.

Sometimes some companies give a free product or a or more economical product, and he hits you heavily in the customization and configuration and integration.

And this C elements invite yours, in most cases, are now more expensive than the software itself.


You have to have a look further because again, my advice to anyone for the software or the customer service platform or the CRM.

Look at the future while you are buying the current of the prism, mmm hmm.

Wasn't that's why you have to put down all the journey that you want to start. The journey.

was you can't afford now whether financially or or culturally or from the HR point of view do you have enough stuff to do like no drop the caliber.

Let's remember to do like this or believed in this or you need to have training.

So, yes, it's probably the most famous one, but they have a lot of internet, some other luxury brands.

So, for example, is doing good job, and it is very famous and .... Kim.

Just to see, is back, and I think, I'm, if I'm not mistaken, that is number two. Now in the market, the view is competing with others.


Because it's, it's very cheap, it's very accessible, it's very easy to because sometimes, but, is it very powerful?


I think, when we come back to the customer experience, and we print pull it back in, know, especially in the B2B market, where the salesperson is king as far as understanding the customer experience, except the service person who shows up every once in awhile.

But the Account managers who own the customer?


Yeah, they, they own the customer, They own new customers, bringing them, and they are, They need to find out as much as they can about that customer, to protect their own job. They don't feel comfortable putting it in any system. Because that, yes, that's their IP.

That's their value.

So, you kind of have a dichotomy here, is you want it.


Journey maps of your experience, of your customers, But the, your sales reps who are the closest to them.

They feel that that's theirs, and they don't want to give that up, because they're worried about their job and they're worried about things where the company says, no, you don't know that we own it.

So you have that kind of push pull, kind of situation of trying to uncover the customer's journey map.

So, have you, do you have any best practices around how to kind of tear down those walls, because we had them not understanding what the customer wants, so we can actually make what the customer really wants instead of? You people are. So this is the big discussion point.

I always get into so I'd love to hear your Yeah, I Guarantee you, I'm not sure if I have the best practices, but but I can have all the facts is up to the termination of the paper, which is the last the last laugh, but this sometimes for others to the system.

But one of the best practices, I believe in that one of the guys I set with them personally and I convinced them, I said, listen, let's have what's called win-win situation.

Permission is feeding them. I said, Yes. He said, Yes.

I said, OK, what about if I help you to get more, say, again, multiple mission, so you get the when I get the wind up having the death of the customers and all those kinds of things that we implement this. So the newcomers would follow.

And then, once, Jim, let me tell you something that. works.

Great in all management processes, it's very easy to biotechnology is very easy to do.

Live your dreams if you have a kind of financial resource and I will bring the best practice, I would bring the best software on that. And then if people resist you suffer a lot, I personally haven't looked into that. Suddenly it looks easy telling people to do this, you do it tomorrow.

No, we suffer. So let's go to this guy.

I asked them one course dream of something that you were thinking off your hand while you are sitting with the claps.

And by the way, this was a company of Food Supply, as an example. I'm just giving you the whole life, so I don't need to have a mobile app that puts a click. I can see the inventory so I can answer declined while I'm sitting with him. I said, Done.

Very young once.

Yeah, Once he started to use this mobile application, the version of the CRM, having accessibility to the inventory, telling that when you tell me, Do you have 30 catkins of this supplier? So then I have my immobile.

And I click on, on, on, on that.

And then I'll tell you, OK, Jim. Yes, I have.

So, sir, I will not go into what's called the system and putting passwords on blah, blah blah, We made it official express, official government, sir, my mobile is very bad, but we give them double byte smart homes.

Event Email Graphic Virtual Conferences (17)-4But yeah, yeah.

To be successful, right, yeah. I don't then later discovered something that it became very upset of it, but now let me get that once vision recognition. It gives the locus.

Right now, when you equipment, as it says, well, I understand that you are sitting with Jim.

You're not sitting somewhere else and you have a house.

By the way, these, these kind of things.

It helps even for there, for example, when we talk about that, the connectivity of the delivery vehicles, now that drivers, I'm doing bikes, foods, just knowing that they are monitored.

And when they cross the limit of speed, and to get them to vacation by message from the system, listen you are your fastest, slow down, blah, blah, blah.

Trust me, the number of accidents we have now is almost nil, almost nil.

So they understand that there's good, even for the lives, that I wanted to know where that's the 100% of the car.

In our system, we monitor the fridge temperature, while the car is on the road. Because one of the problem that we face with the client reviews, that sometimes when we send them, the things become the frozen or melting, the fringe is not the right temperature. That, you know, these kinds of things of food sensitivity towards the temperature.

So, having this monitoring system bought all the vehicles late.

It's not, because sometimes some companies, they do the receiving, within a very limited, A number of hours in the early morning, silicon, close the receiving area, and they can work on the production.

I'm talking about food.

Monitoring this. Help drivers woke up early to go in and see if more than and speed and to have the fridge in the right temperature. And to deliver the right time and the right temperatures. And increased the customer satisfaction from the service excellence that we provide.

The driver, 100% is happy because it's safe, And he doesn't need to go over to speak to deliver in time.


Terry, thank you for those insights. Thank you.

First of all, we are out of time, but I think we could go for another hour. I would enjoy it.

So, talking about services will be endless. Sets, right. Well, thank you so much.

The story signs off again, thank you so much for your providing insights. It's about for people, it's about the technology, but at the end of the day, it's about the people, right?

100%, that's why let's connect on LinkedIn, and you have are, yeah, look forward to it. Alright. Alright, thank you Deborah, Thanks.

All right, thank you.

All right, so ... gave that fantastic presentation, really?

No the practicality, The customer experience is fantastic. Thank you so much Terry.

And at the top of the hour I will be presenting at and the title of my talk, If I just put it out there is Discovering Growth through your customer needs and Priorities.

I look forward to seeing you at the top. They are! Thank you, and have a nice break.


About the Author

Tarek El Goweiny-1Tarek El Goweiny,
NCC Group ME.

Graduated from Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management in Alexandria University-Egypt in 1989. Held various management positions in International Companies of Hospitality and Retail management in the MENA region.

 As an entrepreneur of multiple business activities in MENA region covering retail, Hospitality, Engineering, FM, IT, QHSE, Laboratories, and SC & logistics services. He joined NCC Group as General Manager in 2007, currently a Group CEO, Chairman of GECKO,GRAKO & TSME FM companies, Board of Directors member in Al Raha International Integrated Facilities Management LLC ( ALDAR subsidiary ), CEO & Founder of Business DNA Company and was a Chairman of OPAL-NCC Company (2014-2015). 

Initiating Souq Planet concept as the first digital supermarket in the Middle East, and awarded the Business DNA "The Best Retail IT Solution Provider in the Middle East" by Reseller Magazine 2015

are milestones in an ongoing journey for changing the business culture & environment in the region.

Used to be a sports analyst in MBC online 2009-2010, Dubai sports channel 2012-2013, author of “Liverpool the city and the team” book 2021, and a speaker for various TV programs and events.


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