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April 20, 2022

BTOES in Financial Services Live - SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT: Financial Services Transformation

Courtesy of Christopher Hodges' below is a transcript of his speaking session on 'Financial Services Transformation' to Build a Thriving Enterprise that took place at the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Summit in Financial Services Live.

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Session Information:

Financial Services Transformation

Session Transcript:

This whole concept of noble automation, and intelligent automation in our space.

And I'd like to just put it into context in the rest of these sessions, and then tell you a story.

And it's a story that involves drug running, crime, theft, technology, and heroes. And promise, I'll tell you a little story. But it's real. And that's the important part, is, how does all this stuff come together?

So, yesterday, and the day before, I'd, as

Christopher Hodges 2 Img I said, I'd like to have everyone, just for a moment, think about, you're on a journey.

And that journey that you're on maybe, is, too plow your way through the Amazon jungle.

And have an adventure and find treasure on the other side.

Or maybe it's to climb Mount Everest. And you want to get to the top of Mount Everest, or if you're really bold K two, which I think, is the second-highest mountain, right, near Mount Everest, or maybe it's two to cross the Gobi Desert. You know with a Jeep or whatever you're gonna do.

That is what business transformation is, to me.

To some extent, it is a, it is a journey, it is a, a, a challenge, it's a series of barriers that you have to overcome and work through. And while it may not have the glamor of climbing to the Mount Everest, you won't die. Business transformation, which a lot of people do climbing Everest.

And this session, this three day session, I look at, as, you're at base camp, we'll use Everest for an example.

You're at base camp, and at base camp, you want to know what tools, what guides, what help you can get to make this journey, to go to the top of the mountain or through the jungle.

And what you're hearing in each one of these presentations, is a potential tool or a potential sherpa you can reach out to Or just read everything that sherpa has written, and understand these tools and techniques? And then, figure out how they fit in your individual journey.

Because the only thing, dumber, than taking on a really risky journey is to do so, without learning from what other people have done. Don't make the same mistakes that they've made, or I've made, or anyone else has made, I'd like to know your mistakes, as well, So, I don't make those same ones. So, that's what this three day session is, in my view.

So, some of the sessions, you'll either, you watch them, or you go back and look at them.

You should be taking detailed notes about some of those sessions, because they speak directly to you.

They speak directly to the challenge that you're facing, or you anticipate facing. and others. You know, a drink, a cup of coffee and a cup of tea and say, well, that one doesn't apply to me, That's not my specific world.

But I hope that several of these sessions have given you the will to go back and say, I've got to write 3 or 4 or 5 points down from those, because those can be really useful.

And that's that's the way I view it. And we've got three more of those to go for the rest of the day.

So I'm going to tell you a story right now about what intelligent automation looks like.

And if you watch my presentation on the first day, cut what I call, helping humans be heroes.

And how that can actually look in an environment, the story I told on Monday was about financial services.

This is a story that's almost, it's amazing, it's just surprising. It's something that I guess what happened to a person who talks about novel automation, but that's the story I'm going to tell you.

So let me click over to sharing my screen.

OK, Brian, are you, are you on, can you see what, what's popping up on my screen?

Btog CTAI can't see anything, because you have a nice shot of Superman: OK all right, so Unfortunately I don't know how to get rid of the this the menu bar at the bottom of my screen. It's all right, that's that's not important. It's not gonna make a difference.

All right, So if I could, let me start the story this way.

This is a story, A real story about how humans can be helped to be heroes with technology.

I've talked earlier about, what do I mean by what a hero actually is?

And a hero is not flying through the sky with a Cape and X Ray. Vision.

A hero is a person who is able to bring themselves to a higher level of performance than the people around them, or, more and more importantly, a higher level of performance than they themselves have been able to achieve, and maybe it's to transcend itself. You know, be I'll be on where they were.

And that can be as simple as, I've never figured out how to put a formula into a spreadsheet from a really young employee.

Or maybe it's running a team meeting, you know, as a young manager, or a young participant on reading, or maybe it's a manager running multiple teams for the first time, or maybe it's Elon Musk, buying Twitter. That's a huge undertaking. I don't know if you saw that this morning in the news, but it looks like that's what he's going to do. Each one of those steps is a major Growth step, and that is what Being Hero is. And that's what I fundamentally believe, in my years of work.

That, when people believe they are able to do that at work, when they are able to be heroic, they rise to a new level of performance. And so do our companies.

And so that's what this story is about.

So let me move forward. Oh, sorry, OK.

So here's the way this story starts.

I was leaving the Navy, which you may have heard from Monday or Tuesday, I was leaving the Navy graduating from business school, and that's great. That was exciting. That was a big deal for me.

I was first kid my family to go to college, and I was about to make this big transformation, big life transformation, at least that's what I thought.

But I had one huge problem to graduate, So I made it through the classes, and had done the tests, and all the stuff I had to do.

But in order to graduate, you had to take these final exams, and these final exams had to be written in longhand.

Now, I don't know about you guys, but when's the last time he wrote a lot of stuff other than happy birthday in a birthday card in longhand.

But I realized my two years of education in graduate school were going to come down to me looking like an idiot who couldn't write.

And the reason for that is not only can I not write, I'm left-handed.

So when you're left-handed and you put up an ink pen in your hand and you write, especially when you're nervous taking a test, you smear the ink all over the page.

So my entire graduate school graduation was going to be based on whether I could do something that I was gonna look like a, a third grader and I was just smear ink all over the place.

Well, fortunately, my mom said her dad on the story and my mom was not of great financial means at the time of this.

She bought me a fountain pen.

The reason a fountain pen is so important is because the ink dries very fast on a fountain pen to use water basting.

So you can take longhand exams, and they're great for left-handed people.

This seemed like something out of than, you know, 18 hundreds, but anyway, she bought me this fountain pen.

As a result of that fountain pen, I was able to pass the test, right.

So, I got out of graduate school and I got into the work world.

And, years and months, go by!

And recently, this summer, this is after work history that you don't need to know about. My wife and I take a vacation.

and it's a place called the Springs Hotel in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

And this is a picture of the Springs Hotel, Dieu right on the river.

In each one of those little umbrellas is right, near 25 Hot Springs. There's a big hot spring that comes out of the ground there. It's been there since the days of the Native Americans discovered than that tastic hot springs, you go sit in these hot springs, and that's wonderful, so we took a trip to Progressive Springs.

There's another view of what, what the place looks like.

Beautiful little hotel, and we stayed in this room in the Pagosa Springs Hotel, and we stayed there for a couple of days, and then we left.

in the morning, 10 o'clock in the morning, we drive out. And this is kinda what the hotel room looked like. There's two sides of the hotel, less expensive side, and a more expensive side.

We stayed in the less expensive side. This is what the room looked like.

Well, unfortunately, when I walked out of the door, I was the last one out of the hotel room, I left my backpack on the bed, on the bed. That look just like the bed that you're seeing right now. I didn't realize that we drove five hours back to Denver.

And I realized, oh my God, I left my backpack.

And that's about how I felt when you see this picture. I left my backpack. Well, OK. I called the hotel, and I said, I'm so sorry, so such a stupid thing to do, I left my backpack on the hotel, on the bed.

Can you, let's figure out a way, Can you FedEx it to me or if I have to all come down and pick it up in the backpack, was my MacBook Computer.

Not the one I'm on right now, but a MacBook Computer, an iPad, camera, accessories, whole bunch of other stuff in this little blue backpack.

And unfortunately, the fountain pen that my mother had given me, was in that bag.

And before, before I left London, I found this man who looked like, if you've ever seen Harry Potter, you look like the old man who sold the wands in Harry Potter.

And he was about that old, and he had hand engraved into the little gold stand my name.

So it's not like I could just go buy another fountain pen that look the same.

This guy looking, like all of Andrea had written, my name in this pen, I was, I was like, Oh my God, And all the other stuff that you have to replace it. You can, this pen is stuck in this bag. So I call them. They said, Oh, well, we haven't seen it yet. And I said, OK.

Well, on Monday morning, you know, when the housekeeping people all come in, you know, please let me know what the story is and we'll do it.

Monday comes, I don't hear anything back from the hotel.

I call and say, hey, did you find the bag?

28Well, nobody turned it in, and we've checked everywhere, and, uh, we don't know what to tell you. And they sounded really, you know, kind of torn up about it, because obviously, a guest just lost something.

So, I don't know what to do at that point. I guy called the manager back a couple of times, this goes for a couple of days.

And, finally, the hotel manager, the person I spoke to named Todd, said, We can't find it. We didn't know what to do.

And I said, well, you can, can you check with those little cards and stick in the door and see who was in the room?

And they found out who was in the room.

But they said well, we've spoken to the people who could have been in there and nobody's seen it. Nobody's seen your bag.

So now I'm really I don't know what to do. I figure like, well, I'm going to have to call the police or something, right? to get a police report, so I can go and get the insurance back on this thing?

So that's what I do.

I call the police and the police in Pagosa Springs are wonderful people, but it is not a very big town.

And the policeman I spoke to His name was Scott.

It turns out he he was a retired policeman. He only worked two days a week. And I caught him on the second of those two days. So I went to describe. I said, Look. I was staying in a hotel. And awe and I told them the whole story.

And he stopped me and he said, what hotel? Where are you staying in?

And I said, oh, is it the Springs, the one with all the Hot Springs.

And he paused and he said, oh, that's going to be kinda tough. That hotel has a history.

What's a history?

And he said, well, it was started by a guy who used to be a race car driver.

And in fact, I think he was a Formula one race car driver, but he wasn't a very good hotel. A very good racecar driver it turns out.

But what he was really good at is running drugs.

Now this is off of a retired policeman. I don't know the full story of this, but this is what he told me.

So originally, the hotel was built by a guy who was a Racecar driver, wasn't very good, and then somehow got connected to the drug cartels. By the way, this hotel is not very far from New Mexico, which is where breaking bad was actually for a film.

So he says, Look, I don't know, now what the recurrent situation is that the hotel, but before, they didn't like the police walking in there and talking to them. And so, I don't know what to tell you, Adsense. No, no, no, no. And then he says, since I'm only part-time, you'll have to call me back in five days when I come back to work.

Now, in that bag is my Mac book, which has the manuscript of the book that I was working on. That was meant to be published in January, which is by the way, it was published in January. So the book is in there. The pen is in there. So, horrible situation.

So, I let him go. He's doing this thing, and he's going to go talk to the hotel, and I don't hear back from him.

And I think, well, OK. The bag was stolen. The electronic stuff is all gone? Maybe the pen. Somebody took the pen to an antique store.

Because who the heck wants a fountain pen with somebody else's name on it?

So I get the list of all the antique stores in Pagosa Springs, and I look them all up.

I start calling one after another.

So this is about a day after I talked with policemen and the third antique store, the woman answers the phone, as she says, Oh, I'm, wow. That's so, that's so sad. We haven't senior pen.


My husband is a policeman and he knows about these kinds of things. I said, don't tell me your husband's name, is Scott.

And it was her husband is sitting next door at the Antiques Door who is off-duty now because he's not working right. So he's off duty on those off-duty days. Anyway, she says the **** shop called us this morning and said, someone is trying to sell stolen goods, maybe they've got your laptop and your iPad.

So I call the Pawnshop.

the Pawnshop says, Well, as a matter of fact, we kicked a guy out and his girlfriend earlier this week trying to sell stolen stuff.

Well, do you know who it was yet?

As a matter of fact, yeah.

The manager knew them.

They had come in a month before and a month before they tried to sell a bunch of stolen stuff and emptied a stolen TV.

I said, well, that's great. And then he says to me, and she left a nasty review on Google Store.

So I go to Google. I look her up. I find her, I find the high school she went to.

So I get the name of the person who filed the report and I call the Pagosa Springs Hotel.

Does this person work for you?

I'm all excited.

No, They don't.

All right. So this game is over at this point, right? The bag is gone. Everything's gone. I'm about to file a police report. I have to go buy a new Mac.

So, buy a new Mac computer. That was expensive.

Got my new Mac, I'm sitting on the couch. I open up the screen. I'm doing whatever I'm doing in Ping.

An alarm goes off on my Mac and it says, Your iPad is in the parking lot of the Pagosa Springs Hotel.

And I went, Well, that's exciting. I forgot to say this.

On my phone, the day after we had left the hotel, I got an indicator that the MacBook was still at the hotel, that was like an hour and a half after we left, So I knew it was there. I didn't leave it at some gas station.

So now, I get an indication of my iPad's in the parking lot of the hotel, but now, roll forward.

It's Sunday, the manager's off of the hotel, and it's been six days since I left all this stuff. The batteries have got to be dying, right?

Screenshot (4)So, I call the hotel immediately. And they say, well, Todd is not here. It's the weekend.

But the spa manager, Jennifer, is here.

So Jennifer comes to the phone.

Jennifer says, as spot managers, what I'm so sorry, it sounds like your inner Harmony has been just she didn't really say. But it was some very soothing thing. And I said, my iPad, my MacBook. It's in your parking lot.

I can see it on the map, right in the middle of the parking lot.

And she said, well, we went out to the parking lot, and we didn't see an iPad. I'm not kidding. I said, no, it's probably in the trunk of the car. Somebody stole it. Right.

And she says, well, rightly so.

She can't open up the trunk of random people's cars looking for a missing iPad.

So, you know in the roller coaster ride of ups and downs, I'm heartbroken again right now it's gone at this point there's nothing that can be done.

Jennifer, it can give me a great um, deep tissue massage, but you can't get my iPad back.

So I'm kinda Dinah said it's still sitting on the couch in the same position. I was before. Jennifer can't help me. The policeman can help me.

And my iPad, Ping's again.

And my iPad, this is on find my iPad on Apple or find my device.

My iPad is moving, and it is moving down the road to Durango, Colorado.

So I'm sitting there watching, and I kid you not watching my iPad hit at various WI fi points along the way indicating that it's Indore Angle, Colorado.

So at 9 0 PM, my iPad stops in Durango, Colorado, on a Sunday night, and it's in a duplex on one side of a duplex.

I can see it on Google Maps, where it is. And it's pinging brightly.

So, what do you do at 9 0 PM on a Sunday night?

So I called found a Deputy Marshall in the middle of Durango, Colorado, a young guy named Ray Moreland, who says to me on the phone, and re wants to be a hero. Jennifer wanted to be a hero. Todd, the hotel manager, wanted to be a hero. Find this thing, and resolve this, But none of them could. So Ray says, no, I didn't know this time. Raise a young guy. Motivated deputy, federal marshal. It's a big deal.

Sunday night, he says to me, Well, I'm sorry, Chris, to tell you, but the way these circumstances, when things like this happen, they don't usually work out very well.

So I'll, I'll call you back. If I can make anything happen.

9 zero PM, I'm still sitting on the couch and the same couch.

Few minutes go by. I'm like, well, OK, this isn't going anywhere.

15 minutes later, Ray Morland calls me on the phone.

And he says, so, Chris, what's in your blue bag?

And I said, well, I had this inventory, and the macro, I got an IP, I don't know like all this. Right?

Then he stops me.

And he says, what's in that little blue bag?

And I said, that is my pen.

That's the panel I told you about. It's in the blue bag and Neon zips I couldn't see him but he unzip the blue Bag. It pulls out the pen. And he said, Chris, I have all your stuff, I'll take it back to the field Marshal office. I'll call you tomorrow.

I couldn't believe it.

He hangs up. I watch my bag as the dying waning moments of the battery of my bad are about to expire. I watch my bag moved to the Deputy or the Marshals, Federal Marshals Office in Durango, Colorado.

The next day I talked to him.

And he says, Well, I've got your bag and we took care of the person. There's been no charges filed and all that. So that's that's happening with the person who by the way worked at that hotel, right? She was a housekeeper at that hotel.

And he says, How would you like to get your bag back? And I said, Well, Bray, I really need that. Can I come down and pick it up?

And he says, Well, I'm off on Thursday and Friday, but if you come down, don't tell him I could come. I'll come, I'll come into work on Thursday, right?

So this was the antique store. This is, this is the **** shop on this. Great. I forgot to show you these. This is the stolen TV that the person tried to sell.

I walked through my Facebook and I talked about five here. Here's that actually goes to sprigs on the screen. Here's the Pagosa Springs Hotel Parking Lot, right off my phone, showing where the iPad actually was.

And I talk to you about the spot manager. I got really carried away telling you this story. And here's the actual location of where the iPad was. I blocked off the street address, so you wouldn't see. This is all showing up on my individual phone.

Christopher Hodges 2 ImgOK, so here is Deputy Morland, who showed up on his day off to hand me back my computer, and my back, I couldn't have been happier. With deputy more, I asked him to show you his gun and his badge.

And what I asked, Deputy Moreland was: How did you get the bag back?

And this is where a deputy morland heroics shine brightly.

He's a young guy, or at least I think he's a young guy, compared to me.

He doesn't have a search warrant. He's got to walk up to the door of someone on Sunday night and accused them of theft.

Now, that's not bang bang police work. That's called psychology that's called dedicated to want to make something happen well, and that's exactly what he did.

So he walks through the door, and he says, I'm I'm here looking for some missing items, MacBook and iPad.

And the person who answers the door says, Oh, no, no. No, no, I have no idea what you're talking about.

Indefinitely moreland is about to walk away and he's standing in his uniform at the time, right, Not just this t-shirt. He's standing in his uniform.

And he's got his gun and all that, and he says, Well, one more thing, You know, kinda like a TV show, one more thing.

Anybody here happen to work in progress? This breaks?

And the person says, she does, and they pointed to the person at that point she panicked. She suddenly realized she she'd been had no search warrant, no eyewitness evidence.

He gets her to give up the bag. So that's what happened.

And the only way Deputy Morland could do that, is because technology enabled him and handed it to him in a way that he could execute on his job. He wants to be a policeman, who gets things back. He wants to be hero.

He wants people like me, citizens, to get our stuff back, But he can't do it if he doesn't have the technology to enable them, And that's exactly what Deputy warland was able to do. Todd, the hotel manager, same story. He wanted to be hero. It's a new management team at the hotel. They know about the legacy reputation, but the hotel is really well run.

Now, ethical, great people tried to do a great thing, but they can't do it without the right technology to back them up.

So deputy moral is now my buddy.

And here's the final end of this story.

So, we drive back, and you gotta go back through Pagosa Springs in order to get back to to Denver, so I'm driving back through ... Springs, and I stopped to see Todd, and this is the hotel manager.

28We're in a nice side of the hotel right now.

I stopped to see time, and he's happy.

And he says, Chris, we, we took care of the situation. That person no longer works here as of this, you know, phone situation with the deputy marshal, all as well. What can we do to make it up to you?

As it turns out, he offered us tonight, in the nice side to the hotel, in a beautiful sweet at a later time, which we did, and it was fantastic.

I recommend this hotel, highly, wonderful place to go.

And, just as we were picking up our stuff and walking out the door, and we're going to drive off to Denver, he says to me, There's just one thing, OK?

Can you show me the pen?

And I did.

I pulled the pin out of the bag. And I said, that is that this whole story is all about ancient technology.

That was only recovered from new technology, intelligent automation, and humans being helped to be heroes. This is what the new nicer sweets look like, I think I showed you the other one, right. So the nicer sweetser a lot nicer.

So the end of this story is, we can all be heroes, in our own ways, without technology, but if you have the right technology, you can be elevated to a level of heroism that makes you go home at night and like Deputy morland, with the box of chocolate. My wife gave Deputy Portland to thank you. Thank him for his time.

You can go home feeling like a hero, and all the people who work for you in little or big ways can go home feeling like heroes if you help them use the technology to enable them.

And that's, that's what I mean by Knobel automation now.

It's helping humans be heroes.

That is the end of that presentation, which was not planned for the day, but now we're at the end of the session. And I'd like to say to everybody, thank you for paying attention to that, thank you for listening.

Let me put that away, you can probably now see my screen in some way, right, and not that that matters.


So, I'd like to, everybody, to come back, at the top of the hour, You get little extra long coffee break, if anybody would like to know anything more about that, of course, you can go to hear. You can, you can send me an e-mail at chris at noble automation now dot com and I'll be happy to give you that, the backstory of that crazy Pagosa Springs saying if you'd like, if not, we will see you all at the top of the hour for number one, then we have 2 and 3 sessions to close out.

BTOES Yes, financial services, 20, 22: we will see then. Bye, Bye.


About the Author

more-Apr-11-2022-09-10-46-91-AMChristopher Hodges,
Intelligent Automation Leader, Speaker, Consultant, Author


My name is Christopher, most call me Chris. I am the author of the upcoming "Noble Automation Now".

I am a former Intelligent Automation Leader for Accenture and Deloite and now an independent consultant and speaker. I work with business leaders who want to increase their profits while calming and motivating their people.

As a professional speaker and consultant, I train leaders how to profitably embrace Intelligent Automation and inspire their teams. In fact, For 25 years I have helped Global Fortune 500 companies to understand, apply and succeed with technology. I now speak and consult globally on successfully leading with automation.

As a result of my work, leaders achieve more innovation and motivate their teams all while profiting from intelligent automation.On a personal note, my Japanese wife has had me traipsing around the world looking for the next great soak for 30 years.

If your business needs automation and artificial intelligence and you are not sure how to implement without damaging your team, maybe we should work together - Now.


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