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November 02, 2023

Top 10 Books on Process Mining.




COMPANY LOGO (58)Top 10 Books on Process Mining

1. "Process Mining: Data Science in Action" 61kgw85EkeL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL80_
A foundational text from one of the pioneers in the field. This book covers the core concepts, techniques, and algorithms in process mining.
2. "Process Mining in Action: Principles, Use Cases and Outlook" by Lars Reinkemeyer
61DRiva7BdL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL80_This book provides insights into the practical applications of process mining, offering various case studies and real-world examples.
3. "Process Mining: Discovery, Conformance and Enhancement of Business Processes" by Wil van der Aalst
71gphS7UkJL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL80_Another important contribution by van der Aalst, this book dives deeper into the techniques and algorithms, emphasizing conformance checking and other advanced topics.
4. "Data-Driven Process Discovery and Analysis" by Various Authors
41W1CyLFguLA compilation of research papers and findings presented at the International Symposium on Data-Driven Process Discovery and Analysis.
5. "Handbook on Business Process Management 2: Strategic Alignment, Governance, People and Culture" by Jan vom Brocke and Michael Rosemann (Editors)
41x2rSCLGiLWhile not exclusively about process mining, this handbook touches upon its relevance and application in the broader context of BPM.
6. "Process Mining in Healthcare: Evaluating and Exploiting Operational Healthcare Processes" by Ronny S. Mans
process-mining-in-healthcare-original-imafzg6rkh45b8fcA specific look at how process mining can be applied to healthcare, offering insights into patient pathways, treatment optimization, and other relevant areas.
7. "Big Data Fundamentals: Concepts, Drivers & Techniques" by Thomas Erl, Wajid Khattak, and Paul Buhler
big-data-fundamentalsWhile broader than just process mining, this book provides insights into the big data landscape, which is crucial for understanding the data sources that feed into process mining.
8. "Process Mining Techniques in Business Environments: Theoretical Aspects, Algorithms, Techniques and Open Challenges in Process Mining" by Andrea Burattin
978-3-319-17482-2This book delves deep into the algorithms and techniques, offering a solid understanding for those looking to specialize in the technical aspects of process mining.
9. "Automated Business Process Discovery with Process Mining" by Jorge Munoz-Gama
largepreviewA concise overview of the automated discovery techniques in process mining.
10. "Decision Mining in Business Processes: A Behavioral Pattern Analysis" by R.P. Jagadeesh Chandra Bose
This book focuses on decision mining, a subset of process mining, providing insights into decision points within business processes.
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 Process Mining:

Process Mining, when wielded effectively, can offer transformative benefits to enterprises. It holds the power to turn raw data into actionable insights, thus paving the way for optimized operations and enhanced business value. The learnings from BTOES serve as a guiding light, empowering organizations to harness the full potential of Process Mining. By embracing a data-centric approach, investing in the right tools, and fostering a culture of continuous learning and collaboration, enterprises can cement their position as leaders in the realm of operational excellence.

This report synthesizes the wisdom from BTOES, shaping a structured guide for excelling in Process Mining within major enterprises. By expanding on each segment, organizations can gain a granular understanding, paving the path for effective implementation and transformational outcomes.


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