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April 26, 2021

IT Infrastructure & Cloud Strategies Live - SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT: Migration of Calling and Contact Center to Cloud: things to know in advance

Courtesy of Cisco's Giuseppe Baretto, below is a transcript of his speaking session on 'Migration of Calling and Contact Center to Cloud: things to know in advance' to Build a Thriving Enterprise that took place at IT Infrastructure & Cloud Strategies Live.



Session Information:

Migration of Calling and Contact Center to Cloud: things to know in advance

This session will describe the process for a smooth migration to cloud for onprem calling infrastructure and Contact Center.

It will explain the benefits of a fully cloud solution vs a hybrid approach, Pre migration readiness is paramount to a successful and riskless migration; Evolving to cloud requires attention to network readiness and interoperability

Session Transcript:

Our next guest, he's coming directly from Italy today to share his expertise with us, just zap The burrito is with us. He has over 30 years of experience and telecommunications. He is a former are alcatel now Nokia expert on intelligent networks signally signaling. he is being a telecommunications regulator in his career in for 21 years at Cisco. He's being an expert of unified communications, contact center and collaboration applications, including video meeting and messaging and digital signature. It's a real privilege to have you with us. Just happy. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with our global audience today.

Thanks a lot to them. Thanks for your time. Good morning.

Good afternoon, and good evening to everyone.

Today, we'll be listening to the Cloud Calling and Contact Center migration.

It will be a 35 minutes presentation around, let's say, the strategy, and how, what are the, let's say, the major topics that you need to take into account when an organization wants to migrate into Cloud. And I would like to start with the slides, when in fact, is in the ...

slides, where it shows that some people are looking beyond, and they are looking from different perspective, and this is exactly what the organization should do.

In fact, when you migrate to Cloud, and when it's calling cloud or even contact center, you need to take into account several aspects, OK.

It could be asked pitches aren't just like what we call the pre cloud readiness, OK.

It's mainly pre migration activity that needs to be taken into account, just like security, operational readiness, network, readiness, connectivity, So all these kinds of things, it needs to be, let's say evaluated and assessed, OK?

Now why Cloud calling has been so popular, it found the hype, it's a good momentum for a cloud calling, why. Let us say that it has to do with the, with the, let's say, ....

This is a typical scenario that was prior to February 2020.

I feel remember most of us wearing the portal and the offices and we are working, collaborating each other, close each other, OK.

But then the pandemic came and the pandemic has really accelerated the way we work.

And in fact, we shifted the, let's say from a quarter to, working from home, OK.

And initially, the organization to make a, let's say, a very quick title, I mean, in order to leverage that new tools of collaborations And initially, the organization were forced to ensure business continuity, OK, and business continuity will ensure that with the collaboration tool, sets of like, let's say, meetings capability.

But of course, the, let us say, vision.

So as to deal with the level of business continues to before and the and this has changed. The way we work is at the Oliver, over the next two months.

Screenshot - 2021-04-26T151151.498Actually to get back to, let's say, two to the office, they say, our business, school and community, let's say we will learn that, that is, not only meetings, OK, because your remote work is not just meeting that. It's a fundamental change in the way we work.

But, this also includes calling, teaming, and other capabilities, OK?

just two keeps you, let's say, understanding what I meant before, saying that to, let's say, a remote worker or work in general is not only meeting, as you can see here, it's a day in the life of an employee, and you see different, let's say, as a call us here, over phases of the day, then employee, and you can see maybe you can start with a message and then you move to the code. That you have maybe a meeting, you have very few of. The axial also uses some tools for scheduling a meeting, you also use of white boarding or maybe 18 or coded in a filer. And leveraging, perhaps there's some third party messaging capabilities. So, you can see here that in this case, the, the, the calling capability is always present, OK.

Show them, and calling remains in nature as a tool for communication, because it, through calling, we can manage a complex information. Sometimes, maybe we'll start with remains about the when, let's say, the things, it needs to be come out of becoming complex. We need to escalate, to call him to voice. And the same holds true for decision making. We cannot decision making on e-mail or OK, and we need to leverage the decoding capability in the same also for creating relationships or customer interaction. As you can see, a lot of people still prefer 1 to 1, because if you need to do a one-on-one conversation, of course, you're not going to schedule a meeting 1 to 1 that you live virtually faded capability, and nine out of ten people says, Dose of the forms are irrelevant, are still important.

OK, so today, whether today coding experience, I won't say it's quite this, John, too, because the inks Chloe Expedience is made of several applications of the employees. DPLA is an average or, let's say, 34 W 4 application as an average. But most of them are these giant in each other. Said. there is no tight integration.

And also, the coding side in some organization ever may be enables some voice capability but also have a PBX capabilities, OK, And also, the Conference Services is not the UMI format. Might be that they ever say some organization together WebEx and magical things as some others like that, father, let's say fingers, OK?

And from an IT perspective, and security is it is a key. It's a concern, and also compliance and interoperability are especially interoperability. When they say, on prem, capability is difficult to maintain and to say, once you do an upgrading, integrate all the third party element.

So, it's also a concern that having on prem majority be people, majority of the IT leaders believe that the current system of the on premise system are too costly to run things.

So Detroit that they won't do cloud. And also, it may mustard enterprises despite the fact that they are global. Maybe they have the sheet systems in each region of a niche theater, but they're not stay connected to each other. So, from Rob Routing or dial plan.

So, it depends on sign that when they need to call from one region to another region, they need to go fly at the PSTN enough to buy at the Internet. OK.

So, What are the, Let's say the changes in the market really got the coding. So, what are the top drive essential? First of all, I mean, one bottom things that the sap and not with the ... started a few years ago, is that most of ... reach at the end of life.

And, of course, anything IT leaders are thinking to go to the next level of the architecture, and the cloud, of course, each one of the possible choice. Also, there are some initiatives, especially in the HR, OK, to create a new way of working, OK, more than a collaborative way. So what we call, typically the digital workplace issue. In digital workplace initiatives, that also requires the shape new, the new tools that integrates it, meetings, calling it, ..., and the Russian. There are also some.

Often, the cloud strategy, the court of the CEO, or CTO, are pushing for a cloud first strategy. And this, of course, creates a lot of the booster to cloud.

And, one of the important point to is that, regarding, let's say, the functionality, what we call the UC as a service, so, in any service that is provided in the cloud, and it's also sold as a separate user per month, Now, this platform, evolved during the last two years. And the, initially, there was no feature parity, but now you can say, at least, Francisco perspective. That is, I mean, the feature parity ..., not only, let's say, reached, but, also, say, also exceeded, OK.

Now, as I said earlier, we, the shape said that is not only real estate meeting effect.

I mean, if you look, let's say, Oh, they won't be on, let's see, total market opportunities in split. And you can see that.

Btog CTAAlmost a full week is still invested in calling capability in a part of the boastful regarding devices, of course, the devices that can be tandem devices, just like before. But now more and more, all the vendors are actually Esquire, developing smart devices. Spatially feed your device it that as a lot of the, let's say, intelligence artificial intelligence capability, that allows the state to provide a better user experience. And then there is a part, of course, site, which is called the meeting, and the meeting capability that lights, let's say, conferencing, and also some collaboration tools, because you not only the state meeting, but the ability to, to share, share, documented to 82 document, OK. And this is all within the meeting umbrella. And or, a part of it is also related to customer care, or what we call the same cluster as a complexity.

Now, Cisco, as the, let's say it's deployed, the, let's say, a single platform, OK, Which is call it the WebEx and effective this WebEx platform. Let's say he's asset treaties.

In other words, the first tier show is what we call the shady Web apps are for small business, OK?

This is typically is shoulder to very small shape to enterprises, OK, which NIH up to 100 seats.

And, of course, I mean, for the fate enterprises that has a larger, let's say, solid base of users. We can proposer our WebEx calling, which is fully cloud solution, OK? And the end user, say, let's say, Internet over the top. OK, so over the top Internet to the clinicians, nominal value. And then, but he's also another solution from Cisco which is the UTM Cloud, which of course is made for very large organization, because you can scale very large, enough to shape. Depending on the scalability, But very large organizations may spread over several other ...
and the busiest day. The solution that we can provide the, She's gotten.

And, of course, this is a one, what, we call the one, or the Web Access peevish, that it's a in fact, it's integrated. And as you can see here.

It says it says Cisco is a platform.

OK, that includes its name in their Cisco WebEx, and is done through several components.

It includes the meeting capability, the calling capability, the teams, which is the collaboration, the shape part, it could be the contact center, the smart devices, And especially, due to the fact that it's an open with open API, we can integrate with third party, a couple of ADT and vendor set in order to announce the solution.

And in fact, this is a platform that delivers, let's say, a consistency across said the workflow. So what do we mean?

The user experience is the same if you use WebEx meeting, if your usual web is calling ...

or contact, saying that also from the perspective of the client is a shame, and also is the same user experience in terms of usability. So, if you leverage a device or you leverage what makes things in the desktop or you leverage WebEx witness in the, in the mobile app per device, or desktop, or mobile app, or in the case, if the experience is still the same.

So this is an important part, because it is for one of the Glass or the Cisco WebEx that, regardless of the devices, OK, or of the application, this underlying application, the experience at work to get or the end user would get if they say, OK. And that is also innovation at clothespins, because, and business model. The ... in the cloud capability that.

You can release, and they say the feature very quickly, because this is done, Not by the customer, but by the bank, OK.

In the past, and when you add the on prem capability, the on prem capabilities very difficult to do upgrade that, because every time that you need to upgrade it, you need to have a test plan, test that, need to do your own testing through your English, say, IT department, is, so the process for creating systems, and especially, take into account when that you have on prem capability. The customer sometimes also own that the doctor is not only a problem program upgrading the software, but sometimes you need to do some technology refresh. And we increase a lot of the time, and for doing an update, and of course, it to get additional features, in other than the advantage of the WebEx is the global backbone. So the, we leverage a global backbone in several O'Shea regions and all things around the country, because, of course, some interval for some requirements or regulatory requirements that are required to have the data within the country.

And this is important, the sheet capability to Cisco WebEx it, through our global presence, and effective with our pregnancy, 195 countries, OK, And cognitive solely for me, is Power Bi, if powered by deep, in their attitude, artificial intelligence. And Visa spatially provides the capability in the contact center agents to do, let's say, conversational IVR, and also, in terms of video devices or devices that are smart. And that would show you later on, shaping the capability. And that will take me.

And of course, you can see, it's hybrid In case you want also to have some data that wants tourist sites. In the on prem, you can edit in hybrid engagement to solve everything in the cloud. Except, for example, some capability just like on prem security keys, or could be also on some on prem video, rather than sending all the video today and to the Cloud.

You do say in the conferencing is not of the breach is done at the on prem level and then is cascaded to the cloud in order to consume less and the last mountain bleached.

Of course, is the security hashish Colab actually secure end to end, OK, and our spending, but it's a specific slice electron. So, in order to have a, let's say, a complete experience for WebEx. There are four major areas that they haven't addressed over the next. The next one is what we call the unified Application. Really touch on it, It can tell you.

The other part is the smart devices, so capability that enables you, I mean, to say.

It increases the augmented experience.

The third party's what we call the enterprise performance, mainly related to availability, they said position SLA.

And if for fun, is the exception or control with, in other words, the exception are, let's say, capability in the manage, manage the platform, industrial get, insights, or the platform of the Analytics edge.

So, let's start with the, with the first one, is what we call the unified, the WebEx meeting. And then, it can see here, is the calling for what we call the WebEx up is, I told you earlier, pieces a WebEx up, but that is the same regardless. It is, well, this calling meeting teams.

OK, and it is the same, whether it is on Devices, OK, just like a video devices, or it is on there, web app in the desktop browser, or could be M D, WebEx's set up in the mobile, Android, or iOS.

And what I wanted to show you here, that, calling the WebEx up, the Israeli, especially when you integrate the cooling capability, OK, here you can see some features of the cooling capability.

For example, the capability to have the old rescue transfer or even to merge conference.

I saw this is important because these are features that comes from the standard telephony, but needs also to the present it in a WebEx calling up, OK.

And there are other capability, just like they call forwarding, single number Reach, do Not Disturb, or Even Voice, or Visual Voicemail, or even ..., to do some changes in the code Preferences.

And also, I want to show you that a very important capability is the one that you can see here, Clinton Network devices. So in other words, this is a WebEx up that can work on Excel and it just like an uptick in the desktop browser, or can control.

A device, which could be a Cisco device, is, let's say, just like a radio devices, so that the call is being is triggered by the WebEx it. However, the colleagues then generated by the device, if that is a control.

And so, in other words, I generated, I trigger, Nicole, that is then sent to the device and then is generated by device, which is typically the case where you have your, on, or your video devices close to you. And so, everybody's an integration with directory, OK, and of course, you have a directory of shape tissue. You select a user and then the call is trigger and then sent to the device, or it's leveraging the device associated to the Linux side.

This is a very important delish, a capability that allows in the shade, Whether in an application not working only shopping, but also controlling devices, and, as I said, Sheesh, call WebEx, pain control.

She's got device, Cisco, WebEx, you can control, she's got some devices, but could be the other way around.

That could be a mile making a call from Microsoft teams.

In other words, Microsoft Teams leverage the WebEx calling capability or even WebEx devices to make a call.

The same could be also with luck, say, meeting and calling integration with lakha.

So, we provide a, not only calling capability, so the capability to make audio and video call, but also to provide that the meeting.

The web configuring capability within Slack, and so you can see here a very powerful integration as you can see She's because quite open so not working also only within the Cisco environment that don't work and also we did third party vendors of the sheet collaborations.

We talked about that now.

Smart devices, OK, So, this is one, the shape of the, say, cold point of Cisco, and I would like to show this slide, because, Will show you the capability of the shape, which was a special edition, as you can see here. The number is one out of the 100 media. Visual? Say, a special event for Cisco, but, this shows that, we started in 19 98, and, selling the first IP phones, OK? And, the last year, or achievable shaded 100 meters. So, you can understand that, which data, of course, initially with the IP phones And now we did, we do, we evolve it to not only performed but that we're doing even more than that.

14This is just an example of a shape at exit, for example, to show you one can show you here, This is the fact that wireless and, and the ... developed the capability, especially the noise cancelation. That is very helpful during a noisy environment.

We are very powerful on the video devices, OK, and these are Visa devices with intelligence intelligence. What does it mean? Speaker tracking?

So the camera understand that always talking.

The time and zone on the people that is talking in Des Moines, not only if you, for example, stand up, OK, and the camera, understand that, chip, that movement, and adjust the zoom to your face, so try adjusting the image, OK?

So this is what we call the shape, empowerment of, via devices, with the Intelligent Artificial Intelligence, OK?

And this is what we call is part of their day.

Peter ...: We have a comprehensive the same portfolio of video, and depending, of course, on the use cases.

Of course, if you want to use a co creation environment to where you need to also to ever say it, board the board room, say white boarding capability costs that you can, that you can nevertheless able to call the ...

Parole, pro bore the Soviet several tiers. Depending on the size, I can say here, typically the size of the inches, 55, or 70 or 85 inches. And then in case you want to communicate, and you want to imagine that you have a screen, OK? Very larger screen.

you want to a power that screen with the Video Capability Intelligent Video Capability. We in the work that we sell the codec, the ..., for example, is a USB.

Don't kill me.

Community Blast, or ...

visa to say, Codec, deck, announce the PTO they monitor, OK.

We have also some capability to-do lists, a WebEx sharing capability to do screen sharing on that via the USB dongle.

And we haven't done that, what we call this a series of the scholarly desktop video ranges from other shape, DX, 80, or WebEx or depends, of course, on the, on the size of is mainly for desktop purposes.

A little bit bigger could be ..., OK, you can see here the size, the rules, and then we have the CDs or as I said, our exit.

And including, say, some IP phones, IP phones, which, some of them are also ....

We have also a wireless phone, and the IP conferencing, and their own phone, OK, so this is the smart devices now, and price. performance: OK, what do we mean, typically issue is within the areas of the quality, the quality and reliability. In other words, I mean, we provide to our SLA.

OK, which we committed to, Wheaton. as I said: that: we provide a Global presence in several let's say countries.

And this is important because it has to do with the also regulatory requirements.

OK, and we provide a global support especially for the operation because you need to have the System Center 24 by 7.

Now we have our presence, our technical assistance centers, as being the shape and the shape pregnancy ... 25 30 years. And it's and provide cellophane support and we can range from a different level of support depending on what the customer is looking for.

Exception or control, or what is the, what is a sexual control, is mainly A, what you call, D?

The management of the problem, but it's not on only management, on the platform, it's the what we call.

So, in other words, it is a platform that, first of all, integrate, if the same for WebEx meeting is calling the Olympics teams, OK.

So it's integrated, and these are just the one uniform, say. User interface for all the capability.

provides real-time insights and business.

It says it is our this, a gen, I will say, of the Cisco WebEx, because you can envision that very important with regard to adoption and also for troubleshooting. For example, if you have a meeting that you can understand from the Analytics that, where the problem lies, to say, it's to do with bandwidth, it has to do with the say, the desktop. And also the.

we can, we have insights, so that you can understand how a video devices SP use it, OK, you're in a certain timeframe, OK, which gives you a visibility on the usage of your device on, on the return of your investment.

This has to do with the, what we call, shady.

The adoption of adoption of the of the solution.

And piece is important because when the organization made an investment, and it's important that there would be a return investment in order to have a return on investment that you need to monitor the usage of your pollutions and devices, OK. And, of course, it has a complete life cycle that provides a capability for upgrading the devices.

But one of the key point, as I said at the beginning of our presentation, is that you need to look beyond the end.

Let's say take into account, what are, let's say, the cloud readiness. Cloud readiness are, say, areas that needs to be exploited, OK?

And adjusted in order to, prior to do a migration to Cloud. Just an example, a year, I quoted this, some of them, OK.

one is what we call the media network readiness and why network readiness is important is paramount because when you shift from on prem to Cloud, there will be a lot of video traffic could video or meeting traffic flowing from on prem to Cloud.

These, of course, will have an impact on your neck, whatever it is, FT, one, or MPLS, connected.

This will be impacted.

So you need to make sure that your network is ready to care, read, video and meeting, and then ..., the ..., which is playing in one slide later on. It's a, it's a capability that provides you say, they did the reading this, and if something's not ready, we can spot and we can create remediation plans.

Another point, as I said, is a connectivity, when you need to connect to data center, you have several say options, SD wan, say, MPLS, social unit, also to understand, what is the best connectivity scenario, Operational readiness?

Spatially, I mean, you are moving from an on prem admin, go to the cloud, OK, with a lot of rich mesh for insights, for analytics.

So Europe, your operational management needs to be ready.

Needs to be prepared that migration, the same for user adoption.

So, if you have the people that, it needs to use, the devices, the one piece has been migrated to the cloud, a, you need to enable, or to prepare a training plan, need to prepare a governance.

And this is what we call the end user adoption.

And another point, and very important point, you need to be ready for security, because security is not only senior security, media secured, that could be also legal hold, e-discovery, data loss protection.

So all these fans or saw compliance at all GDPR's business has to be taken to dot com. I was talking about, let's say the the ... shop may have an assessment to.

In other words, let's say it's a it's a it's an assessment that that they use a modular approach to assess the Enterprise network from the media network infrastructure and also the application level. So the network policies sun investigated in three different areas to ensure the optic network and performance. So the first one is the what we call the media, traffic and signaling.

So the characteristic of the Voice In Vitro data collected after assimilating cause of an article or duration and then the data is collected to get the, what we call it the mean the mean mean opinion Score on the invoice. Ambitions are what we call the meta traffic and seeing.

And then we also check, let's say, the network device, configuration and performance on the test or the configuration and NATO interface on the Cisco device and on the buffer, So are our auditor to make sure that in depth buffer, the US has been enabled so the ... has been targeted and Mark, OK, so Q S is paramount for them for voice.

And also, another point, we should make sure that the network buffer ... OK. And the five areas of compliance are mainly the ongoing softer, so we make sure that all the switches and routers are already up to up To Date Deletion recommended. The US. Software, we make. In the ...

compliance, we make it performance, compliance, checking a spatial specific, literally parameter, the jitter, packet loss and delay.

And then we check that the Net or the underlay network as being, let's say the sign that the according to typically designed best practice. And we also look at the environmental power, OK to make sure that everything.

Another component that needs to be taken into account, migrating to the Cloud is, as I said, the connectivity but also what we call the ....

In other words, it is capability for meshing switching the video in the, in the network locally. So, in other words, all the video, rather than sending all the gift to the cloud, you switch it to meet your locally.

Screenshot (4)And then you cascade the result that to the Cloud for this will decrease the number of the Bank.

OK, and Security, Security, as I said, is important.

So we have the old prana sea stems for those customers that want the security keys in the: in the on prem and not in the cloud.

Because this could be a requirement, or some organization. I'm sure, we have the, the security keys are owned by the customer, and not by the cloud providers, OK?

So closing force around the calling, it says, say, digital workspace is accelerating is creating it, creating one set and your generation. Opportunity, creating a say in the opportunity. Voice is the natural way to communicate and, of course, if that's your customer to test format with Cisco.

Now, I'm very five minutes left to talk about the contact center. We'll talk a lot about calling back the contact center is still so relevant for our customers. And when do organizational things.

about, let's say, migration to Cloud Contact Center, especially when you have an upgrade or maybe your sister are and just say, sir and maybe give a very legacy systems or you want to have a multichannel capability that your system and does not provide indication. You can think about Fink and Moving to Cloud and the Cisco Solution. Is that, where this contact center, and what this contact center?

It's a native cloud, as the omnichannel capabilities. Typically, it's solid.

Voice made a chapter communication and are all unified provide this key based, diluting the showing that the voice of the customer and the agents are measured using the data about the agent with the best killed and to meet their needs, and deliberately decided The outcome. Also varies integration with the business in application, just like a typical CRM.

It could be ..., and Zendesk and some other CRM provider reporting capability and distort the disease is very important because by collecting the data, we can understand the shady.

We can optimize the operation, the optimized report, we have also the Workforce Management, OK. And typically, when, you know, the top first, say, contact centers, should advice as an agent ...

to manage agent schedules forecast and plan ambition, base it on trends.

The visit. Of course, there is an optional component that can be enabled, OK.

And another optional is the outbound capability to automate automate, said the outback, OK.

What is the difference? What are the benefits of ... going to cloud? Contact Center, as you can see here, I mean, when you have the on prem, you own the arguer on the softer. And typically, these are the main site. And you have a static version. So every time that you need to upgrade, it takes time, because the data in the contact center as a lot of the third party integration. So you need to, every time that you upgrade 1, 1 element, you need to great audience, or to check a place that the compatibility.

And then, on the other side, when you have a cloud going into a dagger and is managed by the cloud Cisco, and that they are the frequency of the new version that is much more frequent than on prem.

And, of course, I mean the migration to go the step to migrate to cloud contact center. Of course, it starts with the division, OK, and then you like it that you design it to plan it.

And then you define the cloud, the readiness prior to migrate.

And then you do, of course, should go live, monitoring, and support, and perfect. It's always supported through a day two operation. And that can be offered a multi-year. So, to recap is the last slide, and just some closing thoughts around the Cloud Contact Center. Do not reveal the same platform, but to build a better one, cloud based courses. Fiscal basis, where there's contact center takes, the benefit to take advantage of the beginning of the platform for the agility, and flexibility, and especially on sites.

Lower, the total cost of ownership and the OpEx, OK?

Especially OpEx, the reduction with the automation through intelligent network and visual provide not only maximum and experience it to the end user, but also reduction of them cost. And the week that I have completed my presentation.

Very good, Just happy, very good. So, some questions that are coming in from the audience, What do you see as the, as the path forward for greater collaboration using systems, like, like, like like this, What do you see happening from a development standpoint in the next 12 months or so?

I, of course, I mean, especially OK, in contact center, I mean, if I take a contact center, a trend that I see now, lots of customer are moving from voice channel, OK, agent, which was the end user data.

Adjusted it, use the voice channel to multichannel multichannel is the trend that we see not only power bi, AI capability and the AI capability will automate the, let's say, basic task and will transfer the call to the agents that with all the transcript, OK.

Screenshot - 2021-04-26T151151.498That has been done prior to transfer the call, so this will be the automation that will allow it to have agents working on or mom task or valuable task.

This is the trends that I can see here in the contact center however, in the cooling side I see integration tight integration between coalinga meetings and collaboration tools. So, this will be the trend that we'll see more and more and we started with the pandemic.

But after the pandemic will be over, these will continue to growth for many years.

What do you see?

one of the themes that has emerged on the questions is what you may be observing in the marketplace right now.

Of course, different parts of the world are in different stages off, either returning to work or adopting a fully hybrid approach.

As you mention, as, as you see, more of the adoption of the hybrid approach, what impact would that have on the technology itself?

Is, Is there a, Is there a change in the technology that's happening in the next few months, as a result of the hybrid approach? What that may look like?

Not, Well, let's say the hybrid approach does not change the cloud architecture, OK. six, you're moving. You could move to cloud first, OK. But, of course, I mean, prior to do that, you need to understand how your underlying network. As I said, these, are ready to carry all the traffic, OK. So, you need to do some capacity analogy. So design analogous or your capacity.

And if you'll be and also cost benefit because you have the cost of the bandwidth and the cost of putting some on prem capability to switch the video traffic sites. So this is something that is part of the engineering of the of the solution as district, but it's a life cycle.

Due to migration, you need to understand what the validation of the architecture itself.

The impact on technology.

Of course, if you enable some hybrid and especially also for security, security and two it means not only seeing lingered or meet just seeing and meet yellow shearing. Security means also.

when you inter-connected to directory a direct integration or Clinton tradition has to be less a secure, OK?

And if you want secure, you need also keys on prem Quiche, and this is something that you need to take to evaluate because it might be customer requirements to live on prem cases. So you need to put the system just like our Cisco Hybrid Security.

That gives the shape, the key. Of course, I mean, the key customer might also add an agreement with that Key vendor, OK. In order to mention the key, the key will be, say, on prem. Only on it.

That's a very good point, because some of the questions had to do about maybe what are some of the best practices about what's on the cloud, and what stays on premise. And you have alluded a little bit to that on your comment just now. So, related to security items that you may want to keep on premise, can you go a little bit deeper on that beyond security?

For example, with everything else, probably be from a overall cost perspective, beyond the cloud, or, or it's not really that simple. You have to take case by case. And what do you see being kind of the components on the cloud and the components on premise, that most cases seem to be the right the right decision? For example, what they can what we can see, recording, for example, is something that now is shifting from on prem to cloud.

So typically recording most of the vendors are relying on their third party vendors, OK.

And this is done more and more on the cloud.

And then other things just like the PSTN connectivity, oh, gosh, less and less locale, OK, local PSTN, more centralized sip trunking do cool session border controllers or pieces and other things that we see more and more about something that we're reading of these same ideas and see that there are a lot of mouths secret provide this food establishment.


That's very, very good. Giuseppe, thank you so much. I know it's late in Italy right now. Thank you so much for coming! Leaving your they, sharing your expertise of our global audience on, how does migration is happening with the Cisco WebEx Systems, the infrastructure that's needed, the strategies on the cloud that you have share with us. on behalf of our global audience, we appreciate your insights and expertise.

Thanks everyone, Thanks for your time.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen that's josep a burrito holies.

The Advanced Service Business Development for Cisco, WebEx, and sharing the migration of calling and contact center to the cloud. We're going to be taking a break now, and we're going to be coming back with a leader, ah, crop cross industry leader for IT infrastructure and Cloud strategies, and I'm talking about in the Lash As money, who is the Lead Enterprise Architect Senior Data Scientist across multiple organizations, and currently at Biogen and sharing his experience on and this area with us. So, we're going to be wrapping up, now. At the top of the hour, we'll meet back with no Money.

I know her nurturer.


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