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Effective Problem-Solving skills applying Lean A3 methodology

Online Course

15th, 17th & 19th May 2023

Leading in Lean Transformations: To inspire your team and reach extraordinary results

Online Course

24th - 25th May 2023

BTOES Insights Official
March 30, 2021

Digital Transformation Workplace Live - SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT : BASF Smart Manufacturing @ Greater China

Courtesy of BASF's Chuck Dai, below is a transcript of his speaking session on 'BASF Smart Manufacturing @ Greater China' to Build a Thriving Enterprise that took place at Digital Transformation Workplace Live Virtual Conference.



Session Information:

BASF Smart Manufacturing @ Greater China

BASF Global Strategy. An insight into the journey of a global leader and the impact of digitalization being leveraged across the enterprise.

  • Innovation - With Impact
  • Sustainability - Live our purpose
  • Operations - Be the leader
  • Digitalization – Leverage across the company
  • Portfolio – Businesses with customer relevance
  • People – Drive high performance

Session Transcript:

Our first speaker today very excited about our first speaker coming directly from Shanghai, China to the world today. We have with us Chuck Dai.

Chuck Dye is the head of BASF. Digitalization is Smart Manufacturer Smart Manufacturing.

In the Greater China Region, Chuck has over 16 years of experience with BASF as a global technology manager in in in Germany, and also responsible for more approximately 10 chemical plants, tech knowledge in China, Germany, United States, and Korea.

He was also a cluster plant manager in India Shanghai site. Again, real leadership, real practitioner of the things that he leads.

He's currently, the BSF Greater China's smart manufacturing team had, supporting approximately 30 sites on their digital transformation journeys from consulting, digital solution, Developing, Implementation, Service, and Maintenance. Chuck, it's a real pleasure to have you with us. Thank you for taking the time to share your expertise directly from Shanghai, China, to the world today.

Oh, just say Good morning.

Thanks for your rotation.

So, our staff will share my screen. So, my slides.

So, if I go to the main topics, so I'd like to say this most raised as we try to explain to you how to get through and transformation in a chemical industry.

chuckSo I know majority of your audience, maybe not really, a really nice chemical industry. So, for my sites, I tried to animate too much deep technology, but to extract more about these digital topics. So at the beginning, you will see for first is our BASF, as you know, is a leading company for chemical industry, and the first slides in Australia.

one thing I want to emphasize: the SUSE digitalization is being women, part of the key visions.

This is our wishes for the companies because we had a vision. Say, we need to count as a company. We should give them this resource.

So, say about 55, 6 years ago, in every region of our BSF, we start to establish this dedicated digital teams, which is not just changed the name of IT towards gentle, which is really a combination of the automation technology, OT, so-called OD, and also the IT. And also, many people like in my bag around from the business, from the operation directly with form these dedicated machines. So for gray China, we start to establish these teams about 3, 3 years ago, in ... region to supporting our sites in China region. We have about, in these sites you shows about 30 sys ... region from East to West, from loss to the sauce and around £200 in these study sites about 9000 employees. So here the revenue in ...

we are talking about seven point three billion Euro for the study sites, and this is our customers.

So our team lead purpose is to helping all these manufacturing sites, to the digital transformation brand and consulting, together, connected to our endpoints, developing the solution, digital ... and the implementation. I'll just finish digital solution. And the later we do the iteration, and also to manage the maintenance, all of these Digital Council Gen, later also do the first innovations.

So, all the rest of slides I want to show today, as I tried to show you more real cases, more use cases, applications.

So for us, first, try just about our new five G pilot in our equation and region.

That's, you know, before faberge topics, downstream and features. What's the data, what the strengths of five G Y is very widely Roger ....

Secondly, as always, in a very low latency, at the solar wind, we say I have a high density of IOT number in the studio. And you can lead to more than 8000 people's mobile phone.

But then our job is to no chemical industry, I want to go is helping our route to enable them with all these three features from these five G.

So in that case or in the co-operation, always our Founders technologists, Service Partners, and they also co-operate with our site or Customs, and in China will also co-operate always our network providers. And also photo, you see industry standards. And a more important is we need to created all these use cases.

We can leverage in the fabric of technology, and in print and benefits, increasing the safety for the prompt. So here, we list out some pictures. Yeah. I also helps our videos wishes, already, sharing the chatting or. yeah. So, for example, for the big band wise, what do we can do in the grant?

We'll do the live broadcast with our mobile devices, with our address, our site. So, in other case, in P, everything happened on people on the side. Can you monitoring, can be real life podcast, go to the back end, our management, can see that.

And especially during the regular maintenance, 10 period of time, you have a very small area that, we cannot do everything, we face a camera, saying, we are using these mobile devices to broadcast the live video.

Btog CTAAnd more importantly, with this swells down the AKP, live videos, we can do the AI written nation based on that. We can show that P of the operators. Well, we can check whether the leakage, whether, there's any firing all, these kind of things.

And we were talking about another feature, as we see channel, we can using this HIV, using this robot, Russian robot, you know, chemicals, chemical routes.

Because in that case, this can have, would be like auto auto driving. Yeah, you can have an a very quick reaction and also with these are all what we can do in the ground. Yes, we can do all this.

To the gas detection in a chemical plant and also do the CCTV recognition, will have a CCTV Alan robot into the inferior camera to check the temperature of the solid surface and shouldn't be an overheated and also check whether the hot hot hot gas leakage.

And for the last features of a foundry, we are talking about high density of IOT things.

This is, I think, for chemical industry, and more importantly, has broken these in broad between the different solutions, different union, different vendors.

In a past, all these IOT technology is each one chimney, Chimie, Genoese Yeah. This cannot already merged together. So we want to take this chance of five G, We're all the other wireless sensors on the site And they can can transform data real-time Goes from these five G and all connecting to the crowd on our database together. So that we can do all the big data analysis, predictive maintenance and so on.

So this is the right amount of algae and also file we can do also the positioning of our person, our forklift trucks in the chemical size. This is also one for each of the pilot. You know which of the region?

So this is about a five G technology in chemical industry Next slides. I will say something about the big data analysis, which is also very hot topics. Yeah, I think if We're talking about what what it can really do call an uphill often call of the Foundation in Chemical industry. I was into this process Optimization by big data.

So in chemical industry, actually, we have doing going through the industry, three automation decades ago. Yeah. In that, this is one of the benefit, means, we have enough date from the plant. And this is all about 10 0 state.

So, we have every second every minute, with solid and millions of the sensors on the site, deliver the data back to our TCS System or POC on our HPC system.

The question is how to dealing with this data.

So, in our case, we have shown here about three use cases for his father lifted to the right here. So, first, of that, we can do this dimension reduction.

Yeah, so, you can imagine, for round, we have more than every every minutes with generation, more than 10, dimensional data's, ahmad ... of the prompt, for example, in Case one round and they need a different chemicals as the raw material.

So the raw material consumption of this file, chemicals, can there is a beta keto GI generation every minute, every second, every day.

Then, we're also using many utility in a chemical plant. What ..., also in this community consumption, is at a time series data, so that together, we have 10 20 imagined datas.

So, if we do that, reduced the management in two dimension.

You will see here and Father left, Dewey, this picture we can already tell our young people say your ground is influenced by the seasonal why. We put up the different seasons different amongst us. See that like Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, send in your crown to data every point that means every month, every day data, your Winter time, data, which is showing here, is the diagram wishes.

Red color. And the summertime data, which point is with yellow color, is different from the rest of cedars.

That means your problem is influenced by the season in the summertime, maybe to the temporary into a hot, your, your, your cooling system, is not enough, when the time, maybe a too much heathrow's in the atmosphere.

It allowed, we can also, by the pro quo, caress PCA these kinds of unreason OK hemorrhage will find out the positive and negative propulsion relationship between 200 meters.

For example, Numeration chemical brands, we have a continuous process.

We normally put Like them probably know this L Y.

We can easily find out what's most important and 10 parameters between cities and crown the road to deal and prompt.

Oh, no Murray, we know the higher the problem running.

The lower, the cost utility cost, the raw material consumption, but when we do this in a brown, sometimes all can see some key KPIs, the increasing with the load. And this gave us a chance to potentially to give us savings to the OpEx.

So, what we do, this analysis, you may recognize, we don't really need to know the process. We don't really need to know the chemical reactions. Kinetics. we just need to have data.

So this isn't pure, data driven. Big data analysis. We'll call numerical, black box, yeah.

Then descend in chemical industry we have also made a batch process. Every year we sell the batch, maybe hand-written badge.

This can be then, automatically, but too many manual work. Yeah. So it's very hard for the ... team to make sure each fascist isn't gonna be a golden batch all of the X and the best of situations. So here, we're using ..., will be, when we set up a P function, what will be the best and golden Batch, maybe the highest rotated, also time and so on, will form a kind of Avalon Cough.

So start a new batch condition. Whereas all these curve temperature rating level increase is a willingness golden bash the avatar.

Here's over this range. They will give alarm immediately.

Event Email Graphic Virtual Conferences (1)More importantly, we can using some more machine learning, big data and machine in the ... to the prediction when we're seeing, we know the majority of drought. We have off gas emission, yeah. Who is now a days we have more, because any of our CO two emission, or this environment protection sings, and even in our office of gratifying to me, installs on a measurement and data in China's central government which shows the average. Yeah. So that means you can also feeding this pressure for the operation only for the ground, when may show, our imagery has always minimal.

So with that, we can do some tradition with the auto data, silos of data, DCS VCS system, to the page. And he says, So, in this drawing, you will see, we have way, emission car for our route.

And through color is the real value of imagery where a fluctuating, and the red curve is our prediction value is almost very fitting together, accuracy more than 99.5, and more importance. Our prediction is about 30 minutes see on the bus, may be 30 minutes before. We can already tell our customer RTI, You may have increasing of your emission out 30 minutes ...

estimate, one more step, our sharing in these slides is above the ....

So, we, we, when we have the prediction for our system, we even 10 to the back was automation ultron control to reduce the emission, for example, to always keep the ground running in optimization.

So, this is what we are doing in the chemical industry, which is, this, combined with great books means combined with the Big Data which is Data Driven Ocean will call breadbox combined with the local ..., Kinetics, Chemical reactions that no house will come back together. we'll call green box and it will put it into a close loop.

Next up is our China called ... and he addressed in chemical industry, means environment, health, and safety.

This is also when she point, no matter our chemical route industry and austerity also have a focus on that. So angry China, since two years ago, majority of the province in China, Australia, a local authority, have regulations to ask money.

So our plan, our chemical, brown, chemical company to establish this EHS digital and plan for India and corporations, this is something we are doing besides weighing BASF.

We also, for all the so-called responsible care system, was just crazy found in Canada, in ..., which included all the aspects related to safety issues in chemical industry.

And we now put this responsibility system into a digital.

This here we, including like for them positioning, which is the manager of why I'm in the frontal, is tricky, also designed with a mobile device, will address this. We do the savings fashion. Then we also do a training by the operators, and it will do the wall to permit.

So, oil, I have some citations has introduced to you so far on these slides USC, wholesale. The chemical industry, whole valuation all the use cases. Or list out, what do we can do in every aspect of the supply of humans raw material procurement? And to the operation to the I'm the, to the research, and eventually that marketing business model, yeah. So, what do we can do, 42, digitalization.

We think the use case is one of the most important for digital transformation because only the user case can really bring the benefits to the company.

So here we list all these applications, all these use cases, how we reach that, how we really increment that this is the whole procedure.

Normally, we do that, starting from a new idea, is what ideation when you get roughly, the scope, who is a stakeholder with any user, will go through the process design. We have this, I'll wash of who is our, our, our end.

Users are stakeholders to find out what is the SES procedure that will collection or the Pinpoints ... process what will be the new future more efficiency ... process is normally called ....

The next step, I think, is more more our innovations are more important. Patty's window. Digital enablement wasn't written. many of that is. Our process was deaf.

So step three: We want to match with all the new technology we have on the market in like five G rapid robotics, like a data analysis. Using all of these available material or not so much a digital technologist for each step of our process often process this. It will call it Digital tech enabled went. Next that model to the traditional I keep hot. We do the STD supported intrusions and discretion including the function demand description also also the technology that expression, what we finish is dispatched, discretion as a kind of specification. We can shape where do we can do that internally. We need to sort of parties and body. So if we need to sort of supporting sound when somebody will go to a bidding war, the procedure, evaluation, there's different vendors.

And then when we have define who is our heart and the demand for the solutions, whether the final tuning we did a workshop together with stakeholders, don't check the cigarette is a part in for our interface. Then finally, also weekend literary the user to cast the training today iterations. So these are the whole process, but nevertheless, very important I want to mention is, this is another word for, this is all yours processor. We finished some static, many digital tech enabled were recognized with the technology we can improve.

Screenshot (4)The process will may go back to the statute, changes on the statute, even when we go to step four, we'll go back here.

So here's more about the construction, find the lunchroom sharing with our lesson to learn how to do the digital transformation for the chemical in the browser. So, from the starting point of view, we think we have three steps. Because sometimes our team not only service internally, but also scans algae, and so is our custom. Because in DSM customer, majority of customer, they are also chemical concept.

So, the three step further, we will pinpoint attraction, will share with our customer or round. What is the current or pinpoints in chemical industry nominate as reliable energy efficiency and transfers the data.

defined vision, A strategy for your site, obviously, prompt, then, now, will have the vision that we have a current status, and we have a gap, and based on this gap, will do that kind of hearing this digital roadmap.

These are the three years planning, what to prioritize, what will be the priority into E, for example. In this side, this round, the interest in some difficulties to establish these digital ... first. If they say the reliability of the equipment that said there's some problem, we'll get into the predictive maintenance as fast.

So, next slide is how to promotion, because many of you will also ask, what we do, transformation of the adult trials in your company, co-operation. We recognize it's not so easy to, to, to persuade people. Stay, hold us to do that. So we also have three staff to feel emotion that burst the obvious. I want you to the lowest show, talk to each of our site, to sharing what we already have, What solution we have, have have kept in the marketing, you know, internally.

And more important is when we look and I went to the slow the show with, no repeat of the majority, decided this. Yeah.

We will show some warranty anomaly in round one side and we'll have some orange. You want to do something. Do you have a curiosity on digital?

Then, Scott, only standard procedure, to Toyota, was these orange here, as fast volunteer have very good practice in this round in the site.

The immediately obvious, a majority silence to where is the hand, it won't be the second invest, it will fall off.

The second part is more important is that we need to do some training and test.

This is basically our engineer level, our shop floor level, to the relay them to really understand what's the meaning of digital wasn't taken origin we have, what the data, how does that in their daily life, and we also have a digital maturity to test for each of our training.

More important is straightforward to the test. In step three would tell them what's the meaning of the OSCE, which means development and operations is a geo approach. And we want to tell them sometimes research tradition of turnkey projects will not work when you're doing something with somewhat orations With these 4 froze 1 example is the one would give the asphalt rate.

You have two choice.

You can do that three months within our team that would give a very ****, good apps to our operators. But, many times already says, No, I don't like that.

Was the way media is always says, No, I don't like that because because I need too much time.

So, another way to approach us with Andrea approach: we can do MVC, a small, very basic foundations, functions of the apps go to the operating when we, of course, it's not a mature, but it really can give feedback immediately, and we can keep iteration, you update us, still after three months, then we are sure. These products, after iteration three months, is what our customers want. This is another approach, but, of course, the great difficulty is, how to make sure that controlled the balance, yeah, Which way is already good enough to release, which is still not enough? This balance is something I want you to check out.

So, that's all I want to sharing with you. Any questions?

Chuck, terrific presentation. Thank you very much. I'm gonna be monitoring for questions that are coming in here, and I'm gonna come back on video with you. Terrific presentation. Love the fact that you started right off the bat with a very specific applications, and then you provide us with the big picture. And the, and the, and we had a very good sense for what you're doing in practical terms. But also, the, the approach and vision and methodology that you have deployed. So, I'm going to be monitoring for questions here for the audience and the audience, please keep it coming. We have several minutes here to talk directly with child can learn, you know, from a real leader and practitioner of digital transformation.

So, take advantage of that asked questions that are useful in your context, OK?

So the first one comes from Anna Martinez, Chuck, and Anti Martinez is saying, Great presentation and plan that you developed. First of all, thank you for sharing that.

chuckAnd the question is, Did the ASF start their digital transformation from scratch, from a paper based company?

Or did you start with some technology already in place that had digitized some of your paper based processes?

Millimeter sense for our questions is also very interesting question, and although many of you asked that.

So, if we go back 5, 6 years ago.

Yeah, we start with discussion This industry four, This organization A three, we have a two-way You should go, Yeah, one way is we doing something like pessoa, we do women piece by piece. We have a new idea here would you do that and we'll have a new idea in that area.

I wouldn't do that But then the disadvantages you will have some gas finishing each pass. Oh yeah so we need to do additional for each to meet the feedings gas.

Of course, we have an approach.

We have a very holistic planning, considering ever seeing the chemical industry and we're planning for that one year saying, we brought our lungs to the marketing to the OR outranked altogether.

So, finally, after a long discussion, we introduced the first choice.

We use case by use case into that, step by step, for our paper based, ... role.

So, we didn't do that digital, big data analysis, and so on. There's increasing, I don't know, this answer, the question.

Now, this does, this does, because the beginning is very important, right? And what I'm learning here from you is that it was not some grandiose idea that we're going to digitize everything. You started looking for a specific opportunities that made sense to digitize and start start the process step by step basis. Is that the way that I understood, is that correct?

Yes, definitely.

Very good. Very good. I, that's, again, another great example of a practitioner approach is not as some consultant came in and said, let's have this grandiose digital roadmap. We can have that That's good for directional guidance, but then we have to identify What parts of the business makes sense to digitize first that will create value, and we will build on this journey over time to the point. Where you are. Seems like.

you will have evolved enough on this on this on the business that That you can do more holistic? digitization exercises and intelligent automation and so on and so forth. So, that's very, very helpful. There, there's another question here from Kumar, you're, this is a general question for you just about related to the presentation slides.

I want to remind the audience again that all sessions are recorded so, you're going to have access to the actual presentation and the slides in Live Mode being presented by the speaker next week when we send out the link and password to access the recorded sessions farewell.

The next one comes from William Fuller and he is asking about your EHS monitoring and the And the question is whether or not EHS monitoring monitoring also include greenhouse gasses. Is that part of HHS monitoring for BSF?

Yes, Yes, definitely, We are to the footprint of greenhouse, to the renewable energy. We recall that will first this collector, or the data's from, from from ... file and measurements. Then based on that, we do the calculation we will voice and gesture that we were to the BI in ... to show that real time what our CO two emission totally. what our emission, so to have together.

Very good. Very good. Thank you for that. And then next question is related to vertical integration and and your digital transformation efforts as you integrate vertically. So, as you think about your customer, as you think about your suppliers, and you think about your organization, are are aspects of your digital transformation? That includes vertical integration of suppliers, vendors, and also with customers?

Yeah. This is also very important question, actually. We normally say, we have a vertical integration, and also ..., or integration. Yeah. You, vertical integration in chemical industry, will have five layers: We have a sensor layer, we have the control system layer, .... Then, this other layers are real time data team is pi, and then the fourth layer we have the ERP system, then the layers go really across the aisle and prompt.

Event Email Graphic Virtual Conferences (1)Then, this is already, when we do some practice on that. We have, which has got a lot, or, we call it ... connections, as many security topics. Many also, connection, connectivity topics, AI, technology inside.

And more importantly, what, actually, you mentioned, ..., topic and loading, unloading, and about our customers, our vendors. This is a more about in the horizontal integration. Alternating business to business isn't either really som more. Well, one example we do. We've got smart obtained via, you know, we profile our, our production tool to our customer, putting the tank.

So what do customer? Waiting for us to do? A waste of our wireless sensor in the tank to monitor in real time know how their consumption of the raw material, which is our project? So when we know that the level of entangled reduced, we can already start to prepare our Operation .... So this is a very good example about vertical integration and also horizontal integration.

Excellent, Thank you.

This follow-up question here from and take a look, Lots of questions coming in and keep keep them coming. I mean, what you get to all of them, but I'll get to most of them, and we'll cover the main topics. This one is from Talon, Patty, and this is a question around mobility specific.

And the question is, Whether you have a preference for the Mo Bile operating software, and we're talking about here, is now Apple, iOS, or Android or Windows and, and then, what is, What is BNSF's future direction around? Mobility? Will BSF be looking for virtual reality, augmented reality? And so, there are a lot questions built onto his question here, so, let's just take one at a time. So, first from a mobile operating software standpoint is the reference standard that you have that you're using.

Yeah, thanks for the question. I know these are this question actually bundling together. Yeah, we were actually talking with things. Yeah, so, basically, we enhance our people on the site. Operator: There were really well, yeah. I think first, I will say, well, we in the chemical industry, very important things for the small terminal mobile devices.

We need to have the exon proof, is a very important, and we have excellent array. So in that case, we will have to say in the marketing now, in local marketing China, overall marketing majority of mobile devices, they have interests system, Yeah.

But, also, in the body, the office, environment, iOS, is also prefer they also use the. So, this is something that, we, normally, when we do that, we would, have actually got, of course, the, cost.

Then, about these AI, we already said we are also, trying to also weigh very important feature. We need to ask some truth certificate, for each country, which is different than a little bit. And the second delay more important, is the wise I mentioned that's why now we leverage is five G. Will image of Wi-Fi six will also come out, which is the STI, and also, we consider how to use? and this is something we are trying, and we, we, especially in the ..., will benefit a lot. Yeah. Weight to the remote access.

Very good. Very good. The next question here, Chuck, is a little bit more on the cultural aspects of the transformation, and the specifically, as you start bringing, you, know, advanced, more and more advanced technologies to the plants, and, and you may start automating different portions of the plant. How is the What are the implications?

And maybe how do you communicate with maybe more unskilled workers, engineers, and technicians who may be fearful of this changes that they may affect their their jobs and may affect their ability to do work? How you're dealing with that, with that challenge, and communicating with the, with the frontline professionals.

This is actually also a very important question we facing every day. So, like a mapping of the pro motion, the slides, yeah.

With the culture of things, we need to do two things. First, so we need to give a 24 different level of the employee people in the product. So we have a training course.

I didn't personally eligible training goes for the executive level, and also Dame photos are more volatile data governance, this new technology, they want to know a little bit more about how to, to digital roadmap or this kind of information. Then we also do the, for the engineering level engineer level, which would teach and what is the big data analysis or the technical patio? and, therefore, the War for all of our operators, we need to communicate with him. Why wouldn't they can, again? We want to tell them, for Alice.

Whatever everything we are doing is not to make 10 get fired or no job. And this: we see we don't see this. in our industry, chemical industry, which may be true in other industry, but the chemical industry, and we don't seem to have no people factory in 15 days in 50 years. It's very difficult. But what we can do for you, so we have, between the front of the daily life, maybe they save, will make them more efficient, even more cool. Yeah, you know, many new employee, I believe, other region in China region, many young guys, they don't want to go into chemical industry anymore, with Wendy ... in the industry can try all these media outlets who sees this as a way to extract? Yeah.

That's, that's, that's a great perspective. That's some unique challenges, but unique opportunities in the industry, as well.

So, this next question comes from Woodpile Ganguli, and ... is first, has great presentation, appreciate that What you do, and you have talked a little bit about this already, but how did you do? What do you do for, if anything else, that you'd like to add for having successful change management as you introduce this, Digital solutions, anything else that you'd Like. You already made some comments about this.

Anything else that, you know, as you start this journey of digitizing that, the change management part of it was important, of course. Is anything else any suggestions or advice you'd have for, for organizations that may be starting on that on that path?

I will point actually in global global, we have a dedicated team responsible for these change of management. They are doing training cultural, to supporting, to increasing the atmosphere. This is something I wanted to add.

Screenshot (4)Farewell, farewell.

The ... is asking, and I think this is something that you already addressed. But I would just confirm that whether or not the transformation, whether it's part of the transformation, is reducing carbon footprint and becoming more green, and that, and I, I I, I would assume that that's part of your EHS program, but but its Carbon Footprint Reduction greenhouse reduction is part of this effort. Correct?

This is, This is another topic, actually, in chemical industry, but they can be leveraged by the digital. This is a completely different.

This is a completed another field, because when we can reach this problem, bring food. Fuel can be also done by the optimization on the process. Improve technology approaches in the chemical industry can also reach South, Yeah. This is a combination topics.

Very good, Very good. Next question comes from Kenneth C Alinsky, and can asks: How is the five G infrastructure being developed deployed using towers? individual? A piece, What does that five G and infrastructure looks like in the chemical plant?

OK, OK, very nice. Talk, a very interesting question. Also, important question. So you have many choices in China, we can using like the ...

Network to have a big towers besides our I'll prompt, which doesn't belong to and telecom providers. But this can already opened us to cover about Andrew Meat around area, but we can also do that MEC. You can do everything by myself. But then we need a classic example.

We consider you eating those windows or studies at 10, a small box into the every 20 meter in the chemical industry, the brand. So, the procedures like this. We created the first and it will create a new use cases with this value, as I mentioned, that second there. We should enter this issue, the cases. What will be the reliability? We need, whatever be, the secret is, secretly point of view of increased like robots. Yeah. We just increase the level is very low, because not deal with our whole process has taken the events, suddenly the damage done them walk was still can survive. Yeah. So in that case, we can use the coverage network, which almost no cost, very low cost for the for the grant, in case it will have a very high security use cases, are very hybrid IT requirements.

And we have to do with our whole network, which, of course we're increasing the cost 4 five G.

Great insights, Chuck. Thank you. Thank you very much for that. The next question comes from Tim Strongman and Tim's asking, first of all, it's a great presentation chess Chuck. And it's fantastic to see new technology being put to real life use. So very good coverage.

He says, And in this specific question he asked, Has to do if you're EHS platform that you use did you design that on yourself or you acquire a an off the shelf commercial product?

It's a combination from the process, quantity, OER procedure with one of you will have a procedure or walk to submit our safety inspection, This is the obvious F developed process in the past two decades, hendra yes, yeah. So, we gave this, like, we do this workshop, we define these two, We will process. This is the BPM process with generation, these requirements.

Then, we ask our vendors, a local vendor to develop customer writing for us and We'll do the iteration.

Very good, very good, and, and I'm going to ask our last question because I'm the one who should you get tired of asking, answering so many questions. So the last one is more of a holistic question. And the, and this has to do this comes from Frank Harper, and Frank is asking about what came first.

I'll summarize this question as what came first, digital transformation or organizational transformation.

And here is about, you know, how you prepare the organization for this change. Was that, was there some organizational change that have our transformation that happened first, followed by digital transformation, or the digital transformation started to happen? And then you had to go prepare the organization for that.

So, what came first in this two types of transformations is also a fantastic question, is, are we thinking a lot in the past three years, five years? So, it's a three step. I will say, first away, with dedicated, we know we want to ..., Will, we couldn't do that in projects? So, we will form a project team at the very beginning, we were told, Well, we found is for Jay team. We already talked to everybody this project to dissolve history.

Yes, so, the tasks of the project seemed to bring the atmosphere after 3 or 4 years. When we reach the first step, we then went off and turn to our organization again. Same waveform. I really vertical dedicated the process. We will do, We will form the CEO of these digital department in every region, which we try and get acquired injury and the first step is what we are doing now we recognize that won't do the digitalization. We have the Global Digital Team will have regional teams. You, each business unit of the dangers of each probably would have been doing this in the future. Yeah, no, not them by wouldn't dedicated team. So now we're talking about a community for every protests, were calling us from different team. We had to get them because the average approaches to dealing with too much CO two supply chain process, and so on. So, we just walking together, you know, we can metrics to really generation, everybody, contribution to our knowledge, to bring to a digital online.

So, this is something we are experienced, not.

Chuck, thank you very much.

Such valuable insights on your, from your presentation, from the Q&A, and thanks for sharing, and the, and giving us and teaching us. You know, this very practical lessons. We had, I was monitoring the boards here, nobody has logged off the session. It's it's almost unheard of that during the Q&A that everybody stays on throughout the entire thing and hundreds of people who just stayed on because such insightful questions and answers that you have provided. Thank you for the audience, for a very, very good questions, that you asked and, again, check guy, had of Transform A of Digital transformation BSF. What, a pleasure to have you with us. It's a real gift for us, and for our global audience to have you share your expertise with us today.

Thank you very much. Enjoy the time with your questions.

Thank you.

Ladies and gentlemen, Chuck Die with us tremendous presentation, the Head of BASF, Digitalization, Smart Manufacturing in Greater China, directly from Shanghai for us today, what a gift. I, great start, and we're gonna, we're gonna, we're gonna keep bringing experts, practical. insights for you. For the next recession, our next session, we'll start at the top of the hour, we're going to be with one of the leading global experts on Business, Process Management and Digitalization. So we're gonna have doctor ... with us. He's going to talk about Process Led, Digitalization, Reliable, and Effective, Value, realization. Let's meet back up at the top of the hour when we restart the session and in the meantime or throughout the next three days.

Log on, look on LinkedIn, under my name, is Joseph Paris, and you can make comments, ask questions, about the presenters, about the presentations. We can interact there about anything that we don't cover here, OK. So, make sure to share, like comment on the post, and let's exchange ideas related to the topics that are being discussed here. So, for now we're gonna wrap up this session, We see you back at the top of the hour, with doctor ..., and process led digitalization. Thank you.


About the Author

more - 2021-03-03T195029.154Chuck Dai,
Head of BASF Digitalization Smart Manufacturing Greater China,

16 years in BASF.

Was as Global Technology Manager in BASF Ludwigshafen, Germany. Responsible for ~10 chemical plants technology, located in China, Germany, USA, Korea

As 1st inventor for ~20 international patents, in the field of chemical process and digitalization, which are used in BASF chemical plants globally.

Was as Cluster plant manager in Shanghai site.

Currently work as Head of BASF Greater China Smart Manufacturing team, support ~30 sites in Greater China region digital transformation, from consulting, digital solution developing, implementation, service, maintenance, etc.

Also as Head of Smart Verbund Project for BASF Guangdong Verbund Project.


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Proqis Digital Virtual Conference Series

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Delivered by Progressive Thought-Leaders


Watch On-Demand Recordings For Free

Watch On-Demand Recording - Access all sessions from progressive thought leaders free of charge from our industry leading virtual conferences.

Best-In-Class Training

Delivered by the industry's most progressive thought leaders from the world's top brands.
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The premier Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Conference. Watch sessions on-demand for free. Use code: BFH1120