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April 13, 2020

BTOES - SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT : Cutting Through the Noise - How can you use AI Solutions to Drive Excellence now?

Courtesy of Prudential, Matthew Marino a synopsis of his speaking session discussing as new and emerging capabilities continue to evolve,what this changing set of tools can mean for your organization

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Please join me on March 24th at BTOES 2020 as I lead an interactive discussion on how to accelerate value creation from your Intelligent Automation program.

As new and emerging capabilities continue to evolve, we will discuss what this changing set of tools can mean for your organization. From AI to ML, from NLP to OCR and RPA the potential for true transformation has never been higher, and these areas are still rapidly evolving. Are you using these tools effectively already, if so, we’d love to hear you share some of your success stories! While the promise of these tools can be very exciting, finding the right use cases to start off strong isn’t always easy. As important as it is to learn from others in terms of what is going well, it is equally important to understand and learn from the challenges others have faced.

In our discussion we will discuss a number of different strategies for success, to learn how organizations like yours have been able to rapidly deliver value, and how these strategies may evolve based on organizational maturity. In our discussion we will look at a number of capabilities that are in various stages of maturity. Starting with fairly well known and understood tools such as OCR and RPA that can help transform our paper based processes to more of a digital experience. Outside of the automation capabilities, we’ll talk about about the additional merits of digital processes as we can reduce customer friction by error proofing the process and driving quality at the source. Many companies still struggle with the support needs of paper based processing and the more mature state of these tools can be a way of bootstrapping investment into your automation program by delivering quick wins based on proven platforms.

Moving towards more of the newer capabilities we will talk about the pivot point from paper digitization and rules based processing to the predictive capabilities that are now available in a number of different tools that can move your organization beyond rules based processing to model driven decision making and interpretation. As capabilities such as NLP, ML, and AI continue to evolve and commercialized platforms become more readily available, an entire new set of business challenges can potentially be solved for. Previously, much of what could be automated could be summarized as examples where a structured data set was (or via OCR could be made) available, where the current process was operating with a high degree of process stability, and where the process was rules based and ideally these rules were of limited complexity.

What these newer tools are capable of, or soon will be, goes far beyond isolated structured data sets and if-then rules based logic. We are starting to see capabilities where sentiment and interpretation of needs can occur by leveraging NLP. We are finding that these tools can detect and determine intent and meaning, which are key attributes required for relationship based processes as opposed to purely transnational ones. A key emerging trend is the introduction of tools that can sit in your technical stack, can observe and identify patterns, and recommend opportunities for automation no longer does this need to be done manually or as a “needle in the haystack”. The ability of ML and AI to leverage these data sets of incredible size and complexity will significantly change the types of problems technology will be able to solve for. This expansion of processing capability along with the ever increasing availability of 3rd party data sets will transform how businesses invest their resources moving forward.

When we think about the potential impact of these tools on the workforce my belief is we will see the investment in human capital to drive these use cases grow. These will be new roles spanning across technology and data analysis and competition for this expertise will be intense. We will see some level of benefit from these automated processes which should result in lowering the number of resources required in traditional operational roles. At the end of the day, I strongly suspect the companies that get this right will continue to find that many basic services will largely become commoditized but that the importance of relationships with the customer will grow. Assuming this last hypothesis is correct, I believe the best companies will reinvest some of the potential savings in relationship based roles and activities to drive differentiation through improved customer experience. Part of our discussion will look at these trends and how HR can become a key enabler in the changing talent landscape.



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Matthew Marino,


The issues in this article are just one of topic areas that are going to be discussed at the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit & Industry

BTOES is the industry’s biggest and best, senior-level, cross-industry gathering of Business Transformation & Operational Excellence industry leaders and senior executives.

It also hosts the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awardswhich showcase globally the most outstanding organizational achievements through the application of Operational Excellence programs.

The summits hosts a number of private forums for C-Level & Global corporate-level leaders as well as business unit heads.

With over 150 speakers, over 100 sessions, 12 Keynotes, 9 Track Themes, 5 parallel tracks, 60+ track sessions, 50 roundtable discussions, 20 Interactive Workshops, 6 Thought Leader Panels, 5 Leaders Boardrooms, 5 co-located events, the Industry Awards Program, Site Visits, 20+ hours of social networking including 2 gala cocktail parties, dinners, numerous group activities, this is the ultimate event to benchmark, network and drive Operational Excellence to the next level.


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There is a strong focus on Cultural Transformation, Customer Delight, Sustaining an Operational Excellence program, Need for end-to-end Business Transformation, Keeping up with new technologies/impact of digitalization and Leadership Buy-in & Understanding. We dedicated two tracks to advanced technologies, such as AI, Machine Learning, RPA, Predictive Analytics, Blockchain, Cloud infrastructure etc.

The agenda is designed to encourage active meaningful conversations though all day enhanced networking and interaction opportunities, including

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