Nuray Gurtekin Sen
February 13, 2019

BTOES EXCLUSIVE SLIDE DECK: Change Management Journey in Corporate Technology US

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Courtesy of McKean Defense'Change Management Journey in Corporate Technology US' Nuray Gurtekin Sen has written an article introducing her presentation: 

Please click here to download the presentation.

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Corporate Technology US’ change journey began with a change decision on processes and organization of CT US. On the other hand it has been targeted to close existing non-conformities defined during supplier audit. As a result, the organization decided to establish a process and quality management system for US region.

A Change Management: Technology is fast, and change is slow.

This presentation focuses on the change management program of Siemens Corporate Technology. It explains how the process management infrastructure has been established from scratch, how over hundred major/ minor non conformities have been closed to achieve these targets, which models, frameworks and approaches have been used and integrated, and beyond that how these approaches were deployed to the global organization in Siemens CT within five years. This five-year transition consists of three major phases and focus areas which have been linked with balanced scorecard’s four dimensions; processes, customers, financials and employees. Additionally this presentation includes which challenges we faced, how we solved them and what are the key success factors during this organizational and cultural change management program.

What is your Change Management Strategy?

Change Management: Uncover a masterpiece by changing just one thing.

As a first step in “Phase I” process management, a “Baseline” was prepared which covered the design of a “Process House” by using BPM@Siemens concept, designing core process landscape, preparing business process architecture baseline, mapping business process interfaces and interaction in level concept, documenting roles and responsibilities and aligning with process workflows, releasing standard processes, setting KPIs and conducting organizational level process trainings. So officially, the process management system was been rolled-out in a year and the organization became ready to be certified by end of 2013. In this phase, mainly “process” and “people” aspects were evaluated in the presentation.

In “Phase II”, called “Strengthen the Core”, new concepts and approaches were developed and deployed on top of baseline process architecture. This is referred to as PM@Siemens.

Career Path -- which is an extensive qualification and internal certification program -- project management risk evaluation and categorization systematic, limits of authority and quality gate concepts are some examples which leverage the project management acquisition and execution processes in general. Besides that, business continuity manag ement (BMC), customer satisfaction system have been designed and IT platforms have been rolled-out. Its developments strengthen organizational risk management and customer relationship management processes.

In the “Continue and Improve” Phase (III), operational excellence activities have been started. Since 2015 many process improvement projects have been planned and completed successfully. Under this lean approach, some of the processes have been automated; some of them have been simplified or improved productivity. In 2016, process improvements became part of the CT US 2020 Masterplan Growth initiative and their scope was expanded. And lastly, a KPI dashboard was designed to monitor operational excellence performance and became part of employees’ personal performance evaluation system.

As a consequence, all these approaches and process management model developed and deployed for CT US became a best practice globally. In 2014, a project management model was replicated for Siemens HQ organization and a CMMI approach was integrated. And, as of 2017 globally, the entire CT research organization started to use the US’ process landscape.

Change Management… Why is it so darn hard?

Additionally, a developed and implemented system has been approved by third part certification bodies and supplier auditors. And, as of 2013, all conformities have been closed and all changes have been approved by internal and external customers. ISO 9001 audit has been passed with 0 Major and 0 Minor nonconformities in 2014. Since then, CT US didn’t get any major or minor non-conformities from any periodic third party or supplier audits.

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About Siemens

Siemens is a German conglomerate company headquartered in Berlin and Munich and largest manufacturing companz in Europe with branch offices abroad. It is a digital pioneer focusing on the areas of electrification and automation. It has had considerable benefits with operational excellence since they embarked on this journey several years ago, but how have they sustained this in the organization? Download this slide deck to see Nuray Gurtekin Sen, Dr. Cindy Young discuss their journey and learn about the best practices for merging business strategy and business transformation, which achieved significant benefits for their organization.  

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About the Author

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Nuray Gurtekin Sen, Head of Global Process & Quality of Siemens, envisions strategic direction, develop and execute global quality, business process and change management strategies, methodologies and objectives. She specialises in designing, integrating and managing top-level framework for global technology research and development organizations in Germany, US, China, Russia, India, Austria and Qatar.

Moreover, she has 15+ years of experience in business excellence, business transformation, change management, quality and program management for industry, energy, infrastructure and healthcare sectors in global matrix organizations. Furthermore, she has comprehensive knowledge and experience in consulting business units on global scale to identify and develop innovative & cost-effective solutions and lead process improvement programs

What is more, she has extensive experience in strategic and lead global scale strategy, business transformation, cost optimization and change programs as well as develops and deploys business operating models and frameworks. 

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