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Free Book Chapter: Redefining Operational Excellence

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Transforming from a Manufacturing to a Services Company, the Journey

  WATCH NOW: Transforming from a Manufacturing to a Services Company, the Journey

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Engaging Leadership with Operational Excellence through Strategic Alignment and Visual Management

  WATCH NOW: Engaging Leadership with Operational Excellence through Strategic Alignment a...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The Critical Role of Culture in Strategy Execution

WATCH NOW: The Critical Role of Culture in Strategy Execution About the Session When a new...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Linking Your Core Business Processes with Process Architecture and Strategy - University of Dayton

  WATCH NOW: Linking your Business' Core Processes and Process Architecture with Strategy ...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Value Deployment - Developing, Engaging and Aligning the Power of Your People - US Synthetic

WATCH NOW:Strategy Deployment: Managing, Fostering & Creating Value throughout the Organis...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Avvo's Agile Business Transformation: Using Operational Excellence Tools & Methodologies - Avvo

Agile software development and operational excellence agility share a few core tenets: bri...

Strategy & Transformation Templates, Learning Resources from

Courtesy of [Free PowerPoint] Strategy & Transformation Templates -- Growth, Inn...

What is your Change Management Strategy?

For many, change is frightening, threatening and therefore it is resisted at all costs. It...

The 6 Mistakes Most Businesses Make When Adopting a Continuous Improvement Program

DOWNLOAD: The 15 Keys to Successful Organizational Development (A Humanistic Perspective)

Download Slides Now Organizational Development has come a long way from languishing in the...

Acquisitions Gone Bad – Don’t Do it!

Operational Excellence Frameworks: Download Now

Take a look at 3 brand-new Operational Excellence Frameworks available now on BTOES Insigh...

SME Just Like Me!

Hiring season is underway, and you can’t wait to hire a Subject Mater Expert (SME) just li...

Edwin Moses

Edwin Moses was the greatest 400m hurdler the world has ever seen.

The OpEx 'Fast Track'

I'm constantly amazed at how easily senior managers and executives in companies large and ...

Why Do Internal BPM Projects Fail?

Acquisitions Gone Bad - A Discussion Based on Observation

I have been blessed, or cursed, to have been involved in turning around two separate acqui...

ARTICLE: Right People, Right Place

Recently, I had someone respond that Lean was basically "all that foundation stuff" (5S, L...

ARTICLE: SWAT Team Principles Part 2 - Training like your Life Depends on It

Read SWAT Team Principles Part 1

THOUGHT LEADER: Jean Lu, Vanguard

THOUGHT LEADER: Sayeed Sanaullah, Wells Fargo

ARTICLE: How Many Experts are Needed to Embark on a Lean Journey?

QUESTION: We are starting discussions about trying to start a lean initiative and are in d...

ARTICLE: Lean Six Sigma Could Blind You

I'm not against Six Sigma, Let's just get that out of the way. I'm not a "Six Sigma Hater"...

REVIEW: Operational Excellence - Final Insights

With the release of our 6-part report series, ‘Operational Excellence: Snapshots’, we want...

ARTICLE: SWAT Team Principles, Part 1:  Commit to Your Strategy and Execute!

 I had the honor of spending an entire day training with a local SWAT team as a result of ...

ARTICLE: To Understand Business Processes, Just Use Your Loaf

In a previous career Brian was a manufacturing quality engineer at GE medical systems wher...

LONG ARTICLE: Are Your Managers Company Doctors or Coroners?

Are your managers operating as company doctors or coroners?  A bizarre question, maybe, bu...

ARTICLE: In Praise of Ignorance

Daniel Markovitz is the author of two Shingo Research Award-winning books, Building the Fi...

ARTICLE: WOW!! You are so cool, you have a Strategy!

An early entrepreneur in social media, Bala is a strategic customer service leader with a ...

WHITE PAPER: The Process of Process Management: Strategy Execution in a Digital World

White Paper by Dr. Mathias Kirchmer & Peter Franz Business strategies and operations need ...

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