Rapid decision making tool & process

What is RAPID Decision Making?

RAPID is a decision-making tool designed to help leaders get questions answered, and provide solid conclusions to discussions. This is done by mapping out every stage of the decision making proccess and identifying what is required for a final decision to be made, and made well.

Whilst the RAPID Acronym does note actually provide the correct order for the process, the letters in the name help to remember the following:

Recommend that a decision be made. 

Input will likely be required to inform the decision.

Approve the final call.


Performing the decision that has been made. 


What are the Benefits of RAPID Decision Making?

One of the biggest keys in decision making is understanding who is responsible for each part of the decision. When dealing with a large decision that features many moving parts, the numerous people likely included in the process can cause confusion. This is one of the key benefits of the RAPID decision making tool - assigning responsibility, decreasing confusion.



Read Bain & Company's full overview of the tool 

The RAPID decision making process helps people to think more deeply about how decisions should be made. With this in mind, the tool helps to provide real accountability to the appropriate people, setting useful boundaries whilst also allowing power to be shared. In turn, involving the right people, and taking others out of the loop, saves time on important decision making.

Watch now: Case Study on Rapid Decision Making, from Hall & Partners



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What is RAPID Decision Making

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