Business-Wide Continuous Improvement: Definitions & Examples

What do we mean when referring to Business Process Excellence, Continuous Improvement, or Process Improvement?

This is how the OpEx professional sets out how a new performance improvement (PI) programme, process, system, way of working or methodology should be utilized or engaged with by employees within an organization. The system, process, way of working or methodology needs to be ‘embedded’ into the culture and once this is done for the first department, then it needs to be rolled out across the organization.

For rapid adoption of any performance improvement programme, it is imperative to get firstly the buy-in of the leaders of the key teams that have been identified as needing improvement and then supporting those leaders to get their teams to adopt the performance improvement measures being put in place – perhaps new systems and processes.
For lasting sustainable change that will out-live the operational excellence staff’s time (implementing these processes) in the department to implement the new ways of working, the leaders and front-line staff need to have an impactful day to day way of working that embodies the PI methodology that the organization is trying to implement.

What are the Key Challenges to Embedding Continuous Improvement?

For large, complex and remotely operated healthcare organisations in parictular, this can be a real challenge. Galvanising staff to implement new processes especially if they are remotely located can be difficult as ‘out of sight, means out of mind’. Finding ways to rapidly, efficiently and effectively roll out the methodology across the organization is one of the OpEx professional’s biggest headaches.

So What's the Final Goal for BPE/CI/PI Programs?

Ultimately, companies that have rolled out their methodologies across their organisations and use this approach day to day are operationally excellent and are leaders in the sector.
Their staff know the systems to use, have a problem solving approach that is in-built into the way they work, how they do their jobs and how they go about solving problems or issues in their day to day work.
This is therefore the ultimate end game for all OpEx professionals: Leaving every department that they have set up with PI systems and processes so they use those processes day to day to therefore have an impact and improve performance.

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