What is Performance Excellence
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What is Performance Excellence?

According to the 'Baldridge Glossary' (2002) “the term ‘performance excellence’ refers to an integrated approach to organizational performance management that results in the three following outcomes:

1. Delivery of ever-improving value, to customers and stakeholders, that contribute directly  to organizational sustainability;

2. Improvement of overall organizational effectiveness and capabilities

3. Organizational and personal learning.

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Baldridge Performance Excellence

An excellence model, such as that provided by the Baldridge Foundation,  is one of the forces and facilitators of a highly successful organization transformation. The Criteria for Performance Excellence - or, CPE - model is composed of several key components: leadership; analysis, and knowledge management;  strategic planning; customer focus; measurement, workforce focus; operations focus; and finally, the importance of results.

WATCH: Criteria for a Performance Excellence Framework, Michael Voss


WATCH NOW: From Worst to First—Changing Culture to Drive Performance 

  WATCH NOW: From Worst to First—Changing Company Culture to Drive Performance Excellence

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