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Process Management: Collaboration is Key for Business Transformation

Collaboration is Key for Business Transformation, now more than ever.   Global competition...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Linking Your Core Business Processes with Process Architecture and Strategy - University of Dayton

  WATCH NOW: Linking your Business' Core Processes and Process Architecture with Strategy ...

Transforming Your Business to Achieve Operational Excellence

The 21st century economy requires organizations to apply a more agile approach to problem ...

Enterprise Process Modeling: Tackling Digital Transformations

Businesses and organizations everywhere struggle with the pace, volume, and complexity of ...

Robotic Process Automation – Pragmatic Solution or Dangerous Illusion?

Enabling Digital Business Transformation with Enterprise-wide Process Modeling

We are pleased to offer our readers this new White Paper on Digital Business Transformatio...

3 Ways BPM Must Change to Reflect the Digital World

This content was originally posted on

What Lies Beneath: Empowering Customer Experience with Your Portal and Apps

What is the Value of A Modern Approach to BPM?

New White Paper, Courtesy of Signavio & MWD Advisors. Today’s digital world creates a new ...

Why you need to implement Customer Relationship Management twice

The Directors Cut

SME Just Like Me!

Hiring season is underway, and you can’t wait to hire a Subject Mater Expert (SME) just li...

Successful Innovation through Business Process Management


Why Do Internal BPM Projects Fail?

CASE STUDY: TPM - A Paradigm Shift from "Smokey the Bear" to "Yogi the Bear"

The following case study was written up by Riad, 'Ray' Ardahji, one of 100+ incredible spe...

Outsourced vendor journey mapping for Customer Excellence. Do you have one?

Customer experience mapping and customer service employee lifecycle mapping are two areas ...

ARTICLE: Are your Work Processes Amazing, or A"Maze"ing?

Over the weekend, I happened to catch up with one of my mentees. I started off asking how ...

ARTICLE: What's Your Lean Business System Reference Model?

Kata: A systematic global cultural development process where patterns of behaviors, values...

CASE STUDY: Operational Excellence Project Award Winner CIBC

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) is a leading North American financial institutio...

CASE STUDY: Operational Excellence Project Award Winner WNS

WNS is a global provider of Business Process Management and Outsourcing solutions for 200+...

THOUGHT LEADER: Jean Lu, Vanguard

REVIEW: Operational Excellence - Final Insights

With the release of our 6-part report series, ‘Operational Excellence: Snapshots’, we want...

ARTICLE: Tripping Over Standard Work

A while back, I had a conversation with a colleague regarding a company’s “Standard Work” ...

ARTICLE: To Understand Business Processes, Just Use Your Loaf

In a previous career Brian was a manufacturing quality engineer at GE medical systems wher...

REPORT: The Value-Switch for Digitalization Initiatives: Business Process Management

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer has worked successfully in an international environment serving clien...

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