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Enabling Digital Business Transformation: Gain the Ability for Cloud Agility - Assessing Enterprise Capacity for a Multi-Cloud Strategy

This content, and the report (available here) has been provided courtesy of BPI Network. F...

Operationally Excellent Project Outcomes: When ‘Good Enough’ is Not Good Enough

Is Your Latest Project only 'Good Enough'? I don’t understand,” a friend of mine lamented ...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The adoption of Visual Management (VM) as a key success factor for the Agility and Performance of Global Organizations

    WATCH NOW: The Adoption of Visual Management (VM) as a key success factor for the Agil...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Debunking Myths: How Operational Excellence Fosters Innovation and Agility, Ebay

  WATCH NOW: Debunking Myths: How Operational Excellence Fosters Innovation and Agility   ...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Integrating Lean and Agile to Transform New Product Development

  WATCH NOW: Integrating Lean and Agile to Transform New Product Development Alex Jones is...

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Avvo's Agile Business Transformation: Using Operational Excellence Tools & Methodologies - Avvo

Agile software development and operational excellence agility share a few core tenets: bri...

SLIDE DECK: 3 Lessons for Driving Innovation & Agility through Operational Excellence, Ebay

How can you utilise Operational Excellence to encourage Innovation & Agility within your o...

SLIDE DECK: Building the Fit Organization, or; Taking the Toyota Out of Lean


Agile Agility

ARTICLE: Are your Work Processes Amazing, or A"Maze"ing?

Over the weekend, I happened to catch up with one of my mentees. I started off asking how ...

ARTICLE: Inventory Your Agile Analysis Skills Toolbox

First thing first, let’s establish two truths to analysis in agile.

ARTICLE: Structure & Clutter

Flow is one of the key tenets of lean. To that end, continuous improvement professionals e...

ARTICLE: Building the 'Fit' Organization

If you’re trying to get fit, don’t try to lose weight. And if you’re a business trying to ...

THOUGHT LEADER: Kevin Goldsmith, CTO, Avvo

ARTICLE: What makes Google, GOOGLE?

My last day at Google!

ARTICLE: The Spotify model: how to create, dissolve, and remix teams to be more dynamic and more innovative


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