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August 16, 2017

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO:  How to use Operational Excellence as a Competitive Advantage, Guardian Life



WATCH NOW: How to use Operational Excellence as a Competitive Advantage


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About the Presentation 

Guardian Life has been undertaking large scale operational excellence transformational activities in customer service improvement and evaluating partnerships to drive more business. In this session hear how they are:

  • Creating a sales excellence team: streamlining the sales process for internal/external clients
  • Improve customer through a high-level operational excellence program 
  • Driving a culture of continuous improvement organically throughout the business
  • Problem solving, tracking benefits and following up on projects implemented
  • Using OpEx to grow the business with M&A and partner evaluation
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WATCH NOW: How to use Operational Excellence as a Competitive Advantage


About the Speaker

Pranay Butala is currently AVP of Operational Excellence within Guardian Life’s Group business.  His team is accountable for helping Group business in three key areas: 1) strategic consulting to help proactively identify areas of cost reduction and other efficiencies at the enterprise level, 2) program leadership through various engagements ranging from process improvement to M&A future state modeling, and 3) developing operational excellence talent organically within the business.

Pranay’s previous experiences are from 20 years through consulting and the pharmaceutical industry.  He was previously a partner within Cognizant’s life sciences division, accountable for AstraZeneca’s marketing and sales portfolio. Prior to Cognizant, he was a director in marketing technology at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals New York City office, as well as spending an early career at Accenture’s and Deloitte’s strategic consulting arms.   Pranay has a MBA in Strategy and Operations from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Graduate Management, and a BS in Biochemical Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ.  He also ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt certified.   

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