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September 07, 2017

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Driving Change from Crisis Through Transformation, ComputerShare


WATCH NOW: Driving Change from Crisis Through Transformation

 WATCH NOW: Driving Change from Crisis Through Transformation

About the Presentation

Presented by Joseph Spadaford, Chief Operations Strategy Officer, ComputerShare

Many organizations struggle through turbulent periods caused by internal or external factors. Selecting the best path forward during these challenging periods, and driving the right set of changes, can accelerate a transition to renewed performance. It can also set the foundation for sustainable success using the principles of operational excellence. Hear from a change agent at Computershare who successfully drove a strategic transition in operations, and introduced effective change by:

  • Utilizing a combined top down and bottom up approach to focus on needed changes
  • Leveraging existing organizational strengths and select tools of operational excellence
  • Winning the hearts and minds of people with successful and cumulative results
  • Providing the C-level with a roadmap, to view changes in waves
  • Gaining renewed confidence from clients with differentiated performance

WATCH NOW: Driving Change from Crisis Through Transformation


About the Speaker

Joe has over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, primarily running large operating departments and businesses. As Chief Operations Strategy Officer he is responsible for driving operational excellence practices across all business lines and has led strategic change initiatives in the US, Canada and the UK. Before his current responsibilities, he was the firm's Chief Operating Officer of the US Equity Services business—the largest corporate stock transfer business in the US. 

He joined Computershare in July 2007 from AXA Equitable where he led several strategic process improvement initiatives and became the firm's first Certified Master Black Belt in Six Sigma. Prior to joining AXA, Joe was President of First Chicago Trust Company where he led the shareholder servicing group for many years, building it into a service leader among large transfer agents. His broad experience includes senior leadership positions in treasury operations, commercial lending operations and securities processing—all within the financial services industry.

Joe is a CPA and has broad expertise in risk management and operational controls from serving as Audit Group head at First Chicago and Citibank.  He is also a licensed Securities Principal and former President of Georgeson Securities Corporation—the US broker-dealer of Computershare. 

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