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November 11, 2016


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Director of Lego continuous improvement at LEGO, BTOES Insights is proud to announce Peter Evans as a speaker at the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit (BTOES17). Peter will be speaking in the Operational Excellence Stream with his session, 'Supporting Top Line Growth with Operational Excellence'. We caught up to ask him a little bit more about his session, and expectations for the summit.

Tell us about your roles & responsibilities within your organization.

I lead LCI (LEGO Continuous Improvement) for the CBS (Corporate Business Services) area of LEGO. It is a Global Role, and is more specifically focused on delivering a Shared Services organisation for Finance and HR services.

What are the critical challenges your presentation will address?

How to scale CI capability during times of growth, Building shared service capability maintaining culture for growth and opportunity.

After your presentation, what are you hoping the attendees will take away with them?

A sense of how LEGO and I think about the challenges ahead of us. Some things to think about for Continuous Improvement in any circumstance, in any organization.

What have been the biggest developments in Operational Excellence in the last 12 months, within your organization?

A move from thinking purely about Capability build, and a steady movement towards influencing and experiencing improvements in efficiency overall.

How do you see Operational Excellence developing over the next 5-10 years within your organization?

In the next 5-10 years, Operational Excellence will begin to be understood as a key aspect of what makes LEGO great!

What 3 key learnings would you like to takeaway from this conference?

1. Insights in to other approaches

2. Points of difference and similarity across industries

3. Key influencers in the OE world

Peter Evans was born in 1955. He joined LEGO in February 2016. The early part of his career was in Finance in various industries, including Defence, Financial Services and Telecommunications.  Peter worked for General Electric throughout the 90’s including spells in Manchester, Brussels, Shannon (Eire) and Connecticut. From 2000 to 2013 he worked in Telecoms in the UK, first with Vodafone, then Cable & Wireless, before finally leading operational Excellence for Virgin Media. 
Since February 2016, Peter has been Director of LCI (LEGO Continuous Improvement) at LEGO with specific responsibility for Corporate Business Services and is actively involved in establishing a Global Business Services Organisation for Finance and HR services.

You can learn more about Peter's role at the summit here.


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