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September 19, 2017

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO:  Architect Your Business for NextGen Customer Experiences



WATCH NOW: Architect Your Business for NextGen Customer Experiences


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About the Presentation 


Companies are experimenting with lots of shiny new technology objects to improve customer experiences, from robotics to virtual reality to artificial intelligence. And, in fact, tools of the CX trade are getting more robust, from next generation VOC tools to adaptive journey mapping to ad hoc research. Yet, many still struggle to provide fair experiences and to transition from a reactive find-and-fix mode to create proactive breakthrough experiences. That’s because the organizational design of most companies is optimized for product fulfillment, not customer success.


WATCH NOW: Architect Your Business for NextGen Customer Experiences


About the Speaker

John Vance is an experienced PRINCE 2 certified program, project, and change manager whose deep experience is built upon a well-rounded career in information technology and management consulting. He has worked with a variety of organizations to design and implement successful technology-enabled business transformation solutions related to customer relationship management and marketing, business process improvement and redesign, ERP strategy and implementation, technology and shared services planning, e-commerce platform development, and many other disciplines.

A native of the United Kingdom, he has worked in both Europe and the United States and completed projects across those areas as well as Asia. John’s experience spans a number of sectors, including the banking, insurance, retail, consumer products, energy, transportation, and automotive industries.

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