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What is Culture Transformation, and how can it assist Operational Excellence

The Role of Company Culture in Operational Excellence

At heart, Operational Excellence is an element of organizational leadership the employs numerous methodologies and tools, focusing on the sustainable improvement of outstanding performance metrics. Alongside this, Corporate culture is the collection of values, visions, missions, and day-to-day aspects of communication and operational goals that create the atmosphere that permeates and determines how employees work in their organization.

According to the Barrett Values Centre, "Vibrant cultures have high levels of performance because they create internal cohesion, attract talented people, and inspire employees to go the extra mile."

Without a company culture that promotes the behaviours and actions of Operational Excellence and Continuous improvement, an Operational Excellence Program is unable to embed itself in the long-term across any organization.

Components of a Company Culture

Whilst a company culture has many interwoven threads, there are a few key defining components that can make or break a company culture:

  • Vision - Good vision statements can even help orient customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.
  • Values - While a vision articulates a company’s purpose, values offer a set of guidelines on the behaviors and mindsets needed to achieve that vision. 
  • Practices - If an organization professes, “people are our greatest asset,” it should also be ready to invest in people in visible ways. 
  • People - No company can build a coherent culture without people who either share its core values or possess the willingness and ability to embrace those values.

"Culture is back on the corporate agenda. As leaders deal with the demands of increased complexity – whether managing financial and environmental risk, navigating new markets, assimilating new types of technologies, or building a strategy for organic growth – many recognize the momentum that comes with a responsive, energized culture."  – Art Kleiner and Rutger von Post

What is Operational Excellence?

Culture Transformation: How fast can you change?

Culture Transformation: Why is it still one of the priorities?

Transforming Company Culture, Understanding Your Strengths

Creating a Culture of Operational Discipline that leads to Operational Excellence

Robotic Process Automation – Pragmatic Solution or Dangerous Illusion?

The Value-Switch for Digitalization Initiatives: Business Process Management 

Creating a Lean and Continuous Improvement Culture in your Business


Successful Innovation through Business Process Management.

Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement

Strategy & Transformation Templates, Learning Resources 

Organizational Transformation: 6 Presentations to begin your Organizational Excellence Journey

Get on Offense: 8 Principles to Achieve Operational Excellence 

No Growth Strategy Without Culture - Achieving Growth through Operational Excellence

Get Your Organization Prepared for Operational Excellence 

Creating a Culture that Sustains 5S and Operational Excellence

Why Do Internal BPM Projects Fail?


Take a look below for video presentations, white papers and more on the importance of, and how to create, a culture of Operational Excellence. 

Improve your productivity with a Company culture of Operational Excellence

Cultural Transformation in Operational Excellence  Videos:

Mutual of Omaha: The Critical Role of Culture in Strategy Execution

The Critical Role of Culture Transformation in Strategy Execution/Operational Excellence

WATCH NOW: How an Operational Excellence Culture can be your Company’s Biggest Success Factor  

How an Operational Excellence Culture of Transformation can be your Company’s Biggest Success Factor
WATCH NOW: A Systematic Approach to Creating a Culture of Structured Problem Solving

Screenshot 2017-08-02 11.34.43.png

WATCH NOW: From Worst to First—Changing Culture to Drive Performance 

  WATCH NOW: From Worst to First—Changing Company Culture to Drive Performance Excellence

WATCH NOW: Transforming the Culture - Create a Lean and Continuous Improvement Culture in your Existing Business, Ingersoll Rand

Transforming the Culture - Create a Lean and Continuous Improvement Culture in your Existing Business, Ingersoll Rand


Operational Excellence: What is it? Strategy, definitions and more

To get an idea of the role of Culture Transformation in Operational Excellence, take a look at our FREE 6 in 1 report series, 'Operational Excellence: Snapshots', featuring the thoughts of 150+ Operational Excellence Professionals, and targeting the most pressing issues in the ecosystem.

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Award-Winning Case Studies

Download the free case studies now, or view the full list of award-winning Operational Excellence case studies, courtesy of the Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit.

Award Winning Operational Excellence Case Study - Paccar Best Operational Excellence Award Winning Strategy - United Airlines What is Operational Excellence? Case Study Practises - Sonoco


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