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No matter which industry you’re in, disorganization in the workplace is a slow, subtle killer of productivity. A chaotic workplace is less efficient, it generates greater unexpected costs, and worst of all, it can endanger the health and well-being of your employees. By contrast, a carefully organized workplace can create better products faster and at lower cost, while elevating the morale of your employees. That’s a win for everyone!


As any manager can tell you however, workplace organization is not as simple as asking employees to be more organized. This is where the 5S method comes in. Far more than a simple set of guidelines on how to arrange your workplace, 5S aims to create a lasting culture where everyone, from the CEO to the newest hire, works together to maintain organizational standards.

Five Easy Pillars of Lean 5S

The key to 5S lies in five easy to understand pillars.

  • Sort (Seiri): Sort and separate necessary and unnecessary items in the area.
  • Set In Order (Seiton): Arrange items so that they are accessible and ready for use. Create clearly marked locations for each item.
  • Shine (Seiso): Clean workplace and equipment regularly to prevent wear and identify defects.
  • Standardize (Seiketsu): Refer to the first three S’s often to build reproducible processes that ensure the workplace remains organized.
  • Sustain (Shitsuke): Maintain organizational standards while working to improve procedures when possible.

The 5S Method

You’ll learn more about each of these pillars in our 5S guide, but the important thing to know is that a business that employs 5S methodology is a business where tools can always be found in their designated place, where materials are readily available to workers as needed, where labels are always correct and visible, and where constant inspection (both by managers and employees) ensures safety and productivity. 

Though it was originally developed 1950s as part of the famed (and wildly successful) Toyota Production System, the 5S method has since been successfully utilized in a variety of other industries, and by businesses of all sizes. 5S is not a quick fix, and it does require concerted effort, but the benefits it can bring to a business are incalculable.

Isn’t it time you learned how 5S can enhance your productivity? 

About Creative Safety Supply

Creative Safety Supply is a manufacturer and supplier of industrial safety and lean manufacturing products for the workplace. The company has worked with businesses of all sizes and in many industries to help create spaces that are safer, easier to navigate, and operate more efficiently. Creative Safety Supply’s LabelTac® industrial label printers and SafetyTac® floor marking tapes allow organizations to increase visual communication in their facilities without too much hassle or need for upkeep. Visit to learn more about 5S.


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