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The Global State of Operational Excellence:
Critical Challenges & Future Trends

130 pages of the most comprehensive study of critical challenges and future trends within Operational Excellence.




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Digital Transformation 

Gain the Ability for Cloud Agility: Assessing Enterprise Capacity to Embrace a Multi-Cloud Strategy

White Paper, BPI Network

White paper featuring perspectives from IT and technology leaders embracing the cloud-first mentality, including executives from Viacom, Coca-Cola, DHL Supply Chain, US Gas & Electric, Embraer, and Jubilant Pharma. 

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3 Steps to Prepare an Organization for Operational Excellence

Kevin Duggan, The Institute for Operational Excellence

An organization can’t shift from a culture of continuous improvement to a destination of Operational Excellence without the support of all employees, so it’s critical to drive excitement around the program.And the key? Education.

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      Creating a Culture of Operational Excellence Discipline that leads to Operational Excellence 


Creating a Culture of Operational Excellence Discipline that leads to Operational Excellence 

Wilson Perumal & Company 

As the world becomes more complex, the best companies and leaders are beginning to realize that improving culture is their greatest lever for achieving Operational Excellence.Complex systems require a different kind of culture—one with a specific set of guiding principles.

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Operational Excellence examples


The Value of a Modern Approach to BPM

MWD Advisors, sponsored by Signavio

Today’s digital world creates a new change imperative

This ‘digital shift’ is creating a completely new business context for change than the one that most organisations are used to, or configured to deal with. The result of this new business context is that change programmes need to have broader scopes, and they need to deliver results in new ways...

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Examples of successful Operational Excellence


Has Your Continuous Improvement Program Gone from the Five Whys to Why Bother?

By Bob Dean and Keith Yeater, TBM Consulting


Lean manufacturing practices have been spreading across the manufacturing industry and beyond for more than three decades now. Although the 2009 Recession prompted many companies to cut back on their Continuous Improvement programs, today seven out of 10 discrete manufacturers cite lean as their primary improvement methodology.

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Case Study examples of achieving Operational Excellence

Transforming your Customer Experience: The Psychology That Drives Differentiation

Allison M. Ellis, Eric Michrowski & Dr. Autumn D. Krauss, Sentis, A Propulo Group Company

Many are familiar with the adage, “the happy worker is a productive worker”, but have you heard the one that goes: “the happy worker is a helpful-customer- focused-willing-to-invest-extra-effort-for-their-clients-and-co-workers-worker”?

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What is Operational excellence? Operational Excellence examples


How to Deal with New Product Delays… When Throwing Resources at It Isn't the Answer

Guided Innovation

If you’ve read past the title of this report, new product or innovation productivity is somehow weighing on your mind.

You’re investing millions in new products, and that’s no problem because you know they are critical to your company’s future. But when it comes down to it, new product delays and a host of associated issues are preventing that investment from delivering the predictable growth you expect.

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Case Study examples of achieving Operational Excellence


What does a Business Analyst Do on an Agile Project?

B2T Training

As the use of agile approaches increases, business analysts struggle to determine how their role maps to the new approach and how it has changed from their familiar development process. Business analysts, for example, often find themselves proclaiming “in everything I read/hear about agile, I never see “business analyst” mentioned!”

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What is Operational excellence? Successful Operational Excellence examples


The World of Business Transformation

A Business Transformation Paper by BPM Expert Paul Harmon, BPTrends, Signavio

Transformation is the current name being given to business process improvement efforts. As the term has become popular, authors have described many different kinds of transformation efforts. This downloadable white paper focuses on Digital & Cognitive Business Transformation.

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 Successful Operational Excellence examples case study


Enabling Digital Business Transformation with Enterprise-wide Process Modeling

White Paper, Sponsored by Signavio

Today’s digital world creates a new change imperative.

Businesses, government entities, and non-government organizations everywhere struggle with the pace, volume, and complexity of change. As a result, vast resources are wasted by multiple groups within the same organization all responding to the same change in isolation. 

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Business Process Management 


The Value Switch For Digitalization Initiatives: Business Process Management

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer, Peter Franz, Alexander Lotterer, Yvonne Antonuuci & Sigifredo Laengle

Results of a Global Research study of 250+ Organizations from BPM-D, Widener University & Universidad de Chile.

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Six Sigma Case Study for Operational Excellence 


Six Sigma's Best-Kept Secret: Motorola & the Malcolm Baldridge Award
Gregg Young, CEO & Founder of Young Associates
Discover the secret OpEx tools Motorola chose not to share with their competition upon their reciept of the Malcolm Baldrige award in 1988.

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Surviving the IT Talent Deficit: How to Come Out on Top 

Surviving the IT Talent Deficit: How to Come Out on Top

An Atrion White Paper

Talent has now been recognized globally as the “single biggest issue” preventing CIOs from achieving their objectives. Specifically, CIOs struggle to fill talent gaps around big data, analytics and information management.

So what are the chief factors causing the IT talent deficit? And, perhaps more importantly, how can you keep this problem from seeping into your company? Let’s take a look …

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The Process of Process Management: Strategy Execution in a Digital World

The Process of Process Management: Strategy Execution in a Digital World

Dr. Mathias Kirchmer & Peter Franz

Organizations need to execute their strategy systematically and deal proactively with our “digital world”. In effect, they must know how and when to modify or enhance their business processes, which processes are best candidates for intervention, and how to move rapidly from strategy to execution.

That’s where the Business Process Management-Discipline (BPM-Discipline) helps. The BPM-Discipline has become the “Strategy Execution Engine” of an organization...

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