A perennial entrepreneur and innovator, Tim Hebert is committed to expounding on the importance of digital transformation, change management and the fusion of people, process and technology to derive positive business outcomes.

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Tim Hebert sees the world differently. As a perennial entrepreneur and innovator, he is committed to finding the untapped potential—and helping others do the same. Hebert has centered his career upon building people-centric IT services companies guided by a promise to provide the ultimate client experience. For more than two decades, Hebert served as CEO and President of Atrion, a Rhode Island-based IT services firm that grew from a two-man, garage-based shop to a $150-million, 260-plus employee powerhouse under his tenure.

Tim is the CEO and founder of Trilix, a boutique firm committed to empowering clients to create positive change. Trilix offers services across business process and workflow analysis, application development, systems integration and user adoption.

He is also the Chief Managed Services Officer of Carousel Industries, where he is responsible for conceptualizing and executing Carousel’s managed services strategy, crafting a robust portfolio of offerings and identifying best-of-breed technologies to help Carousel clients transform the way they run IT.

A voracious author and seasoned speaker, Hebert writes and speaks frequently on topics related to the IT talent deficit, managed services, intentional leadership, business transformation and workflow and process improvement. He has also taken significant leadership roles as a mentor through Rhode Island’s Academy of Career Exploration, a Trustee for the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council, a Director of the Rhode Island Commerce Corporation, and a board member for several non-profits including Boy Scouts of America-Narragansett Council, Tech Collective, Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art (RIMOSA), and Greenschools. Hebert has served his country as a member of the United States Air Force.

To view more of his work, you can check out his blogging at Trilix and Carousel Industries.