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Senior VP at Randstad, India, Prahalad is a Lean expert responsible for Process Improvements, infusing Innovations and technology implementation, across all business and support workstreams.


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Prahalad, has close to 20 years work experience, across Manufacturing and Services and has anchored and led several improvement initiatives right across his career.

He is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Lean Practitioner and a certified application expert in the field of Theory of Constraints. Being knowledgeable in all these improvement initiatives, Prahalad always likes to question Status Quo and has an eye to look for improvements even when seemingly none exist.

While improvement initiatives are many, Prahalad strongly believes that ultimately all of it boils down to common sense. Over the last few years, Prahalad has also been focusing on blending technology and innovation, along with work processes so as to institutionalize change and make it stick. 

In his spare time, Prahalad pursues zentangle art forms as a hobby, and running as a fitness regimen.


Prahalad writes on a varied range of topics and his personal blog page is His twitter handle is @Prahaladc and Linkedin profile is