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Automation for Everyone - combining modern technologies puts automation in reach for companies of all sizes and in all industries !!!


Table of Contents


Demystifying Intelligent Automation (IA) Learn about IA and how it can deliver great ROI.

Intelligent Automation (IA) is the path forward for those looking for strategic value that fuels business transformation. Many organizations have seen early success with robotic process automation (RPA) however, they have also realized that siloed automation fails to deliver long-term value. IA provides a roadmap to embracing a more holistic approach towards automation for achieving a greater return on investment (ROI).

Intelligent Automation combines RPA and other technologies—various forms of artificial intelligence (AI) and business process management (BPM) tools to enable a new level of end-to-end automation of complex processes. It essentially orchestrates and automates the entire workflow of a process, bridging across various systems, and includes automated tasks in addition to manual tasks completed by humans.

In this session, gather insights on:

  • What is IA and why you should care?
  • How do the essential components of IA complement one another to drive success?
  • Nividous Platform’s IA capabilities.
  • A demo showcasing how IA can deliver greater ROI.

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Real-World Use Cases of Intelligent Automation Part 1 - Classic examples of IA across different business functions

In this second webinar of the Intelligent automation series, we will discuss classic real-world use cases that you can relate to regardless of your industry and company size.

Whether your employees are wasting valuable time on data entry, or you are experiencing a process bottleneck that is impacting sales, customer service, or product delivery, Intelligent Automation can help you effectively navigate through these common business challenges.

We will talk about the application of intelligent automation across business functions ranging from Finance and Accounting, Human Resources, Customer Service, Supply Chain, Customer onboarding, and other cross-functional processes.

Our focus will remain on showcasing how IA enables you to automate more and more tasks within an entire process workflow delivering improved process turnaround time, increased process visibility, and better compliance and process control.

Join this webinar to gather insights on:

  • Challenges of manual processes across business functions.
  • How IA can help overcome these challenges.
  • Nividous IA platform case studies across various functions.

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Real-World Use Cases of Intelligent Automation Part 2 - Classic examples of IA across different verticals

Join this webinar as we talk about real-world use cases of Intelligent Automation (IA) across key industry verticals, including Banking and Finance, Logistics and Transportation, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Healthcare.

You will learn how Intelligent automation connects processes, humans, and technologies to drive revenue, reduce costs, mitigate risks, and boost growth while delivering superior customer experiences.

We will showcase how the application of advanced technology tools (such as computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, and others) to a complex process can automate it from beginning to end, for purposes of reducing human effort and increasing efficiency.

In this session, gather insights on:

  • Common business challenges post COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Industry-specific IA use cases.
  • How Nividous IA platform can deliver greater ROI.

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Intelligent Document Processing - IDP - What is it? What are the benefits? What is the correct implementation approach

This is an introduction to the new era of enterprise data processing, which, as anyone who struggles with back-office efficiency can tell you, begins with documents. Documents still exist in large volumes, varying formats, and quality in almost every business. Processing documents that are in semi-structured or unstructured formats can often be fragmented, error-prone, and require frequent human interventions.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solves these problems by combining the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies—such as Computer Vision (CV), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning (ML)—to efficiently capture data from documents and categorize and extract relevant information for further processing.

IDP delivers exceptional benefits allowing businesses to compete at scale and that explains why the IDP market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 37% through 2026, reaching a global value of $3.7 billion that year.

In this session, gather insights on:

  • Understanding intelligent document processing and its benefits.
  • How to leverage IDP to address today’s document processing challenges.
  • Real-world IDP use cases across different verticals and business functions

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Getting started with Intelligent Automation - Identifying opportunities for early success and roadmap to scale

With a myriad of automation tools to choose from, many organizations are grappling with how to start their automation journey with the right strategy and operating model. Join us for this final session of the Intelligent Automation (IA) webinar series as we talk about how to get started with IA and scale your automation programs to deliver maximum transformative value.

We will share an effective model to help you navigate from identifying opportunities for intelligent automation to implementing and scaling them across the enterprise. You will learn how to leverage IA technologies for business transformation by building your centers of excellence (CoE).

We will be offering a unique Quick Start Program that guarantees a trained Nividous RPA Bot in production in just 3-4 weeks for those who are new to any automation technology.

In this session, gather insights on:

  • How to identify and prioritize opportunities.
  • An effective model to start and scale your automation.
  • Building your CoE – key insights and best practices.

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