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Organizations are a complex mix of various interactive elements that are both organic and inorganic in nature.  Most leaders struggle to find an optimum balance between the two key facets due to the inevitable presence of various controllable/uncontrollable factors and are generally resigned to leaning more towards one than the other as they try to stamp their influence and build an enduring legacy within the organizations.  

Consequently, achieving excellence in today’s hypercompetitive world has become a daunting task, that has consistently sullied pristine reputations and shortened promising careers.  Therefore, new approaches are needed to overcome the challenges of the 21st century, and the following presentation provides a thought provoking perspective in the respective context…

Building the Pyramid of Organizational Excellence for the 21st Century

About the Author

Screenshot_2016-10-10_15.19.32.pngMurad Salman Mirza is an innovative thinker and an astute practitioner of areas within and associated with the fields of Organizational Development, Talent Management and Business Transformation. 

Murad has around 20 years of multi-disciplinary experience and successfully guided, trained and enabled organizations from services and manufacturing sectors in gaining competitive strategic and operational advantages through ingrained core values, cohesive corporate culture, fervent embrace of diversity and inclusion practices, responsive organizational design and structures, incisive organizational development interventions, engaged talent management initiatives, robust management systems, astute use of technology and an unrelenting focus on enhancing the delight factor for internal/external customers. 

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