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BTOES - SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT: Lean In Agile for Women - Enabling diversity, inclusion and adaptability

Padmini Nidumolu, Co-Founder, Lean In Agile

Leila Rao, Co-Founder, Lean In Agile

  • Organizational leaders will explore the urgency of building inclusive and diverse work places and work cultures and why this need is even more critical in the future.
  • They will learn how to increase internal capability for women to fulfill their potential professional through engaged workforce participation and thought-leadership.
  • How Spirals (self learning, self developing and self sustaining groups of women) and network of Spirals can propel the organization to reap the rewards of developing and nurturing emerging leaders
  • The power of “offer-seek” format within Spirals enabling behavior and mindset change from the very beginning to deliver immediate value to participants and to their organizations
  • They will discover how to enable sustainable organizational culture-building and culture-maintenance to become a diverse, learning organization that is uniquely positioned to respond to emerging challenges.
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Lean In Agile for Women - Enabling diversity, inclusion and adaptability


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