Why Oil & Gas companies must plan for low-probability, high-impact events

As particularly complex organizations, oil andgas companies face a number of unique operat...

INFOGRAPHIC: 5 Trends Shaping Safety Culture Management

Safety Culture Management is now under a magnifying lense from HR Management. Courtesy of ...

Finding a "Real" Lean Culture Just by Caring

I had a colleague this past week suggest I read this book they'd stumbled upon 'cause appa...

Build a Great Team By Focusing on Strengths

My dreams of being a rock star started in third grade. There was the opportunity to join t...

ARTICLE: Is it Done Yet?

You know your deliverable and deadline. You have your resources. Is it done yet?

ARTICLE: Stopping Unsafe Acts Shouldn’t be a “Right”

Have you told your employees that they have the “right” or the “authority” to stop work wh...

ARTICLE: Are you a "Toxic Leader"?

Like me, you’ve likely worked for several individuals throughout your career—both good and...

CASE STUDY: Operational Excellence Award Winner Infosys

Infosys, a global leader in technology services & consulting, helps clients in more than 5...

THOUGHT LEADER: Ezra Eckhardt, Wave Form Systems, Inc.

Ezra is just one of the many esteemed Operational Excellence thought leaders giving his pe...

THOUGHT LEADER: Beth Schmidt, Mutual of Omaha

ARTICLE: The 'Performance Management' Myth

I honestly didn't think this was still a big argument.  I thought this was something that ...

ARTICLE: How Do You Re-engage an Apathetic, Aging Workforce?

QUESTION: This reader’s question asks about “how to re-engage an aging workforce?” I’m par...

ARTICLE: Are you a 'What' Leader, or a 'How' Leader?

How many times, have you sat in a business review where someone was presenting how well a ...

ARTICLE: What Will Process Excellence Look Like In 2025?

“We wanted flying cars and got 140 character tweets” When people predict the future they a...

THOUGHT LEADER: Joseph Spadaford, Chief Operations Strategy Officer, Computershare

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